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  • Bandwidth

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    What is bandwidth? Bandwidth, in this case, is essentially the amount of Internet traffic that can flow in and out of a computer network. Every click to a website, every email you send or video you view takes up some degree of the overall bandwidth available on a network or Internet connection. The connection we have at Dakota Valley is shared between all users in the district. What is the limit on bandwidth? We have a 10Mbps link, which was increased from 2Mbps two years ago. Most home Internet

  • Spread Spectrum

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    the transmitted signal is distributed over a wide frequency band, much wider than the minimum bandwidth required to transfer the information. The signal distributing is accomplished by deploying a pseudo-noise code which is not directly connected to the data. The pseudo-noise code is used as a modulation waveform to expand the baseband signal over a bandwidth much greater than the signal information bandwidth. At the receiver a reception synchronized to the code is used to demodulate the signal and

  • Internet Piracy and Movies

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    web pages, and soon even children could have their own space on the Internet. Today, many people around the world have broadband, which transfers text and pictures much faster than users can read. So developers created programs to use this extra bandwidth, programs that utilized the widespread nature of the Internet. The first peer-to-peer software can arguably be Napster, which let users download songs from other users. Napster restricted its files to songs since most people still had 56k connections

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of New System in ACME Electronics

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    supports voice over IP (VoIP) services such as IP-Centrex. IP Centrex is a service that provides a single broadband access point to a company. The company can use this access point to broadcast packets of voice data. When no voice data is present, more bandwidth is available to other uses of the company. This results in saved money to the company because dedicated phone lines are not needed. The new communications system will be installed using the existing cabling. The connection that will be used to tie

  • The Pros and Cons of Web-based Courses

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    2003) stated that Web-based students indicated dissatisfaction with the number of opportunities for interaction with the instructor and other students. (Simonson et al., 2003) concluded that access to technology, paradigm shifts for instructors, bandwidth limitations, and training and technical assistance may hinder course delivery. They (Simonson et al., 2003) reported too, that online courses require students to be motivated, self directed and responsible for their success. Another possible disadvantage

  • Simultaneous Multithreading

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    sharing of processorresources between threads extends beyond the execution units; ofparticular concern is that the threads share access to the memorycaches.We demonstrate that this shared access to memory caches pro-vides not only an easily used high bandwidth covert channel be-tween threads, but also permits a malicious thread (operating, intheory, with limited privileges) to monitor the execution of anotherthread, allowing in many cases for theft of cryptographic keys.Finally, we provide some suggestions

  • Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the AGe of Show Business

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    and the media we choose to communicate them, are largely orthogonal issues, which is why we can analyze and quantify media, talk about the 'bandwidth' (in bits/second) of, say, a computer animation, or television viewing, or reading a book. Does it not make sense, then, to pick the medium with the highest bandwidth, and to develop media with better bandwidth, shorter access time etc.? The main point of this book is that this hypothesis is wrong. It focuses on the shift from written text to television

  • The Combining of Cable TV and the Internet

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    deal of communications bandwidth for the private user. Greater bandwidth equals greater speed in the realm of the Internet. The Internet has only been around for private use for a relatively short period of time, nonetheless, it has grown quite rapidly. It appears that the Internet will continue to grow at a rapid pace. People will begin to use the Internet for more and more applications. Network... ... middle of paper ... ... (1996, September). Break the bandwidth barrier. Byte. [No pagination]

  • Switching Research Paper

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    slows them down. Networks in the future will need to have enough bandwidth to support applications, like multimedia, witch require larger bandwidth. Switching will change the way networks are designed. These changes will maximize productivity.      Switching technology is increasing the efficiency and speed of networks. This technology is making current systems more powerful. Many networks are experiencing bandwidth shortages. There are several reasons for this including: an


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    types of packet switched network segments together to form a heterogeneous network operating at OSI Layer 2. Traditional Ethernets, in which all hosts compete for the same bandwidth, are called shared Ethernets. Switched Ethernets are becoming very popular because they are an effective and convenient way to extend the bandwidth of existing Ethernets. PRODUCTS 3COM offers a wide variety of networking solutions. From Switches to Hubs to Gateways, 3COM is one of the frontrunners in the networking industry

