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  • The Holy Paradox in Donne's Batter My Heart

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    The Holy Paradox in Donne's Batter My Heart The great paradox of the Christian faith lies in the condition that in order to be truly free, the soul must first be rescued from the bondage of sin, then recaptured and completely conquered by God. One of the most profound expressions of this paradox is to be found in John Donne' poem, "Batter My Heart" (Meyer 882). Donne expresses this spiritual transformation in intensely passionate language, using rhythm, figures of speech, and sounds to convey

  • Donne's Holy Sonnet XIV - Batter my heart, three person'd God

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    Donne's Holy Sonnet XIV - Batter my heart, three person'd God Batter my heart, three person'd God; for, you As yet but knocke, breathe, shine, and seeke to mend; That I may rise, and stand, o'erthrow me, 'and bend Your force, to breake, blowe, burn and make me new. I, like an usurpt towne, t'another due, Labor to 'admit you, but Oh, to no end, Reason your viceroy in me, me should defend, But is captiv'd, and proves weake or untrue, Yet dearely'I love you, and would be

  • Religious Renewal and Sexual Masochism in Batter my heart, three person'd God

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    Religious Renewal and Sexual Masochism in "Batter my heart, three person'd God" In Donne's Holy Sonnet, "Batter my heart, three person'd God," themes of religious renewal and sexual masochism are abundant. While religious renewal is clearly the front-most, and most clearly defined meaning of the poem, the poet's choice of words and subtle analogies leave the poem wide open for speculation in sexual meaning. That John Donne was a preacher, the fire and brimstone, evangelical ringings of religious

  • Cricket, A Civilized Game

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    Many different sports and games have been invented and started in England. Many of these are still played and remain very popular to the people of that country. The game of cricket is a very complicated sport to those who have never played with all of the rules and regulations but is one to be enjoyed by all. The exact measurements of the cricket playing field have not been officially agreed upon. The area is usually around 450 feet by 500 feet. When setting up the wicket, three stumps and driven

  • Aristophanes’ Lysistrata

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    ejaculation of sperm into the womb and contrasts with the sterility of the oath. Their oath promises them to not enjoy intercourse. The burning torches brought by the men’s chorus are an ironic symbol of the passions raging in men's loins. Their attempt to batter through the gate is nothing else than a sexual penetration, and foreshadows the attempts of Cinesias later in the play. Within Lysistrata, the pouring of water on the men to douse their sexual urges parallels the dampening of their husbands' passions

  • Personal Narrative- Christmas Cookies

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    Personal Narrative- Christmas Cookies Although I have grown up to be entirely inept at the art of cooking, as to make even the most wretched chef ridicule my sad baking attempts, my childhood would have indicated otherwise; I was always on the countertop next to my mother’s cooking bowl, adding and mixing ingredients that would doubtlessly create a delicious food. When I was younger, cooking came intrinsically with the holiday season, which made that time of year the prime occasion for me to unite

  • Nolan Ryan vs. Greg Maddux

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    different styles. Nolan Ryan was a power pitcher and Greg Maddux was a finesse pitcher. A power pitcher throws a lot of fast ball pitches that he tries to throw by the batter any way he possibly can. The finesse pitcher has off speed pitches that he throws for location around the plate rather than just trying to throw past the batter. I would have to say that Greg Maddux is the better pitcher of the two. He has pitched great baseball through what will be remembered as a hitter’s era. Greg Maddux      in

  • Essay on the Metamorphosis of Tom in The Glass Menagerie

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    his life so his family can live. So how can one say that Tom is selfish? The reader has to look further than skin deep. Tom works at the warehouse but he truly despises it, because in scene three he said, "I'd rather somebody picked up a crowbar and batter out my brains than go back mornings."(Williams 1036). Also, it seems Tom does not care if he gets fired or not judging by the amount of time that he spends writing poetry at work. Tom does not appreciate what he has or that his family is provided

  • new york mets

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    Series, but the mets shocked everyone winning the national league championship. Now, this is how the mets won their first world series, The batter was cleon Jones, after striking out manager Gil Hodges notices a black mark on the ball. The black mark was shoe polish. Putting shoe polish on the ball makes it spin more and makes it much easier to strike out a batter. The umpire awards first base to jones, Clendenon follows with a 2-run home run and the mets win the World Series. What a way to win! Moving

  • The Origin of Baseball

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    familiar? This game was also known as rounders, which was mostly played by girls (Margolies, 11). This game came to the United States in the 18th century by the English immigrants. Rounders included the four bases, a feeder, and a striker (pitcher, and a batter). A player was called "out" when they swung and, missed the ball three times, being struck by the ball, or an outfielder caught a fly ball (Stewart 6). Playing a sport in the 1700's was frowned upon. Working up a good sweat was considered harmful

  • Crime Prevention

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    something that wasn’t meant to be so harmful, and as it would turn out be so detrimental to their lives? When they do make a mistake should we give them adult punishments? I start in Atlanta, Georgia where two girls baked a cake with glue in the batter and fed it to their fellow classmates. The two thirteen yr. old girls could be charged with up to twelve counts of assault. (CNN 11-19-04) It is situations like this were two girls could be in jail for a long time just because they were trying to

  • Domestic Violence: Why Do Women Stay?

