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  • The Beats

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    The Beats were a literary group that formed in the United States in the 1950’s. The founding members started out as college friends, attending Columbia University, who had similar interests. The small group of friends soon acquired more like minded individuals in the New York area and became a movement. The common theme of the group was the rejection of the prevalent middle-class values in the United States. They also felt that modern society lacked purpose and they felt the need to withdraw

  • The Beat Generation

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    The “beat movement” is a literary period born out of World War II. This movement in American Literature has become an important period in the history of literature and society in America. Characterized by personal alienation and contempt for convention, the movement celebrated stylistic freedom and spontaneity. The Beat writers created a new vision of modern life and altered the nature of awareness in America. The Beat Generation was one of the first groups of writers to break down the barriers

  • The Beat Generation

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    On the Road, is a brilliant example of the overall feel of the Beat Generation. Jack Kerouac is one of the most influential writers of the Beat Generation, rivaled only by the likes of Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burrough. But what exactly is the Beat Generation? What does it mean? Who of note was involved? When did it take place? The “Beat Generation” is a play on words, implying that the participants had been beaten down. The Beat Generation at its core is a collection of post-World War II authors

  • A Beat Memoir

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    Johnson constructs this bitter-sweet and lyrical memoir from her relationship with aspiring Beat writer Kerouac in 1957. Johnson re-creates her memoir from the confessional perspective she wishes to be heard, and she mentions Robert Lowell to emphasise this confessional element .The author “is behind the text, controlling its meaning,” using “intentionality” (Anderson, 1988, p2). Also Johnson uses her text as catharsis and as “self-defence” in response to Kerouac’s writings. (Lee, 2000, p.98) to

  • Beat Poets

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    Beat Poets The "Beat Movement" in modern literature has become an important period in the history of literature and society in America. Incorporating influences such as jazz, art, literature, philosophy and religion, the beat writers created a new and prophetic vision of modern life and changed the way a generation of people sees the world. That generation is mow aging and its representative voices are becoming lost to eternity, but the message is alive and well. The Beats have forever altered

  • The Beat Generation

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    stated by Jack Kerouac and John Clellon Holmes, known as the Beat Generation. Those who were a part of the Beat Generation did not believe in straight jobs and they lived in dirty apartments selling drugs and committing crimes. Some of the Beat Generation beliefs include the rejection of mainstream American values, exploring alternate forms of sexuality such as homosexuality as well as experimenting with drugs like cocaine and LSD. The Beat Generation was meant to echo the Lost Generation in the 1920s

  • Beat Cashier: A Guide To Beat The Cashier

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    How to Beat the Cashier! A guide to feeling more like "you", after dealing with that defeating supermarket cashier Money is a center piece of comfort, security and stability within a family, especially in the United States of America. Without that substantial amount of income to run your family, you could find yourself in a nervous and confusing condition when you are approaching that big, bad and defeating cashier at the checkout line of your favorite supermarket. Besides finances, we can also

  • Beats as a counterculture

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    The Beats As A Counterculture Many of the Beat writers wrote in a style known as spontaneous prose. Allen Ginsberg often writes in this style. He does so in the poem “Howl” in which he rants and raves about society via his friends – Jack Kerouac, Willaim S. Burroughs, Lawrence Ferlingetti, and Neil Cassidy to name a few, live. He discusses their poverty, civil disobedience, the ways that they fight society, and his personal fight against industrialization; he uses many images in order to allow

  • The Beat of the Brain

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    toleration of pain, or diseases. The most common use for music therapy would be the redevelopment of speech, or breaking speech impediments. Stuttering is an excellent example of said redevelopment; when singing, stutters disappear, due to the predictable beat of the music. Dyslexia is an example of mental impairment; since dyslexia affects not only reading and writing but also listening, dyslexics often have trouble categorizing what they hear, meaning that contextual noise is not filtered out. With concentrated


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    inner cavity with beams of bright light that offered the courage to proceed to find peace myself. I knew I was getting close to my core, with each door I closed behind me and each step I made ahead, I could feel the pulse of the vibrations of the beats of my drum and the tune grew stronger the rhythms more clear I kept on going everyday approaching new doors, seeking my peace. I had expressed my life’s journeys struggles to a good friend who totally recognized the misery in my eyes because her life