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    Benito Juárez was born to an indigenous family in San Pablo Guelatao, Oaxaca, in 1806; during most of his childhood, he only spoke Zapotec. In the city of Oaxaca, he lived with his sister who was a servant at the house of Don Antonio Maza. He studied at the Santa Cruz Seminary, the only secondary school in Oaxaca. Benito Juárez later studied Law at the Instituto de Ciencias y Artes. He became a member of Oaxaca Town Council in 1831, and a local congressional representative in 1833. For some

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    would you look for a true? Well in my perspective a real hero is a person who fights for his country and is proud of his culture. Who could be one of these types of hero? Therefore, Benito Juarez is considered a hero because he fought for his country and for his culture until his death! “Born on March 21, 1806 Benito Juárez a national hero of Mexico, he was president of Mexico from 1861-1872. For three years (1864-1867) he fought against foreign occupation under the emperor Maximilian. In 1829 he entered

  • Benito Juarez

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    Benito Juarez was one of the most prominent and resourceful leaders in Mexico’s history. He raised the standard of living and championed the poor. However, it took Juarez half his life to become such a dominant political figure. 	He was born in San Paulo Guelatao in the Mexican State of Oaxaca. His parents were Indians, and he was raised a shepherd boy. His parents died when he was three, leaving Benito to his unmarried uncle. His uncle believed that the only way for him to better his place in

  • War Of Reform In Mexico Essay

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    exiled in 1855 and Alvarez took power. Soon after his cabinet had disputes because could not figure out how to agree on what to do, so Alvarez gave up his presidency to Ignacio Comonfort. During his presidency many laws were passed and one was by Benito Juarez taking away all the special privileges of the church and army. Also the church was no longer allowed to own any land. In 1857 Comonfort allied himself with General Felix Maria Zuloaga for a military coupe which ended with Comonfort arresting his

  • The Blend of Cultures in English con Salsa by Gina Valdes

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    Gina Valdes was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up on both sides of the U.S.A-Mexico border. Growing up on both sides of the border greatly influenced her life and her writing, since she was able to experience both traditions and customs at first hand. Crossing borders and identity are both reoccurring themes that Gina decides to interpret in her writings. The English and Spanish languages as well as both cultures weave through her life. Valdes received degrees from the English and Spanish

  • English con Salsa: Add Your Own Salsa

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    When you read English con Salsa it can be almost impossible to imagine what its about, because how can you know how it tastes, how it looks or how it sounds. Gina Valdes author of the poem English con Salsa helps the reader what this words mean. She mixes these two words from two different languages and creates a unification for two different cultures. Throughout the poem she keeps of mixing both of the languages, mentioning important people from the American and Mexican culture. The poem is about

  • Benito Juarez And The Spanish Inquisition

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    An important factor for Jews when moving to Mexico, was that, in the 1860’s, there were two different leaders of Mexico, Maximilian I, and Benito Juarez who were both on the side of religious tolerance. In 1867 when Maximilian I was executed, Benito Juarez took presidency of Mexico and imposed a separation of church and state and secularized the nation. Most of the Jews that went to Mexico, went between the late 1800’s and 1939, in three distinct

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    Alvarez's strongest supporters was a man by the name of Benito Juarez, a Zapotec Indian leader. In 1855, Juarez became the minister of Justice under the new regime and issued two new controversial laws. One denied the right of the church and military courts to try civilian cases and the other made the sale and distribution of church lands legal. Many people disagreed with these laws and for three years a civil war raged between the two sides. In 1861 Juarez took control of the capital, Mexico City, and put

  • Porfiriato Diaz

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    Porfirio Diaz was a good president because he brought Mexico's rail network, the expanded international relations in Europe as well as France, During its presidency the economy of Mexico was up Porfirio diaz brilliant dictator born in Oaxaca, known for its phrases and ideals is also reflected in a subsequent presidents on a way of thinking never before seen dictatorship, cruelty. Over 30 years as president of Mexico, known these days for their anti-reelection campaign. The growth in rail networks

  • Life Of Pi

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    At the beginning of the story, we already know that Pi has had a new life in Canada, so he must be rescued as a result. The last part, "Benito Juarez Infirmary, Tomatlan, Mexico", tells that after Pi was rescued, two Japanese people came after him to investigate the reason of the catastrophe. Then, Yann Martel states his opinions about reality as well as novels and reading through Pi’s mouth: “Isn’t telling about something --- using words, English or Japanese --- already something of an invention