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    What is battering? Why do men batter? Why do women stay? These are all questions that I will answer. I will also offer insight into the minds of victims that may help give a better understanding to the devastating cycle that hides behind the doors of many homes today that is known as Domestic Violence. What is battering? Battering is a pattern of behavior that is used to establish power and control over another person. This control can be obtained through many different avenues. Minimizing, making

  • The Power And The Glory

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    The Power and Glory writing assignment “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”.(Matthew 26:41) These words of Jesus are thematic in both the novel, The Power and the Glory, by Graham Greene, and the poem, “Batter my heart, three-personed God”, by John Donne. Both the whiskey priest and the speaker of the poem are involved in a battle between their sinful flesh and their spirit, which seeks the Divine. They also admit their sin and commit themselves to God. In both the novel and the poem, the

  • Should Baseball Ban the DH?

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    biggest reasons that the DH should be used is that pitchers can’t hit. Who would you rather see, Manny Ramirez, who had a batting average of .327 last season, or Randy Johnson, who only batted .127. The majority of baseball fans would rather see a batter that can hit the ball instead of a pitcher swinging and missing. The commissioner is in favor of abolishing the DH, but there is one problem. “The problem is that the all-mighty players’ union loves the DH because it creates an extra roster spot and

  • Mech. of Pitching

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    A baseball pitcher throws a baseball across the plate and the batter hits it to center field, and elderly man pitches horseshoes, a young person spikes a volleyball, student practices driving a golf ball while a college athlete practices punting a football. Once more, as is the case with pushing and pulling, a widely diverse set of activities has a common denominator. Each of these activities involves sequential movement of the body segments resulting in the production of a summated velocity at the

  • jennie Finch

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    “You play like a girl!” used to be one of baseball’s classic insults. Not anymore. Softball diva Jennie Finch has made it cool to not only throw like a girl, but to run, field and hit like one, too. Not since Babe Ruth has a player dominated so completely from the pitching rubber and the batter’s box, and she even gives the Bambino a run for his money in the charisma department. Jennie has also accomplished something Ruth never could: She is showing the boys it’s okay to be one of the girls. This

  • An Exposition on Peanut Butter Cookies

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    An Exposition on Peanut Butter Cookies Have you ever tried to bake peanut butter cookies, and for some reason they were a complete flap because they were dry and crunchy, too moist and crumbly, or perhaps they had a terrible taste? Well, I have discovered this cool new recipe and I have never failed at making them. Have no fear, the ultimate peanut butter cookie recipe is here. We will need the following ingredients: 1c. of brown sugar, 1c. of white sugar, 1c. of margarine or butter, 1c. of

  • Hot Dogs

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    grocery store) is cut or ground into small pieces and placed in a mixer. Poultry hotdogs will obviously use poultry trimmings. High speed, stainless steel choppers blend the meat, spices, ice chips and curing ingredients into a creamy, meaty batter. The batter is constantly weighed to insure that the correct amount of each ingredient is being used. The mixture is then pumped into an automatic linking machine, where it flows into casings. The most popular brands of hot dogs such as, Oscar Meyer or

  • The Physics of Pitching

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    The Physics of Pitching I remember one time going out to the mound to talk with Bob Gibson. He told me to get back behind the batter, that the only thing I knew about pitching was it was hard to hit. ... Tim McCarver, St. Louis Cardinals catcher, 1972. Most people do not understand pitching, the mechanics, the situations and the how’s and why’s. Today we are going to talk about a few of these. When most people think of pitching they think of a person hurling a 5 oz. ball with 216 red stitches

  • Free Tempest Essays: Treacheries and Rebellions

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    Caliban plots with Trinculo and Stephano to kill Prospero and take over the island. Act 3, scene I, pg 160 “Why, as I told thee, ‘tis a custom with him I’ th’ afternoon to sleep. There thou mayst brain him Having fisrt seized his books; or with a log Batter his skull, or paunch him with a stake Or cut his weasand with thy knife.” An important factor in authority struggle is the illusion of authority, who is ultimately in charge? Illusion of authority becomes evident from the start when the boatswain