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    Benjamin Franklin stands tall among a small group of men we call our Founding Fathers. Ben used his diplomacy skills to serve his fellow countrymen. His role in the American Revolution was not played out on the battlefields, but rather in the halls and staterooms of governments. His clear vision of the way things should be, and his skill in both writing and negotiating, helped him to shape the future of the United States of America. His most important service was as a member of the Constitutional

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    Ben Franklin Benjamin Franklin was one of the most influential people in American history. Franklin was born on January 17, 1706, in a small town in Boston. Benjamin was one of ten children. His father, Josiah was a candle and soap maker, and his mother Abiah Folger was a homemaker. When Benjamin was only twelve years old he signed his identures so that he could apprentice under his brother, working at a printing press. Here he worked for his brother James for over nine years. Benjamin

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    There was a man named Josiah Franklin. He owned a candle and soap shop in Boston, Massachusetts. The sign for the shop was shaped like a blue ball. Josiah had children, but there were often not living at home. Josiah invited guests to his home to talk and teach his children, but the guests were not aware that they were invited to teach the Franklin children. Both Josiah and his wife felt strongly about educating their children; they took their childrens' education very seriously. Benjamin, one of

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    Ben Franklin Ben Franklin became famous for being a scientist, an inventor, a statesman, a printer, a philosopher, and a librarian. Today, we honor Ben Franklin as one of the men who founded America and as one of America's greatest citizens. Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston on January 17, 1706. He was the tenth son of soap maker, Josiah Franklin. Though Ben only had one year of schooling he was educated and loved to read and write. He worked as an apprentice to his brother, James, who was a

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    Ben Franklin was a man of many ideas. He was able to come up with hundreds of inventions which played big roles at that time and for the future. He greatly affected the lives of many people around the world at that time period and at this time period with the things that he had invented. One of Ben Franklin’s greatest inventions was the Franklin stove. He took the model of the old stove and made it even better and more energy sufficient. The people of Philadelphia wanted the Franklin stove for two

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    historians, mathematicians, and astronomers. To the Revolutionary period of America, which held such courageous enlightened men such as Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and Benjamin Franklin. Men who greatly helped shape America’s independence. A man who stands out among these names is “ The First American”, Benjamin Franklin who goes beyond being simply an icon of America’s conquest for freedom, but is truly an American hero. Benjamin Franklin’s heroism exists in his numerous achievements in politics

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    Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) was a multi-talented person. He was a printer, and inventor, and a writer. As a writer, he wrote many publications but among this vast collection was a small piece in which Franklin states his beliefs on what may be the proper task to being morally perfect. His opinions are brief; yet complete enough to be considered descript enough to follow. His steps are insightful but just as much vague. Temperance: Franklin’s first topic, which may be thought to have Franklin’s

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    Benjamin Franklin was a remarkably talented man. He started his life as a printers apprentice, but went much farther then there. He developed things that were far more advanced than the time. Benjamin Franklin's stove for example, for cold winter nights, and bifocal lenses for reading. Franklin tracked storms to help understand the horrible weather endured by the colonies. But gis study of electricity made him mist famous and he was known world wide as the founder of the lightning rod. Not only

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    Ben Franklin was born on 17 January 1706 in Boston Massachusetts. And, when most folks think of Ben Franklin, what comes to mind generally is that he was one of our founding fathers, a scientist, inventor, and his face is on the U.S. one hundred dollar bill. As a scientist and inventor, he discovered lightning was electricity (by flying a kite in a storm) and invented the lightening rod. Moreover, due to his poor eyesight and the annoyance of having to wear two different pairs of glasses to read

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    Ben Franklin Ben Franklin is one of the most dynamic figures in the history of America. As a philosopher, scientist, writer, inventor, diplomat, and more he had far reaching effects on America and the world both in his time and today. Franklin was one of the first people to recognize himself as "American" and distinguish the people of the new nation as something more than British colonists. As an American, Franklin sought to improve the country through the creation of institutions and the development