  • Online Music Distribution In A Post-Napster World

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    problem, creating a virtual music community in which music fans could use the Web as a “swap meet” for music files. More importantly, Napster is easy to use and it’s free, which expands the range of audience in age. Bandwidth also contributed to Napster’s success. The greater the bandwidth, the faster the file can be transferred. So, Napster really changed the way people listen to music, discover music and interact with music. 2) What were the effects of Napster on the recording industry? In this

  • Reducing Employee Productivity

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    e-mail has helped to achieve this goal. One of the problems not foreseen in connecting the office to the Internet is the millions of Web sites that exist. Making it simple for workers to connect to the Internet allows users to waste time, money, and bandwidth, only to return with virus-laden files as souvenirs of their efforts. This report examines corporate need for effective Internet controls, and strong access policies. Topics Covered · Web Surfing Costs · Unauthorized Access, Attacks, and Virus

  • Critique Of "death Of The Author"

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    Critique of "Death of the Author" The title to the story "The Death of an Author," by Roland Barthes, suggests this story may be a fictional novel about the story of an author's death. Perhaps one might pick it up, and skim the foreword in hopes that beneath the cover of this book there would be a mystery, a story of detectives, eye- witnesses, clues, and a puzzle for the reader to solve. Before I read this story, the title "The Death of an Author" brought to my imagination the biography of a writer

  • Cable Modems In The Workplace Essay

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    the price, bandwidth, and reliability in the business network. One significant factor that separates cable modem technology from other telephone networks is its ability to share bandwidth on the network. This characteristic is both an advantage and disadvantage for cable modems. The advantage is that cable modem users have the ability to use as much bandwidth as possible when it is available. The disadvantage resides in network congestion. When the user needs the bandwidth for a large

  • Intelligent Memory

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    memory models with published results: Active Pages, CRAM, PPRAM, and IRAM. Despite their architectural differences, they all agree to put processing elements physically closer to the memory, lifting the bottleneck by increasing processor-memory data bandwidth. Initial studies of these four models have shown promising results. However, in order for these academic ideas to become a reality, intelligent memory researchers must study how their models can be cost-effectively integrated into commercial computer

  • Fiber optics

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    machines grow more powerful, wire density becomes critical making fiber possible alternatives because of their small wire size. Fiber optics are used mainly to use effectively its high bandwidth. On a single fiber lots of information/data can be transmitted concurrently and in parallel. Over 1000 high bandwidth (100-200 Mb/s) independant channels or busses can be supported on a single optical fiber. Furthermore multiple buses can co-exist on a single fiber. Fiber links allow a number of high speed

  • Wireless Internet

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    architecture. More than 75 percent of North American and 50 percent of European backbone Internet traffic travels across Nortel optical networking equipment. Now Nortel Networks helping service providers deliver the unconstrained access and high bandwidth multimedia content second Wave of eBusiness customers demand. Nortel Networks 3G (Third Generation) networks provide wireless operators with faster time-to-market and greater profitability. Nortel Networks solutions offer clear migration paths

  • Facebook Friends: How Many Do I Need To Be Cool?

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    If you don't have a Facebook account, you are a loser; either that or you live on a different planet. Facebook has over one billion active monthly users(Fowler). Facebook is one of the largest social networking websites in which “members…craft an image of themselves as they would like to be seen” by others (Reardon). You create a profile in which you share your favorite books, movies, music, quotes and any additional information you want with the world, all complete with your personal picture,

  • The Physics of an AM Radio

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    quartz crystal. This is used because it is very stable and efficient which is important because there are certain laws and guidelines that the stations must abide by. They cannot go over or below the assigned frequency by more than 5K hertz, making a bandwidth of 10K hertz. After the quartz crystal, is an oscillator where the actual physics of the transmitter comes in. The oscillator is made up of a variety of electronics components including an operational amplifier and a combination of resistors and

  • Antenna Technology Essay

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    INTRODUCTION Mobile communications, wireless interconnects, wireless local area networks (WLANs), and cellular phone technologies compose one of the most rapidly growing industrial markets today. The advancement in the direction of wireless communication leads to a great demand of development of compact antenna to support multiple applications that can be easily integrated within the small space that is available inside the device. In the case of, portable antenna technology has grown along with