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  • Ex – Basketball Player

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    In the poem, “Ex – Basketball Player” by john Updike, (which is a narrative poem) illustrates the nature of life on how life is potentially is seen has a mirror to other people’s life, especially people who play sports. Life is the physical and mental experience of an individual. An in the poem the main character Flick, supply the poem with a good example of how life is potentially a mirror for other people. This poem is formally organized, even though it locks some qualities, it still haves the

  • Become a Good Basketball Player

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    different steps required to be a good basketball player. There are different aspects of the game that can drastically change the tempo of the game. Of course shooting the ball is important, but improving dribbling, defensive, and passing skills are also important. A players ability in all phases of the game is what makes them a good player. The first thing to practice on is dribbling. Dribbling is one of the most crucial skills to have. Good dribbling enables the player to move around more and get to places

  • Basketball Is For Everyone: High School Basketball Player

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    Basketball is for Everyone Alex at 5’8 was trying out for his high school basketball team. All the other players trying out for the basketball team were 6’0 feet to 6’6 feet. After the first day of try-outs were over the basketball coach sent him home because he was too short and it would be tough for him to play because every player is tall. High school basketball teams shouldn’t pick players to play based on height. Opponents may argue If players want to play in the competitive level like the NBA

  • Ex-Basketball Player by John Updike

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    of the basketball team? He still holds most of the records for the team. He scored more points than anyone else in the school’s history. He never studied much because he was an athlete. His basketball skills were going to take him places. But high school ended and there are no more games to be played. Where is that former all-star now? In his poem “Ex-Basketball Player,” John Updike examines the life of a former high school basketball star. Flick Webb was a local hero, and he loved basketball. He never

  • The Ex Basketball Player by John Updike

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    The Ex Basketball Player by John Updike A Loss of Motivation In English Seven we read a poem called the "Ex Basketball Player" by John Updike. The main character's name was Flick Webb. The poem explains how Flick lost motivation. In high school Flick was an excellent basketball player, if not, the best. After high school Flick didn't continue his basketball skills, and he never had tried as hard on his academics as he did on basketball. Flick now works at Berth's Garage and has a

  • Kevin Durant: Basketball Player

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    I am doing my successful person report over Kevin Durant, because, he has played a dominant role in carrying the Thunder Basketball team and represents Oklahoma City in a great way. Kevin Durant has been a huge impact on the court and in the public as he soars for the dunk from the free-throw line to amaze the crowd, he also volunteers at various organizations and remains humble despite his numerous accolades such as, three time NBA scoring champion, rookie of the year, and helped Team USA win the

  • Basketball Player Research Paper

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    Basketball Player Trinity Swidler pd.7 odd In this essay I’m going to be talking about what my career is and why I think this is the appropriate career for me. I want to be a professional basketball player when i grow up.The reason I want to be a professional basketball player is because i’ve been playing basketball since I was in 3rd grade. What i’m going to be talking about in my essay is what the goals are for me to become a professional basketball player. So, I want to be a professional basketball

  • Identify Types Of Basketball Players

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    failed over and over and over again in my life and that’s why I succeed.“ Some basketball players live by this quote, others do not. Players who often do are encouraging and full of effort. Then, there are other players who do not think they need any advice, think they fully understand the game of basketball, and that they can tell other players what to do. Some players do not give any effort at all. Basketball players are different, but most fit in three categories: encouraging and positive, over-confident

  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Basketball Player

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    When I was 25 I got drafted in the first round pick for the golden state warriors. The event that really changed in my life was when I was on the warriors in my first game for them. I was involved because my whole life I have been playing basketball and basketball has always been my favorite sport. Everything turned out to be really good because I was so good I was the starting point guard for the warriors. After I played point guard for 15 years for the warriors then I retired and then became the

  • Personal Narrative: The Best Basketball Player

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    dejected look on my face. I was very unhappy because we had just lost a huge game against the best team (besides us) in the league. I had my hood pulled up over my head and some expensive sunglasses on. It probably is weird to see a professional basketball player, just walking along on the side of the road. I did this after every home loss even though I had only lost one game in the pros I did this in college too. Even though I had a great game, and we had still lost which made me very unhappy. I

