Bead Essays

  • Making Fimo Beads

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    Making Fimo Beads The "Generation X" population of today's society has made the wearing of beaded necklaces containing fimo beads quite a fashion statement. These necklaces contain small, round, colored plastic beads and other intricate beads made out of different colored fimo. Fimo is a synthetic material similar to modeling clay, and can be used to make thousands on types of beads. These beads can then be incorporated into necklaces. However, to accurately describe the process of making

  • Finch in a Pinch Lab

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    out and the pony bead plants took over. The pony bead seeds were very tiny, however our finch was versatile enough to handle the seeds. During this time period our finch population grew slightly because the seeds could be picked up, but with more difficulty than the corn. During the final generations of our finches the drought ended and all types of foods could be grown again. In this type of environment, our finch population steadily increased because the corn and the pony beads were both present

  • The Evoloution of Women's Handbags

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    The most essential element of a women’s wardrobe and is also functional and fashionable is a handbag or purse. A purse can be defined as a small bag or a case for caring essential items. There are multiple kinds of purses, some of the most popular ones are; totes, handbags, and pocketbooks. Whichever name you use when describing your purse, they are an items lusted by many women. The inside of a women’s purse is just as unique as women’s personally. Every women caries different items in there purse

  • Forged Under the Sun

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    different Indian customs. The book sarts out with how her father, uncle and little sister were killed by the white men, and how much her mother resented the white men or palefaces as she called them. Bead work was one of the main things the Indian women did and so the little Indian girl also learned to do bead work by watching her mom. This book also tells of the many Indian myths or beliefs. In one case the little girl and many of the villagers were going to see a young warriors first arrival and their

  • Essay On Rosary Beads

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    Rosary beads have long been an essential part of our religious lives. The counting of the decades of the rosary is a highly personal experience, and the rosary beads we use to help the counting should be personal too. With so many gemstones and precious metals available, personalizing your rosary beads could not be easier. No matter what your personality traits, there is a rosary out there for you or your loved one. Intimate Choice! As our prayers are an avenue to cleanse our souls, the choice

  • Mantras

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    Mantras The Mantras are very spiritual things used by the ancient in Asia, now a days this form of meditation has expanded and everyone has access to it. A Mantra can improve your life style by teaching you the art of meditation, by bringing peace to your soul and by helping you control difficult situations. A Mantra is a form of meditation that has existed for a long time; it is used in the whole world and you don’t need to be religious to use it. A Mantra is a word of wisdom that brings you

  • Character Analysis: The Blue Bead

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    THEME of the story? (1 mark) The major theme of the story, “The Blue Bead” is that no matter how old you are, what gender you are, or what country you come from, you can be a hero. Another theme that really came to my mind was karma; and how the universe can reward you for the things you do. For example, after the main character, Sibia, saves the woman being attacked by the crocodile, and in return, she found the gorgeous blue bead she needed for her necklace. 2. What type of CHARACTERIZATION

  • From China to Mardi Gras: The Effect of a Bead

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    have on the lives of the owner and workers of a bead factory in China while contrasting the revelry of partygoers in New Orleans. Underpaid, overworked staff toil and live in an inhuman environment, exploited by a boss who demands much for little compensation while profiting greatly, to support themselves and their families. In the film the factory owner, Roger Wong, is contracted by entities outside of China, from the U.S.A., to manufacture beads for the least cost possible to maximize the greatest

  • Effect of different size beads on the activity of immobilised catalyse

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    Effect of different size beads on the activity of immobilised catalyse Aim: To find out how varying the size of beads containing yeast varies the rate of activity of catalase in a fermentation reaction of hydrogen peroxide with immobilised enzymes. A catalyst is a substance that speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction, without itself being used up in the process however it maybe affected physically i.e. degradation of the surface of the catalyst. Catalysts work by reducing the activation

  • Native American Beadwork Research Paper

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    These beads were most often made of “shell, pearl, bone, teeth, or stone” (Curtis). Although they are rare, some beads have even been found in the American Southeast that were made from copper nuggets (Power 54). These types of beads tended to be large and bulky, meaning they were normally strung on necklaces or thongs as opposed to being used as a form of ornate decoration. These beads were also time-consuming to make. The Native’s lack of metal

