Sympathy in The Film Let Him Have It

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Sympathy in The Film Let Him Have It Bias is prejudice in favour of or against one thing, person or group compared with another, especially in a way considered to be unfair. Film directors use bias when making a film because they want the viewers to have particular feelings towards the situation or one or more of the characters for example sympathise with them. I think that Peter Medak wanted to make this film because he thought that a great miscarriage of justice had been carried out and wanted the world to feel the way he did by making a film version of the true story that is biased in favour of Derek Bentley. I also think the purpose of this film being made was to clear Bentley's name and highlight the family's suffering. I think this because although it is a film which connects immediately with entertainment, I don't think that was the main reason it was filmed. Using film is a clever way of making money because when a new film comes out lots of people tend to go to see it out of curiosity, especially if it is true. However, as the viewers get captivated by the film, I think they would be drawn into sympathising towards the Bentley family and hoping no court trials in the future have the same outcome. Derek Bentley was hanged on the 28th of January 1953, at the age of 19 for a murder he did not commit. Derek Bentley was illiterate and is alleged to have had a mental age of 11. He also suffered from epilepsy as a result of a head injury received during the war. On Sunday the 2nd of November 1952, Derek Bentley went with his friend, 16 year old Christopher Craig, to see if they could carry out a burglary. Bentley was armed with a knife and a knuckle-duster which Craig had recently given him. Craig had a similar knife but was also armed with an Eley revolver. They had planned to break into a warehouse belonging to a company called Parker & Barlow in Croydon.
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