  • Basketball Player´s Performance and Income: A Research

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    Everyday there are more and more measures of player performance in every sport; and basketball is not an exception. Players’ actions are continuously observed in the attempt to break down in pieces the huge complexity of the game. The purpose of the research will be to investigate the relationship between NBA salaries, the dependent variable, and a set of performance measures as independent variables: point scored per game, assists, steals, fouls, rebounds, years as a pro in the NBA, turnovers

  • Who Is Michael Bordan The Best Basketball Player

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    The NBA(National Basketball Association) has welcomed the world's best basketball players ever since the early 1940’s. Over time after seeing the different talents pass by the question has been asked; who is the true best player on and off the court? A majority of the votes go to the two most well-known players: Micheal Jordan and Lebron James. James claims himself as “king,” but the people of the world know who really wears the crown. Michael Jordan is a better basketball player than Lebron James

  • Personal Narrative: My First Basketball Player

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    I do not consider myself to be very good at basketball but I could have been much worse if I never met this group of middle-aged men. I started playing with these guys when I was 14 years old, and to this day I still don’t know some of their names. I met them when my friends and I were shooting around in my local middle school, they happened to be short of people so they asked if we wanted to play pick up with them. We agreed, and ever since then, we played with them every Sunday morning. We met

  • Personal Narrative: My Failure As A Basketball Player

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    is unavoidable. If you learn from your shortcomings you can come back stronger the next time. Every great individual, team, or group of people has experienced failure. My shortcomings my sophomore year of Basketball made me grow as a player and a person. As a sophomore on the varsity basketball team is was placed with the toughest position of all, point guard. The point guard is the general of the team his actions affect the team's performance the most. Coming in I never played the true point guard

  • Michael Jordan The Greatest Basketball Player

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    Why Michael Jordan is NOT the Greatest Basketball Player Michael Jordan is widely considered to be one if not the best basketball player of all time, as he has been ranked number one on numerous top ten lists since retiring from the NBA. And why not? With six championships, ten scoring titles, five MVP trophies, a highly praised (and rewarded) defensive ability, and an absurdly marketed brand that has continued to ascend to international fame, his influence over the game is everywhere around

  • Opportunity in the NBA for European Basketball Players

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    in the NBA for European Basketball Players European settlers first came to America in 1742 to start over and improve their life styles. It was mostly European settlers that originated America. They did not have a good enough chance to make good money or support there family in Europe so they moved to a new nation to start over or to get away from the war. This is what European basketball players are doing now coming to the NBA in America to improve on there basketball skills as well as make

  • Lebron James: A Professional Basketball Player

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    Lebron James is a Professional basketball player and goes down as one of the best basketball players known to man other than Michael Jordan. He was drafted into the NBA straight out of high school, showing you how skillful and athletic he was. Lebron’s road to getting where he is now was not an ordinary kid’s road, he had many obstacles in his way trying to become pro along with family issues and school issues. When Lebron was a child, his mom was a single mother struggling for money to feed Lebron

  • Micheal Jord The Greatest Basketball Player

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    Micheal Jordan is one the greatest all-time basketball players in the history of the NBA as well a great role model for athletes. Jordan teaches athletes how to reach towards their goals, how to accept failure, and how to succeed. Michael Jordan is known around the world as “Air Jordan” , " G.O.A.T "( Greatest of All Times), "MJ", and "His Airness ".He acquired this nickname by jumping from the free throw line and dunking. This simulated that he was “flying” through the air. By breaking countless

  • King James: The Best Basketball Player

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    Basketball is a sport that can be played many ways. The National Basketball Association probably plays it the most popular way, 5 on 5. 5 players from one team against 5 from another team. However, over the year’s players have become more individualized and arguments about who is the best player of all time have risen. The NBA is highly recognized as the best basketball league in the world. The National Basketball Association was founded on June 6, 1946 according to Justin Wehr in 2014 “there have

  • College Admissions Essay: My Life As A Basketball Player

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    something for so long that it has become your life? When I was born, I was given a stuffed basketball toy that I carried everywhere with me, and I slept with it in my crib at night. I had a Little Tike Easy Score Basketball Set, and once I was able to start roaming around, I shot hoops whenever I could with the new rubber basketball that came with the set. As I continued to mature, I would always be playing basketball either at the park, at my friends house, at my house, or at any of our family gatherings