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  • The Church and Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Issues

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    Free Essays - The Church and Gays, Lesbians The Catholic Church loves LGBT people with a profound love, just like it loves all of its other children. Various organizations within the church have as their main purpose the delivery of the Gospel to LGBT's. All of us are sacred creations of God, and therefore deserve respect on the basis of our human nature. This essay treats an outreach effort of the church in this area. In the rite of baptism, the liturgy joyfully proclaims, "you are God's

  • Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Issues - The Struggle of Sexual Minorities

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    The Struggle of Sexual Minorities Explaining how to challenge the discriminatory attitudes that remain rampant throughout the world, Mary Robinson, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, in a recent article, quotes the incisive words of Archbishop Desmond Tutu: "We are all of equal worth, born equal in dignity and born free and for this reason deserving respect. . . . We belong in a world whose very structure, whose essence, is diversity almost bewildering in extent, and it is to live in a fool's

  • Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Issues - Courage and Homosexual Desires

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    Essays - Courage and Homosexual Desires Persons with homosexual desires have always been with us, however up to recent times, there has been little if any outreach in the way of support groups or information.   Most were left to work out their path to chastity on their own.  Many found they were unable to do this and folded to the pressures of the increasingly secular society opting to act on their desires in gay circles.  Choosing this direction locked them into a way of life that does not bring

  • Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Issues - Homosexuality is Abnormal and Immoral

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    Homosexuality is Abnormal and Immoral Of all topics most popular in today's media, issues concerning homosexuals and homosexuality in general top the list. Homosexuality is generally defined as a sexual relationship between partners of the same sex. Debate concerning its causes and consequences has been going on for many centuries and almost in every period in human history. However, never before in human history has it been granted such wide scale acceptance in western society as it has now

  • Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Issues - Michael Levin vs. Richard Mohr

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    Homosexuality - Michael Levin vs. Richard Mohr Homosexuality has been on debate for numerous years.  It is mentioned in the Bible which is thousands of years old.  But recently two philosophers have spoken how they feel about Homosexuality.  Michael Levin and Richard Mohr's views on the subject are in conflict with one another.  Levin argues that homosexuality is abnormal because it is a misuse of body parts that have evolved for use in heterosexual intercourse (Levin 354).  Furthermore,

  • Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Issues - Gay Teenagers and the Internet

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    the porn there are wonderful sites that provide support, answer questions, and provide links to other helpful resources. Many organizations and support groups use the Internet as their main source for posting information about gay and lesbian issues. Organizations like PFLAG (Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesb ians and Gays) provide education and support for gay teens, as well as gay adults. Branches of PFLAG can be found all over the United States. Each of these branches can be accessed

  • Treatment of Homosexuals in Reality and Pop Culture

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    The topic of homosexuality elicits many reactions. It is forever played upon in pop culture for it's shock value if nothing else. Some demonize it, holding things like religion as proving, "alternative lifestyles," to be wrong. Some have erotisied homosexuality as in many of Anne Rice's vampire novels. Some laugh at homosexuality or people who are homosexual, calling it, "weird". Some react violently, as in the case of Matthew Shepard. And yet others have gradually turned towards acceptance shown

  • We Must Teach the Homosexual About Christ

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    however much adultery is generally wrong, in this case there are factors which justify it, perhaps even make it a meritorious act. It is this all too common tendency that has elevated homosexuality into an ideology and turned it into a political issue. There are no "communities" of adulterers dedicated to changing the public perception of what they do. Bank robbers have not banded together to abolish the laws against after hour withdrawals. Fornicators' rights have not become a political cause.

  • Some Myths and Facts about AIDS

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    Some Myths and Facts about AIDS Acquired Deficiency Disease is a deadly disease that has claimed many lives, both young and old, across our nation and throughout the world. Due to the lack of education concerning this disease, many myths as  to how AIDS is contracted is spread.  Contrary to what people believe, there are many precautions that can be taken to to avoid becoming infected. Furthermore, people who are already infected by the HIV virus need not suffer alone.  The purpose of this

  • AIDS Expository Essay

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    Acquired immune deficiency syndrome, or AIDS, is a recently recognized disease entity.  It is caused by infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which attacks selected cells in the immune system (see IMMUNITY) and produces defects in function.  These defects may not be apparent for years. They lead in a relentless fashion, however, to a severe suppression of the immune system's ability to resist harmful organisms.  This leaves the body open to an invasion by various