  • The Density Of Plastic Beadss

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    The objective of this lab experiment was to determine the density of a set of plastic beads by using two different methods and decide which method was better. Density is a physical property that is defined as the ratio of an object’s mass to an object’s volume. Also, density can be described as the measurement of how compact a substance is in a given space. To find an object’s density, it is necessary to measure the object’s mass, the amount of matter present, and volume, the space it takes up. Also

  • Darwin's Argument Against Natural Selection

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    Evolution is something that is talked about frequently throughout people’s education, it is probably first brought to people’s attention in middle school more than likely. “The science of biology is very broad in scope because there is a tremendous diversity of life on earth… the source of diversity is evolution, the process of gradual change during which new species arise from older species” (OpenStax). According to OpenStax, “the term for where new species arise from older species is adaptation

  • Mardi Gras Made In China Analysis

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    Christopher Hvass ENGL 101 10/18/2014 Mardi Gras Made In China In the documentary film Mardi Gras Made In China, The director David Redmon shows the path of Mardi Gras bead necklaces, from China to New Orleans. While interviewing Chinese workers about knowing what the beads are used for, and Americans about where the beads come from. Redmon is trying to make his case of how the Americans are treating the necklaces like garbage, and the Chinese make a poor living while making the necklaces. When

  • Immobilized Enzymes (Yeast)

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    sodium alginate beads in this experiment. Immobilized enzymes are widely used in biotechnology processes. They can be reused and is more stable at extremes of temperature and pH, thus improves the economy of the process. It is specifically easier in controlling the amount of enzymes in this experiment. The rate of reaction on excess hydrogen peroxide solution was investigated under different yeast concentrations: 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 and 80 beads. The experiment

  • College Essay On Jewelry

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    that we were going to take a break for a while. Now we are on our break and in February is when we will do a lot of research and slowly begin with the jewelry again. Making jewelry is harder than most people think. Its not like matching a bunch of beads theres work behind the beauty. I find jewelry very complex. In the eyes of a designer the colors have to look nice with an eye catching flow. The length in the wire/string has to be a certain length to look right. Even so much as a wrongly cut wire

  • Mardi Gras Sociology

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    particular, he studied a factory that produced plastic beads used for Mardi Gras and art which was then sent to New York City. Redmon interviewed the owner of the factory Rodger Wong as well as the workers within the factories. He also took another angle and traced the cultural globalization of these products particularly the beads and how they were used. The factory workers were astonished as to what kind of actions their production of beads were worth in New Orleans, Louisiana. China having a capitalistic

  • Importance Of Yoruba

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    Blue bears are one of the main colors within the decorative scheme of the crown. Blue beads are not only rare and expensive, but are associated with coolness and darkness, referencing both temperature and character. A cool disposition is highly valued among the Yoruba is associated with certain incarnations of divinity. The interlacing patterns that are created by the color beads symbolizes the chain of divine ancestors of the continuity of life. The round faces on the exterior of

  • Mardi Gras Made In China Analysis

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    drunk partygoers trade beads for nudity and follows the trail of the bead necklaces from New Orleans all the way back to its origins in China, where it was made. In China, the workers, mainly women, work and live in the factory under distressing conditions. These workers work for 11 hours a day and for extremely low wages. They live in crowded and dilapidated compounds and eat cheap factory food. The film also mentions some New Orleans partygoers can spend about $500 on the beads in a night, whereas

  • Watery Grave Sparknotes

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    with the natives. From what I learned from the book and other sources, beads were the items of choose when trading with the Native Americans. Archaeologists have always found beads on sites they have been excavating in North American because they have used it in their attire for centuries. These beads were mostly made from shells, stone, wood, copper, bones and antler and other available materials in their area. Glass beads were introduced to the Native Indians by European explorers when looking

  • Yeast Enzyme Lab Report

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    enzymes would react in different temperatures or a different ph level.We found that any temperature which is not the standard for the enzyme will lower the productivity. For the first lab we represented our hands as catalysts and we were connecting pop beads blindley to record how effective we were, in the second trial we put on gloves to simulate how enzymes react in different temperatures, we found out enzymes are less productive in different temperatures. The second lab was more literal we used yeast