The Importance Of Boarding School Life

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I guess I have to start from somewhere. Coming to the United States, was an experience I would never forget. When I was little, I have always wanted to live in a dormitory. Eventually, I got my most desirable wish of living in the dorms, for both my middle school and high school years. My mother wasn’t really in support of it, as she was scared of me getting bullied. My joy knew no bounds when my mom gave me the good news that I will be leaving off to boarding school immediately after graduating from elementary. I was ready to get out there and show the world that I can be small, but can also live without fear like everyone else. Boarding school life wasn’t as fun as I expected it to be. It wasn’t easy because the seniors of the school made…show more content…
To my surprise, I started having good grades and never wanted to settle for less than a B grade. I worked thrice as hard to get a good grade. I was so proud of myself as I gained back my self-esteem, and I could also see myself transitioning from a ‘shy dumb girl’ as people usually say, to an outspoken smart young lady everyone wants to know and get help from. This was how it was supposed to be. No one on this earth is perfect! For one reason or the other, depending where we came from, we all have different issues and also need help in any weak point. Everyone is entitled to make mistakes but it is up to us to change our mindsets if we really want to succeed. One tool that helped me is ‘transitioning’. After learning from my mistakes and seeing that my families especially my dad wants the best from me, I have to transition myself of making too many excuses/procrastination or even listening to those that keep saying that I cannot make it in life to a well responsible student and well mannered. Nowadays, I put negative thoughts aside and always put positive attitude/thoughts in me. I learned and I grow through the power of
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