Baseball Player Essays

  • Characteristics Of Baseball Players

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    Baseball is one of the more popular sports in the United States. Every year, millions of people gather together to view the World Series to declare a championship team. The game is played by nine players on opposing teams who each strike a wooden or metal bat against a ball to score more runs than their opponent. In order for a team to achieve points, a player must run clockwise around four bases on a grass diamond-shaped field surrounded by orange clay. Although baseball is entertaining to

  • Private life of a Baseball player

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    Private life of a Baseball player American Baseball is so popular that lots of good player from other country have dream to become a member of Major league. So do the players from my country. Some players started playing in big teams such as LA Dodgers, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, and Texas Rangers. Other players started from minor league. MLB is not anymore game for only American people. Fans from all over around the world want to watch ball game through broadcasting. In America, there

  • Shoulder Injuries in Baseball Players

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    Most people don’t think of baseball as a high risk injury sport. Unlike football, hockey or boxing, baseball seems tame in comparison. While it’s true that baseball is not a high contact sport, a variety of injuries can occur to the players in virtually every part of the players body but most notably in the shoulder; some of these injuries can be career ending. One of the most common injuries is due to overuse of the shoulder because of the repetitive motion required in pitching. Major shoulder

  • The Ball Player: The Physics Of Baseball

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    Every ball player, whether they realize it or not, is a mathematician or physicist. Baseball, the infamous favorite pass time of the United States, is full of physics laws and principals. It is easy to think that all these players do is throw around a ball, occasionally hit it, run around some bases, and make a great catch. However, baseball has many underlying complex principals that can be explained through the laws physics. It encompasses all three planes of motion with players exhibiting the

  • Essay About Baseball Players

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    I decided on my topic why baseball players make more than other athletes because I have played baseball my whole life and have had an interest in the MLB (major league baseball) games ever since I was born. Before I researched this topic I knew that baseball players had more games than other athletes and made a lot of money, but I didn’t know exactly how much. I wanted to find out why they made so much money, because it doesn’t seem fair for how much they make compared to other salaries. I went to

  • Josh Hamilton the Baseball Player

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    the Texas Rangers. Josh Hamilton grew up knowing and loving only two things in his life, his family and baseball. With a steady head throughout high school Hamilton earned success on the baseball diamond. Attaining such honors as being named Baseball America’s High School Player of the Year, USA Baseball’s Amateur Player of the Year, and twice chosen as North Carolinas Gatorade High School Player of the Year (Josh Hamilton). "I guess not going No. 1 wouldn't have totally destroyed me, but there's

  • Best Baseball Player from 1910-1920

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    greatest decades for Major League Baseball. Many amazing events occurred during this decade; although, some devastating and extremely sad events also occurred. Half of these years were taken up by war, even many Hall of Fame players served. This decade still ended up being a great one for Major League Baseball. From Hall of Fame greats to Negro League pitchers, this decade produced greats. The 1910’s also set up the 1920’s for amazing players too. There are many great players that played during this era;

  • Why I Want To Be A Baseball Player

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    professional baseball player. Baseball is a popular sport in the world and I think baseball is a sport that can make us deep impression. I want to be a professional baseball player because I like baseball and I want to be a professional baseball player that is able to give many people who watch my playing baseball deep impression and I want to be a professional baseball player that children in japan want to be baseball player like me, so I have to be receiving some scouts of professional baseball team attention

  • Famous Baseball Players: Alex Rodriguez

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    cheating affects it. Alex Rodriguez was born on July 27, 1975 in New York City. From the time he was born baseball had always been apart of his life; his father was a professional baseball player in the Dominican Republic (Alex Rodriguez Biography). He lived in New York for a very short time and then moved to the Dominican Republic when he was four years old. That is where he began his baseball career (Alex Rodriguez Biography). However his family moved again when Alex was in the fifth grade to Miami

  • Steroids Effects on baseball and the Players

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    Steroids have become prevalent in baseball, with more players getting involved with them. Although they entered the game through trainer Curtis Wenzlaff in 1992, they have become a big part of the Major League today in 2014. However, players and the game's image suffer when they become caught up in steroids. Some of the best players to ever play the game, including Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Mark McGwire, have been caught up in steroids. These players are supposed to be role models for younger

  • Why I Want To Be A Baseball Player

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    in any sport. I particularly loved playing baseball and being known for making a great play of getting a big hit that turns the tides of the game. Every chance I would get to do something spectacular I would jump at the opportunity. I wanted so badly to be the one who was up to bat with two outs at the bottom of the last inning with winning runners on base. I seen those as golden opportunities and found them to be the most defining points of my baseball career growing up. I would have to say I didn’t

  • PEDS: Should Baseball Players Become Faster?

