The Autobiography of Ben Franklin

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Benjamin Franklin was an exceptional intellectual and gifted personality. He went from being a poor uneducated young boy into a very intelligent and wealthy man. This was through his self improvement and determination in life. Franklin was a diplomat, printer, scientist, political philosopher and a writer. Throughout Franklin’s life, he worked on his self improvement so that others would learn from it. He improved his characters by writing the thirteen virtues which helped him. Benjamin Franklin was a genuine and a compassionate man who wanted to help others people. He wanted the world to learn from his own experience by allocating his knowledge. Through this, Benjamin Franklin founded the Philadelphia library. Benjamin made a proposition to his friends that they pool together their respective books in a common place in order to facilitate convenience and use of all members. He argued that, by placing all the books in one place, all members would have an opportunity to access every book that is owned by their colleagues which his book club members agreed to it. Consequently, the members brought their books until an entire room was filled up with different types of books. Afterwards, Franklin organized for the setting up of a subscription library which was registered under North American Subscription libraries. This is how Franklin opened the Philadelphia library which helped him in gaining more knowledge especially his writing skills. In addition, the library also helped the local people as they were able to access various book on various subjects from the library. Franklin did not behave well responsibly as a youth and so, he decided to change his life by embarking on a project he called moral perfection. During Franklin’s jou... ... middle of paper ... ... that his religious beliefs differed with those of colonial Christians. In conclusion, Benjamin Franklin was a kindhearted man who never stopped helping others and improving himself. He did a lot for the nation which continues to be used up to now including establishing the Philadelphia public library. In addition, he was a motivating and modest man who valued every person in the society and never gave on anything he wanted to do despite the struggles. He grew from a young poor, uneducated boy to a well-formed, strong willed and a knowledgeable rich man. He believed in civilizing one self as a means to success and enlightening the society. He never stopped at anything but rather tried doing it by inspiring the other people and improving himself. Works Cited Franklin, Benjamin. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Rockville: Arc Manor LLC, 2008. Print.

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