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  • The Great Depression And The Bay Area....

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    The Great Depression progressively got worse and then progressively got better. Coming in and out of the depression was not an over night thing, It included lots of planning and action. There were a few major causes of the Great Depression,. The United states had three consecutive conservative presidents in the 1920's Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover. They all believed in mechanization which in turn put thousands of people out of work, and the trickle down theory where the money that the rich spent

  • Detroit And The Bay Area

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    than 100, 000 abandoned homes (Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady). Similarly, Bay Area economy was the envy of the nation with high employment rates and GDP growth like Detroit in the 1930s, and is currently suffering from losing jobs, residents, and status. Both Detroit and the Bay Area are single resource-based industries - where Detroit is manufacturing dominated, and Bay Area is high technology dominated. However, the Bay Area will not go bankrupt and become a ghost town in fifty years, because its

  • Environmental History of The Bay Area

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    I myself have always lived in the Bay Area until now, when I recently moved to Chico. Pleasanton, Ca is a suburb in the East Bay where I have lived the longest in the Bay Area. However I have also lived for other short periods of time in the cities San Jose, Union City, Fremont, and San Francisco. This is not the case with some of my other family members. My mother, and her side of the family, where born on the Island of Pico. Pico is located in the Azores, which is a chain of islands right off the

  • The History of San Francisco Bay Area

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    The Bay Area is an interesting place with a unique geology and formation. The San Francisco Bay, also known as San Francisco Estuarine, consists of three bays, San Francisco Proper, San Pablo Bay, Carquinez Strait, and has a vast inland river delta. The river delta provides fresh water to the bays. The estuarine system provides food, safety, and shelter to many organisms and animals, including humans. (San Francisco Estuarine Wetlands) Along the bays lie major cities such as San Francisco, Oakland

  • Bay Area Argumentative Essay

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    Francisco and Half Moon Bay. I was walking distance to Lindamar Beach and a Bart train ride to Union Square in San Francisco. Every weekend, my extended family and I would go to Chinatown. This was one of my favorite activities growing up. Running down the street, looking for Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory, then later getting a bunch of Fun Snaps, miniature novelty fireworks that make a loud noise when thrown on the pavement. A few years later, my family and I relocated to the East Bay, specifically Antioch

  • Tsunami

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    and be a seismologist. I really can’t compare any experience iv had with the one in Asia. I did however experience an earthquake back in 1989. The Loma Prieta earthquake of 6.9 magnitude, that hit the bay area affected many lives including mine. I lived smack in the middle of the bay area at that time. My mom and dad both worked in Oakland and had to cross the two story Cypress freeway that collapsed. That day my mom was scheduled to work and did not go because she decided she had too many

  • Psychology of Homophobia/Sexual Prejudice

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    investigator, which was conducted by PBS’s program “FRONTLINE,” reveals her interest and perspective on anti-gay hate crimes that relate to homophobia. Franklin has interviewed multiple perpetrators of anti-gay hate crimes and with San Francisco Bay Area College students that has lead to the production of important data of the nature and extent to the negative reactions to gays. When Karen Franklin was asked, “What makes a person become a gay basher?” she answered, “there is no simple answer to

  • Carlos Santana

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    style. It has been known that Santana & Rolie hang out at the San Francisco Aquatic Park with conga players where they would get together and play music. At that time in his life he was being exposed to all kinds of music in San Francisco. In the Bay Area Gabor Szabo became one of Santana's Favorites, having a Latin Percussion to the band girls would dance to the beat of his music. Santana found out that the audience enjoyed the Latin Percussion and it was a key element in his music. Santana was

  • The History of Apartheid in South Africa

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    resources including fertile farmlands and unique mineral resources. South African mines are world leaders in the production of diamonds and gold as well as strategic metals such as platinum. The climate is mild, reportedly resembling the San Francisco bay area weather more than anywhere in the world. South Africa was colonized by the English and Dutch in the seventeenth century. English domination of the Dutch descendents (known as Boers or Afrikaners) resulted in the Dutch establishing the new colonies