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    Baseball players, do you actually have talent? Well some players do, but they don't believe they have enough talent and they want to win and be the best. To help them win they use Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDS) which make them faster, stronger and gives them the energy and stamina to last longer in games. PEDS from my opinion aren't good for you and players should not be using them. Some professional baseball players use PEDS to hit harder and run faster. I am going to explain three reasons

  • Stan Musial: The Most Talented Baseball Player

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    Stan Musial was one of the most talented baseball players to ever play the game. He was nicknamed ¨Stan The Man” because of the way he dominated the game. He played in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. He had a great baseball career, getting named the most valuable player three times, being in the 3,000 hit club and making it to the Hall of Fame. Stan played 21 years of Major League baseball. He played all 21 years with the St. Louis Cardinals. (Baseball Almanac) In “Historic Missourians,” “Musial wrote

  • Why Do Baseball Players Use Steroids?

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    performance-enhancing drugs, such as steroids, to help them play better. These types of drugs should not be allowed because it gives the player a greater advantage over other players who are playing with their natural ability. This issue could be solved if there was monthly drug testing and if the drug was not so easy to get ahold of. Many major league baseball players are getting caught using performance-enhancing drugs. Mostly power hitters and pitchers will use these steroids. Performance-enhancing

  • More than a Baseball Player: Jackie Robinson

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    him and his four siblings single handedly. Growing up, Robinson went to John Muir High School. Ensuing high school, he enrolled in the Pasadena Junior College where he partook in several different sports including football, basketball, track, and baseball. Following his career at Pasadena Junior College, Jackie continued on to the University of California, Los Angeles. He received four varsity letters there and was the first student to ever do so. Unfortunately, Robinson never finished his education

  • Personal Narrative: My Life As A Baseball Player

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    my life. Baseball has been in my family for generations as long as I know of. Baseball is everything to me and without it, I just wouldn’t be the same person as I am today. When spring comes around the corner, my body starts to shake and shiver with excitement as I get ready to play baseball. As the season approaches, the hair on my body starts to stand up and my legs begin to tremble as I walk. This is when I know how much I love baseball. My whole fantasy of becoming a baseball player began when

  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Short Story Of A Baseball Player

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    In a baseball game, the bat hits the ball. I’ve never heard of the bat hitting a 5 year old’s head. How does something like that happen? Never will I ever again play with a bunch of boys. Especially if there swinging a baseball bat around in circles. A softball game on a hot summer day. My family was going to my dad’s softball game. Today was the championship playoffs. If his team won their first game, they would go on to their second game where they would go up against the, Mighty Mounds of Clay

  • Why Do Baseball Players Wear Metal Cleats

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    plastic or rubber cleats would hurt . a lot of baseball players use metal cleats and they don't really use plastic cleats because they are much cheaper and they fall apart much easier people found this article on the nike site .people do not agree that baseball players should have to wear plastic cleats people do not think that it is very fair because metal cleats have much better traction than rubber cleats. a lot of random people said on a site called baseball tips said that metal cleats are better

  • Jackie Robinson: The First African American Baseball Player

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    American baseball player that played for the Brooklyn Dodgers. He was also a very good athlete and was good at every sport that he played. He also was the very first African American person in the MLB, which took a lot of courage. Because he got a lot of mean comments and letters his first years. He is a very courageous player and respectful person. Most people know why he is famous, he is the a man that broke the color barrier. He is not only one of the first African American baseball player in the

  • Baseball Players: José Miguel Cabrera Torres

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    first started playing baseball with his neighbors. Baseball is one of the most popular sports in his home country of Venezuela. Miguel came from a very poor part of Venezuela. One thing that kept his family going, was baseball. His father played baseball as a child on up to his twenties. His mother was on the Venezuelan national softball team for fourteen years. Miguel’s uncle, Davis Torres played Class-AA for the St. Louis Cardinals minor league team, before being released. Baseball ran through Miguel’s