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  • The Reasons for Baptising Babies

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    The Reasons for Baptising Babies I strongly disagree with the statement “Baptising babies is pointless”. I believe baptising babies is a very important practice in many Christian countries. From the days of the early church children have been baptised so I do not see it to be pointless. However I can see the other side of the argument, as babies cannot make their own decisions. Many parents wish for their child to be baptised as a baby and believe that when the child comes of age heshe

  • Babies Should be Baptised

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    adults were baptised, then Christians wanted their children to be baptised, so they could join the Church and become children of God. Baptising an infant cleanses them from Original Sin, as the Priest says, "O, God you sent your Son to cast out the power of Satan, set this child free from Original Sin." If the child is weak or in danger of dying, then baptising it will allow it to enter Heaven. Infants are baptised, and then are only encouraged by their parents to complete their initiation

  • Features of Baptism

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    Features of Baptism There are many different central features of infant and believers baptism. Infant Baptism is when a small child or baby is baptised. It can be performed using three methods. The Latin tradition of the Catholic Church is when the infant has water poured over his/her head. A baby is usually held over a font and as the water is poured, the priest says the words of the baptism. This water is poured three times showing us that the child is baptized in the name of the

  • Mark's Gospel and Aspects of Christianity

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    and god parents of the baby a few questions: 'Do you turn to Christ?' 'Do you repent of your sins?' 'Do you renounce evil?' The answers are given not only on behalf of the people themselves, but on behalf of the baby also who cannot yet speak. [IMAGE]In an infant baptism, the priest blesses the water in a structure called a font, which can be seen in the picture opposite. The priest pours this water over the baby's head three times, addressing the baby by its name and the saying

  • The Meaning and Significance of Baptism for Christians Today

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    and Pentecostal Church baptise as adults. Most Christian traditions encourage baptism. It is seen and thought of as a way of entering God’s family and joining the Christian faith. It is also seen as important because when water is poured over a babies head or an adult is immersed, it is showing that their sins are being washed away and people are baptised into the death of Jesus – meaning that a Christian shares in death and resurrection of Jesus by dying to sin and rising to new life as a

  • Aspects of Baptism

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    Aspects of Baptism In believers’ baptism the person being baptised is usually in his teen years or older. This is so he is old enough to be confident that he really has put his faith in Christ. There is a large tank at the front of the church full of water which he and the pastor enter. He would wear a white shirt normally to show that he is clean of sin and has turned to the Lord. He is asked some questions by the pastor to openly confirm that he is now a witness for Jesus. In some churches

  • The Central Features of Infant and Believers' Baptism

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    and shared his death; in order that, just as Christ was raised from death by the glorious power of the Father so also we might live a new life. (Romans 6:4) You can celebrate baptism either as an adult or a child. Many Christians want there babies baptised as young infants yet many Christians believe that because Jesus was baptised as an adult they should be baptised as adults this is called believers baptism. It is on the subject of these two different ceremonies both from the same Religion

  • The Central Features of Infant and Believers Baptism

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    ... ...tians believe that baptism should take place as an adult, they would also say that repentance comes first in the New Testament and they seen that Jesus was baptized as an adult. And they believe that they should follow his example. Babies cannot repent when they are baptized but adults can fully accept by repenting, believing and being baptized “You don’t have personal sin” Peter Acts 2V 38 Jesus always welcomed little children and loved them very much by blessing them and

  • How Infant Practices Are Celebrated by Different Parts of Christianity

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    begins with the baby and the family being welcomed by the priest on the behalf of the Christian community. He asks the parents what the baby will be called and whether they accept the responsibility of bringing up the child into the Christian faith. In the Catholic service the priest then makes the sign of the cross over the baby's head and the parents trace the sign of the cross to signify that this baby is now a member of the Christian church. Prayers are then offered for the baby and the family

  • Flash

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    Hiroshima, the manufacturing center of 350,000 people ( was the first target of the two atomic bombings of Japan. On the day of August 6, 1945 an American B-29( bomber dropped the world’s first deployed atomic bomb over the city of Hiroshima. It has been computed that the immediate explosion desecrated ninety percent of the city and slaughtered around 80,00 people; tens of thousands more would later die from radiation poisoning( Many people around the