  • LGBT Equal Rights: It's Time to Legalize Sodomy

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    "Commonwealth v. Wasson: Invalidating Kentucky's Sodomy Statute"; Kentucky Law Journal; Vol. 81; 1992-93; p. 423 - 448. * Strader, J. Kelly; "Constitutional Challenges to the Criminalization of Same-Sex Sexual Activities: State Interest in HIV-AIDS Issues"; Denver University Law Review; Vol 70, No. 2; 1993, p. 337-357. * State v. Morales; 826 S.W. 2d 201,202 (Tx. Ct. App. 1992) * Wiegand, Shirley; "Part of the Moving Stream: State Constitutional Law, Sodomy, and Beyond; Kentucky Law Journal;

  • I'm Stan - I'm Gay

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    This essay is the story of my life, in a way. "A clean heart create for me, God; renew in me a steadfast spirit." Psalm 51:12 I was raised in a close, loving household and went to parochial school. When I began to experience attraction to male peers in junior high school, I didn't know what to make of the feelings. Mostly, I stuffed them down, decided this was an adolescent phase, and went along with my life. At 13, I began to masturbate daily, often fueled by fantasies of guys in my class

  • Homosexuality Will Destroy the World

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    In their book The Lessons of History, historians Will and Ariel Durant caution that, "No man, however brilliant or well-informed, can come in one lifetime to such fullness of understanding as to safely judge and dismiss the customs or institutions of his society, for these are the wisdom of generations after centuries of experiment in the laboratory of history.  A youth boiling with hormones will wonder why he should not give full freedom to his sexual desires; and if he is unchecked

  • I Am Bisexual

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    I am bisexual.  Are you paying attention now?  Bisexuality holds an interesting position when it comes to sexual minorities.  On one hand, it's seen as the ultimate liberation: "They'll do it with hot!".  But when it comes to seeking mainstream social acceptance, we can be seen as the worst in sexual perversion: "They'll do it with shameful!".  There are many theories and opinions on bisexuals, some I agree with, others do not fit my definition of being bisexual.  The important

  • Gay Dance Clubs

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    landmark now looks cheap. New York Times, p. P6. Owen, Frank (2003, February 26 – March 4). Magic carpet ride: clubland potentate David Marvisi gets the rug pulled out from him. Village Voice. Retrieved March 4, 2003, from Weinraub, Bernard (2002, December 10). Here’s to disco, it never could say goodbye. New York Times, p. E1.

  • Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Issues - AIDS Argumentative Persuasive Essays

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    to how long seropositive persons remain infectious, the June 1987 Third International Conference on AIDS was told to assume "FOR LIFE".   What awaits HIV-carriers who test positive?: ----------------------------- ---------------     On this issue of when those who test HIV positive will get AIDS, experts think that the fast track to AIDS is about two years after HIV infection; the slow route may be 10, 15, or more years until symptoms appear. Most specialists agree that it takes at least

  • Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Issues - AIDS Argumentative Persuasive Essays

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    Expository Essay on AIDS   Introduction:           AIDS is a life and death issue. To have the AIDS disease is at present a sentence of slow but inevitable death. I've already lost one friend to AIDS. I may soon lose others. My own sexual behavior and that of many of my friends has been profoundly altered by it. In my part of the country, one man in 10 may already be carrying the AIDS virus. While the figures may currently be less in much of the rest of the country, this is changing rapidly

  • Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Issues - AIDS, Your Tax Dollars at Work Argumentative Persuasive Essays

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    AIDS Your Tax Dollars at Work      In an extensive article in the Summer-Autumn 1990 issue of "Top Secret", Prof J. Segal and Dr. L. Segal outline their theory that AIDS is a man-made disease, originating at Pentagon bacteriological warfare labs at Fort Detrick, Maryland. "Top Secret" is the international edition of the German magazine Geheim and is considered by many to be a sister publication to the American Covert Action Information Bulletin (CAIB). In fact, Top Secret carries the Naming

  • Interest Group Politics and Collective Action

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    Interest Group Politics and Collective Action The Human Rights Campaign is the largest gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender advocacy group in the nation. With over 400,000 members, the group is able to lobby very effectively in Washington and has an impressive legislative record. The HRC began in 1980 as a fund to raise money for gay-supportive congressional candidates. It was meant to be a response to the successful right-wing groups at the time, including the National Conservative Political

  • Adolescent Eating Disorders

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    Adolescent Eating Disorders With children as early as age 7 showing dissatisfaction with their body, and as young as 9 starting dieting, eating disorders are a serious issue in our society. Taking a look at perceptions, behaviors, and medical issues associated with the disorders of anorexia and bulimia, scholars have tried to categorize and find answers to the problems which certain adolescents suffer. In this paper I focused on the two major eating disorders of anorexia and bulimia. In 1978