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  • G. Carter Bentley

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    Carter Bentley’s practice theory is a popular approach in understanding how ethnicity is constructed and ethnic identity is maintained. Here we shift from boundaries to focus on people’s patterns of experiences, both objective and subjective. Bentley draws on Bordieu’s concepts of "habitus" and "practice". Bordieu argues that the objective conditions, mediated by systems of symbolic representations, generate in different persons dispositions to act in different ways (Bentley 1987:

  • Elizabeth Bentley Analysis

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    Elizabeth Bentley was born in Connecticut in 1907, raised by Republican, Episcopalian parents, who passed away prematurely before 1925. She attended Vassar on a full scholarship, did postgraduate work at Columbia University, and had a graduate fellowship at University of Florence. Despite being a seemingly normal American young woman, she was intrigued by Communism and ultimately joined the Soviet Union as a spy. Elizabeth Bentley has an intriguing story, examined in great detail by both Kathryn

  • The Craig and Bentley Case

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    The Craig and Bentley Case Your honour, members of the jury, my learnered friends, A vulnerable and mentally disabled boy, with no gun, and under the strict watch of P.C Fairfax - accused for the murder of Police Constable Sidney Miles?... It is just inexplicable! What ever happened to scientific evidence? It is obvious that Christopher Craig, a gun collecting lunatic is the maddened killer. Might I bring to your attention that, Craig had a motive, a very profound statement - to avenge

  • Sympathy for Derek Bentley in the Film Let Him Have It

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    Sympathy for Derek Bentley in the Film Let Him Have It This films tells us the story of 19 year old Derek Bentley & 16 year old Christopher Craig. The story is about the miscarriage of justice, which leads to Derek Bentley getting hanged for a crime he did not commit. The story was set in 1952 in London. Derek Bentley was charged with the murder of pc Sidney Miles even though he did not shoot the officer, Christopher Craig did. The reason Peter Medak made the film was to prove that the

  • The Portrayal of Christopher Craig and Derek Bentley in the Film Let Him Have It Chris and the Newspaper Article

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    and Derek Bentley in the Film Let Him Have It Chris and the Newspaper Article On the 28th of January, 1958, a 19 year old boy by the name of Derek Bentley was hanged for the murder of Police Constable Sidney Miles on the roof of a wholesaler merchant's store and shop in Tamworth Road. Derek Bentley was not however the person who fired the fatal shot that killed Sidney Miles. That shot was by Christopher Craig aged 16. He got a sentence of ten years for the murder while Bentley, who didn't

  • Friedrich Nietzsche

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    arch enemy of Christianity"(Bentley, p.82), was born into a line of Protestant Clergyman on October 15, 1844. During Nietzsche's early years, he gave no indication that he would not follow in his families' clergy tradition. As a boy, Nietzsche considered himself a devout Lutheran. At age six(two years after his father passed away)Nietzsche, his mother and sister moved to the small town of Naumburg. When Nietzsche was twelve he wrote “I saw God in all his glory”(Bentley, p.82). Later his description

  • O' Youth And Beauty! by John Cheever

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    story "O' Youth and Beauty!" by John Cheever is about the Bentley family, who live in Shady Hill as a happily married couple, who have their fair share ups and downs. Cash Bentley, the father of the household, is a former track star who has many money problems, and at times can be very touchy. Cash also had a charming quality of stubborn youthfulness, and felt they he always need to prove his youthfulness to his peers. Everytime the Bentleys went out drinking with their friends Cash would be reminded

  • My Childhood Memories of Grandpa

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    When I was young my parents were very poor. They both worked hard to support the family. When my father passed away from cancer, my mom's life was harder than ever before. After my mom lost her job at the drugstore, she decided to take my sister and me to the countryside to live with my grandfather so that she did not have to worry about taking care of us, finding a new job, and working all at the same time. Since my grandpa came to visit my family every year, I never had a chance to go to my

  • Boy-Actresses and the Character of Rosalind in As You Like It

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    imagine, but for many modern audiences, a boy playing the role of a women is very difficult to picture.  This picture is even more difficult to see when examining the plays of Shakespeare and the strong female characters that he often depicts.  (Bentley 117) In Shakespeare's As You Like It, Rosalind has many layers and acts as a character taking on many different roles.  The idea that there is a boy playing a woman disguised as a man pretending to be a woman for wooing, is one that is confusing

  • Tornadoes

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    Tornadoes HAINES CITY, Fla. (Dec. 27) - Tess Bentley knew the high-pitched whine that woke her early Saturday was a tornado. She took two steps and dived into her bedroom closet full of clothes. Within seconds, Mrs. Bentley, 48, and her two-bedroom house were spinning in the air. She was still in her closet when her home landed upside down on top of a neighbor's house about 50 yards away. More than 100 homes were damaged by the tornado that tore through the Lake Region Mobile Village, a retirement

