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  • Indian Boarding School

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    things in life. Louise Erdrich's poem Indian Boarding School puts the emotions of a person or group of people in a setting around a railroad track. The feelings experienced are compared to things from the setting, which takes on human characteristics. Louise Erdrich was born part German, part American Indian. Since the title and other references in the poem refer to Indian people, it is most likely that this poem was very personal to her. The boarding school may have been a real place she went to, or

  • The Impact of Sports in Native American Boarding Schools

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    sport is that of Native American boarding school students in the 1800’s and 1900’s. These students lived tough lives but just like how it had helped other cultural societies, sport was able to provide these students with basic needs of autonomy and pride. At these boarding schools, Native American children were able to leave their Indian reservations to attend schools that were often run by wealthy white males. These individuals often did not create these schools with the purest of intentions for

  • Choosing the Right School: Boarding School Versus Daily School

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    Having a dilemma in choosing a right school? Parents are given a choice to choose between a boarding school or daily school for their children. Students can learn many important skills when studying in a boarding school. Parents should send their children to a boarding school as it is the best way for children to learn how to live independently, improve their academic performance and learn how to socialize. Students from boarding school live without having much guidance from their parents. This

  • My Time at Boarding School

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    My Time at Boarding School At the beginning of year six, when I was ten, my mum brought up the subject of secondary school and I realised that, after that year, I would have to leave the school and people I had known for many years. I knew I would have to leave my friends, because they were all going to the local comprehensive school, and as my brother was at a private school, I would have to go to one too. I had a choice. I could go to Dauntsey's school, the same as my brother, but I would

  • Boarding Schools and Education

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    For most people boarding schools conjure up thoughts of young men in navy blue blazers with white shirts and a tie going to a beautiful school with ivy covered walls and the game of polo being played in the distance.  Oh, and don't forget thoughts of parents with fat wallets and a family trust fund.  This is what Gordon Vink, the director of admissions at Mercersburg Academy in Pennsylvania, calls the "Holden Caufield-Catcher in the Rye syndrome"(Parker 111), a book about the

  • Positive and Negative Side Effects of Boarding Schools

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    A boarding school is an community that usually provides a clean secured and healthy enviroment for students living on campus. However, Everything created on earth has negative and positive side of view. Well start talking about campus, The way students live in it, How hard for some of them to accept it! And how do they get used to it? Well talk about some advantges and disadvantges of living on campus. Then well move on and talk about the other way for abroad students to live "apartments Some parents

  • Disadvantages Of Boarding School

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    High school is an integral period in the development of students, especially for the preparation of the student’s future where they are forced to join the real world. There are many different paths to choose from when deciding what type of environment would be most beneficial for each individual student. A few of these paths would include public, home, and boarding school. However, high school students who have the opportunity to attend a boarding school benefit greater during the high school years

  • The Importance Of Boarding School Life

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    middle school and high school years. My mother wasn’t really in support of it, as she was scared of me getting bullied. My joy knew no bounds when my mom gave me the good news that I will be leaving off to boarding school immediately after graduating from elementary. I was ready to get out there and show the world that I can be small, but can also live without fear like everyone else. Boarding school life wasn’t as fun as I expected it to be. It wasn’t easy because the seniors of the school made

  • Benefits of Attending Boarding School for the Arts

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    would even begin to want to leave home for something like high school. Why would you leave your home, your friends, your family? It is indeed a good question, one which I will answer in this essay. The most important reason I want to go to boarding school is for the arts. Don’t get me wrong; I love my school. It is an arts magnet school, of course, and does have a partial emphasis on them, but I want to go somewhere where the whole school is focused on what I love to do most: perform. At GCHS, 70%

  • Behavior of Students at Patridge Boarding School

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    students at Partridge Boarding School were the most well-behaved children anyone had ever seen. The school had ideal children. The students were brilliant. Their report cards sent to their parents would be covered in positive comments and exceptional marks. The students were perfect. They stayed there all year until summer, where they went home as courteous versions of themselves. When they came back, they were the uncivil, selfish youths they had originally come to the school as. After the first