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  • Base Details

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    BASE DETAILS - ESSAY In the poem, "Base Details", SiegFried Sassoon expresses his great disgust towards the majors in the military. He is horrified and appalled at the way the majors act while men are dying out in the battle field. Mr. Sassoon is so furious towards the majors that it takes more than just one word to describe how indignified Sassoon is. These great feelings of anger are derived from the fact that the majors are living a life of luxury while sending young men "up the line" out into

  • Base Details by Siegfried Sassoon

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    Base Details by Siegfried Sassoon Base Details is a poem by Siegfried Sassoon and is about how better off the majors were in the First World War, compared to the good men that were dying on the front line. It goes into detail about how the majors were unfit, incompetent old men who did nothing. They were too willing to send men to their deaths and give everyone orders, while they lived their luxurious lives and earned lots of money. It has a regular rhyme scheme except the last two sentences

  • 'Base Details' Analysis on the Poem Sassoon

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    Within the poem Sassoon expresses his great disgust towards the military majors discourteous efforts toward the world war. He mimics the majors, and what his life would be like if he were him. He creates a sardonic picture of how comfortable the majors' lives were and how they were responsible for killing young soldiers by sending them to the front, but they themselves were never in danger as they did not have to fight; he depicts the majors as not caring about the lives of single soldiers. Throughout

  • In Of the Great White War and Base Details, the poets write about

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    In Of the Great White War and Base Details, the poets write about age and youth in times of war. Explore the feelings that the poets express and the ways in which they communicate these feelings to you. To answer the question above, I first have to get a vague idea of what both poems are about. It is obvious to see that both poems are about war and explore issues of youth and the aged. In my opinion both poems are anti-war and are against youth being sent to fight, and the way that the youth

  • War in Owen's Dulce et Decorum est and Sassoon's Base Details

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    War in Owen's Dulce et Decorum est and Sassoon's Base Details World War I brought about a revolution in the ideas of the masses. No longer would people of warring nations apathetically back their governments and armies. A concerted and public effort on the part of a literary circle turned soldiers attacked government propaganda. Questioning the glories of war and the need for nationalism, an 'anti-war' literary genre developed in the trenches of Europe during World War I. Gruesome imagery juxtaposed

  • Titration Investigation

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    unknown concentration. An example could be, a given volume of a solution of unknown acidity may be titrated with a base of known concentration until complete neutralization has occurred. This point is called the equivalence point and is generally determined by observing a color change in an added indicator such as phenolphthalein. From the volume and concentration of added base and the volume of acid solution, the unknown concentration of the solution before titration can be determined. Titrations

  • Magnetized Wetlands and Acid Mine Drainage

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    Magnetized Wetlands and Acid Mine Drainage Acid mine drainage is a problem that affects many states, specifically being an extremely large problem in Pennsylvania. Target ores often contain sulfides, which react with the air and water to form sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid, being one of the six strong acids, completely dissociates and dissolves harmful metals in the surrounding rock. These harmful metals include arsenic, copper, iron, etc. The dissolved metals sink to the bottom of ponds, rivers, and

  • Making Dilutions From Acid and Base Solutions

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    Making Dilutions From Acid and Base Solutions Objective The aim of the first part of the experiment was to make up dilutions from acid and base solutions and record the results after adding various indicators. The aim of the second part of the experiment was to determine the pH values of the dilutions using both pH paper and a pH metre recording the results for both tests. Procedure - Part 1 For the first part of the experiment the correct amount of solid NaOH needed to prepare 250

  • Graeme Base and Animalia

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    Structural Frame Art Materials and techniques: Graeme Base uses air brushes, brushes, scalpels, pencils, water colours, transparent ink, technical drawing pens and some use of the computer. He mixes a lightness of text, sometimes with alliterative tongue-twisters and sophisticated language made up of stylized illustrations full of hilarity and details that challenge readers' point of view. The book, Animalia contains over 1,500 objects including things such as food, musical instruments, and characters

  • Mobile Communication Case Study

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    good indoor coverage in a cost effective manner is thus a demanding challenge for operators. Coverage has always been an important issue in mobile telecom networks. It has traditionally been a problem in rural areas due to the long distance between base stations apart from the indoor environment as discussed above. The vendors have to constantly come up with solutions to make the best of the limited radio resources that are available at their disposal to improve the