  • 1015 Folsom Night

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    There are many nightclubs in the city of San Francisco and throughout the Bay area. There is two different kind of nightclub. One is the high-class nightclub, which the cover charge is more expensive, tight security and the nightclub itself is more exclusive. The other one is the lower class club, which all people can enter and the security is not that tight. Nowadays, most nightclubs are the same. Nightclub used to be for people to meet their friends and having fun together but nowadays many people

  • Observing a Child at Elementary School Recess

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    A Child at Elementary School Recess This observation is of a 10 year old male child during his lunch recess at an elementary school located in the South Bay area. The student participates in a day treatment program for children with emotional/social difficulties. The length of this observation was approximately forty five minutes. For the purpose of confidentiality this student will be referred to as John. In the first section of this observational analysis a brief description of the program

  • My Life

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    and back to Costa Rica. He spent most of his time working in the Fresno area, in the cities of Tulare, and Visalia. He says he spent his time working in any available job including some farm labor jobs and went back to Costa Rica to spend time with us. After the second time he left Costa Rica to come and work he did not go back. At that time, amnesty was given to immigrants in California, and he moved up north to the Bay area to find a steady job. That is when he saved enough money for my mother,

  • American Culture: Life in a Petri Dish

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    values and systems of belief. The attempt of the dominant society to create cultural homogeneity through assimilation and acculturation have been undertaken through our educational system. I grew up and went to school in and around the Bay Area in California. I attended public schools that were wearisomely mono-cultural, middle-class, and where the culture of the schools paralleled the culture of my family. I am a product of the belief in hard work, and that my educational endeavors

  • Polar Bears

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    Habitat Polar bears prefer to live in extremely cold artic climates. They live only in the Northern Hemisphere, on the arctic ice cap, and they spend most of their time on coastal areas. Polar bears are widely spread in Canada, extending from the northern arctic islands south to the Hudson Bay area. They are also found in Greenland, on islands off the shore of Norway, on the northern coast of the former Soviet Union, and on the northern and northwestern coasts of Alaska in the United States. Physical

  • Speech On Black Panthers

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    Seale, and Richard Aoki in October 1966. 2. The name came from a voting drive that was organized. Alabama law required that there is an emblem for illiterate voters, so the mascot for Clark Collage was chosen. 3. They started out in the California bay area as a reaction to the growing crooked cops, blacks not having rights, and the war in Vietnam. 4. They did not fallow passive protest like Martian Luther king; instead they modeled themselves after the Black Nationalism preached by Malcolm X. Also

  • Stanley Saitowitz

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  • Jack London: A Biography

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    help support the family due to his father's business failures. (Stasz, 19-28) This began what would be many years of odds and ends jobs for Jack. Having to drop out of school to provide for his family, Jack continued working around the Bay area and developed a love for the sea.  His first piece of writing, "Typhoon off the Coast of Japan," won him first prize in a literary competition and reaffirmed his love of writing. (Stasz, 51) The same year, 1893, Jack began working on the whaling

  • Loneliness and Acceptance

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    our thoughts an emotions. The first time I really felt alone was when I was leaving Kentucky. We were at the airport saying our last good-byes. I was leaving everything and everyone that I loved, understood, cared for, to come and study in the Bay area. I was leaving familiar territory and moving into an unknown, unfamiliar world. I was saying good-bye to people who I had either grown up with or those who had seen me grow up. All my memories and emotions were attached to them. They were people

  • Housing Affordability Crisis In The Bay Area

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    The Middle Class and Housing Affordability Crisis In The Bay Area As the lease of my apartment is coming to an end it had me thinking of achieving my own American Dream of home ownership but as I do my research I find the dream is far from coming true. I am sure that the issue of housing prices and rent rates are what most of us Bay Area residents talk about and debate. It is an issue that needs to be addressed by the officials of the area, city mayors, affordable housing committees, social justice

  • The Museum Experience

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    torture, also in Prague, and the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas, dedicated to all things Liberace--and I mean all things. The Pez Museum is not actually in San Francisco, but is located south of the city in a town called Burlingame. If you are in the Bay Area for any reason, do not miss this museum! Remember when you were a little kid, and you loved to collect Pez dispensers? Well, times have changed, and now Pez collections mean big money, and big business. The most expensive Pez dispenser to date is