  • Derek Bentley Debate

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    acts that led to a change in attitudes such as the Criminal Justice Act of 1948 that led to the abolition of whippings among many other things. It cannot be stated that Bentley was the sole reason for changing attitudes, but his case was undoubtedly a ‘key turning point in changing attitudes to crime and punishment’. Derek Bentley a 19-year-old child was hanged for a murder that he did not commit and the case elicited a social and political uproar that marks this change

  • Derek William Bentley Defence Speech

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    Derek William Bentley Defence Speech High Judge, honourable jury, distinguished court members. The case for the defence is this. On the 2nd of November, two misunderstood, vulnerable, young men, were accused of the accidental death of the late PC Miles, of the Z Division. These children have got caught up in the grasp of society's whirlwind of crime and destruction, and have not been able to escape its hands. Society's breakdown has forced these boys into crime and burglary, a crime that

  • Sympathy in The Film Let Him Have It

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    think that Peter Medak wanted to make this film because he thought that a great miscarriage of justice had been carried out and wanted the world to feel the way he did by making a film version of the true story that is biased in favour of Derek Bentley. I also think the purpose of this film being made was to clear Bentley's name and highlight the family's suffering. I think this because although it is a film which connects immediately with entertainment, I don't think that was the main reason

  • Let Him Have It

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    sympathy for Derek Bentley, and how he attempts to influence opinions concerning capital punishment. ‘Let Him Have it’ is set in 1952 and based on the true story of the case against Derek Bentley, who was hanged for the murder of an officer named Sidney miles. While Bentley did not directly play a role in the murder of the officer, he received a more deadly punishment than the shooter Christopher Craig (who was below the age of 18). It stars Christopher Eccleston (derrick Bentley) who is known for

  • The Audience's Response to 'Let him have it!' and 'The Daily Mail' in Peter Medak's Film

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    film ‘Let him have it!’ and ‘The Daily Mail’ article of November 1952? Do they both show bias? In November 1952 a policeman was shot dead and another left wounded in what the Daily Mail called a ‘gun battle’ when Christopher Craig and Derek Bentley broke into the Barlow and Parker warehouse in Croydon. I have looked at two media sources of information regarding this event. A newspaper article taken from the Daily Mail 3rd November 1952 and Peter Medak’s film ‘Let him have it!’. Using these

  • Letter To Sir David Maxwell Patrick Fyfe

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    I, Iris, sister of Derek William Bentley strongly feel that huge injustice has been done because an innocent man life is in jeopardy and has been convicted of a crime he didn't commit. Derek's childhood was very difficult for all us to deal with, it was worse for Derek because since the day he was born, hours later he was taken into hospital again and diagnosed with bronchial pneumonia. We had to take a lot of continuous care and a few blood transfusions in order to save his life. Then when

  • Sympathy for Derek Bentley in the Film Let Him Have It

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    Sympathy for Derek Bentley in the Film Let Him Have It Peter Medak (Medak) chose to make this film because it had an interesting story line. Medak might have wanted to prove that the justice system makes. Sometimes such mistakes cannot be corrected as in the case of Derek Bentley (Bentley) and Christopher Craig (Craig) where someone was hanged for a misinterpretation of evidence. Film directors like Medak use bias as their strong point; it keeps the viewers' attention on the movie and

  • Analysis Of David Bentley Hart's Atheist Delusions '

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    Atheist Delusions: Working title David Bentley Hart’s Atheist Delusions is a labyrinthine, convoluted historical essay. Hart has carefully crafted his argument for God while simultaneously discrediting those who oppose his well-founded argument. He proves his point by offering history, facts, and reason onto why and how Christianity has been such an influence on the society of past, present and future. His method of delivery is complex yet genuine. He destroys the delusional atheists’ arguments

  • Comment By John Bentley Mays's The Educated Eye And The Intimate Hand

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    The Educated Eye and the Intimate Hand A Review of Comment by John Bentley Mays Is craft art? This question, a hot topic of debate amongst artists, art critics and craftspeople of the twentieth century, seems to have been born of the many complex societal changes that took place over the course of the Modern Era. logically, it would only be possible to effectively deliberate over this discussion by first defining art itself. This, however, proves to be just as difficult a task as settling the art-craft

  • Why Study History? By Jerry Bentley And Why Study History

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    past, the study of history is complete different means. After reading the papers, Why Study History? by Jerry Bentley and Why Study History (1998) by Peter N. Stearns, the many complex reasons of why one should study history were made clear. Both authors addressed that history teaches change and human nature, referencing known reasons that make history relevant in everyone’s life. Author Bentley made his writing focus around the theme of making connections and gaining a basic understanding of the current