  • Political Conflicts in Mexico

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    Mexico has endured political conflicts due to differences between liberals and conservatives. The weakness of the country began after the war, which led many to seek modernization of Mexico. The result of seeking modernization was an unwillingness to compromise and settle a constitution that would appease both parties. The centralist conservatives and federalists liberals debated on what type of government they should create in their country. The other problem was the political bosses known as Caudillos

  • Benito Juarez: The Struggle For Independence In Mexico

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    Consequently, a term of reformation arose guided by the intellectuals of the nation. The magnanimous Benito Juarez, whom would be appointed president in 1861, supported reform laws that had been assembled into the Mexican Constitution of 1857. As an interim president, Juarez additionally diminished the influences of the Roman Catholic Church through the means of seizing church property. In 1864, Austrian Archduke Maximillian was named

  • Benito Juarez: The Most Despised Individuals Of Mexican History

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    Anna, Benito Juarez, Porfirio Diaz, and Maximilian were some important and influential leaders of Mexican history, but what really differentiates them is how they handled the ups and downs of their term(s).     For instance, one of the most hated leaders of Mexican politics is Santa Anna. When Spain invaded in order to retake Mexico, Santa

  • Benito Mussolini

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    Benito Mussolini was born on July 29, 1883 outside the village of Dovia di Predappio in the Northeastern Italian province of Forli. He had one sister and one brother. They always fought and argued over little petty things with each other. His sister name was Edvige and his brother’s name was Armaldo. His mother Rosa Malteni was a well respect and appreciated schoolteacher. His father Allesandro Mussolini was both a blacksmith and a committee socialist. He received his name "Benito" from

  • A Comparison Between Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini

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    A Comparison Between Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini There is no doubt that Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini shared many similar characteristics. They shared movements that were typical of National Socialism: they adopted a radical nationalism, militaristic hierarchies, violence, the cult of charismatic leadership, contempt for individual liberties and civil rights, an anti-democratic and anti-socialist orientation, and a refusal to socialize industries. Hitler and Mussolini looked upon

  • Overivew of Mexico's Drug War

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    untold numbers of smaller splinter groups. (Taipei Times). Five cartels from Mexico have risen to become the extremely powerful amongst all the drug organizations operating in Mexico. The Guadalajara Cartel, the Sinaloa Cartel, the Tijuana Cartel, the Juarez Cartel, and the Gulf Cartel. These organizations, along with other distinguished Mexican cartels, have plagued Mexico with violence, terror, and fear due to the essence and nature of illegal drug trafficking. Mexican cartels are the world’s most powerful

  • Macbeth From The Tragedy Of Benito Mussolini And Macbeth

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    thinking of a leader to compare and contrast Macbeth to from the Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare to, you wouldn’t really think that Benito Mussolini would have anything in common with him. That’s actually not the case at all. It seems like Macbeth and Mussolini wouldn’t have similarities. Mussolini was named after the Mexican Revolutionary war hero Benito Juarez. He was born in July 1883, and was predisposed at an early age to socialism, when he began to read the writings of Sorel and Nietzshe

  • Ai Weiwei: Protestant Artist

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    simply pieces of art that speak by themselves. Through all this Ai Weiwei is able to bring awareness and get people to support his causes around the world. One issue which I feel very strongly about is the murders and disapperances of women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Many families are affected by the disapereances of their daughters, sisters, mothers, and wives each year. To this date, it is still a mystery who is behind all these crimes, and not many people are willing to stand up and stop such autrocities

  • Life on the Border

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    have a new outfit every week, and I couldn’t get a new pair of shoes every time I walked out the door, but that all changed the summer of my junior year. I was chosen, along with nine other girls from my school, to go on a border immersion trip to Juarez, Mexico. Our teacher, Mrs.Hartrich, thought that it would be a good idea if we would all get together at least once a week to learn more about what it was like to live on the border. But, no matter how many times we got together or how many books

  • End Of Watch Film Analysis

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    End of Watch is a drama/thriller about two police officers in South L.A. Shot documentary-style, this film follows the daily grind of two young police officers in LA who are partners and friends, and what happens when they meet criminal forces greater than themselves.(IMDB) Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena and directed by David Ayer, this movie came out in September of 2012. The acting throughout the movie was wonderful, keeping me on the edge of my seat. The story-line was outstanding