Bad Things

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  • Not Always A Bad Thing

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    house. I’ve always wanted one just like this. Surrounded by trees, and there’s even a river nearby.” Jean slowly sat on a nearby chair. “But Thomas... You’re dead...” Thomas sat in a chair adjacent to Jean and smiled reassuringly. “What’s the last thing you remember?” Jean frowned and looked down. “I remember... Titans... They had broken wall Rose again... And I...” Jean clapped a hand over his mouth to stifle a sudden scream. “Oh God... No..!” Thomas patted his shoulder reassuringly. “It’s

  • Change Might Not Be Such a Bad Thing

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    records. From here she would only rise in fame, writing songs for many famous artists such as; Britney Spears, Fergie, The New Kids on the Block, and Pussycat Dolls (bio). Even though Lady GaGas fame came all of a sudden her talent wasn't the only thing that helped her get to the top. Lady Gaga didn't know it at the time she experimented with her clothing, but that would be a large role on her sudden rise to fame. Her fashion not only grabbed our attention but it took us by the hand and led us into

  • Skepticism: A Good or Bad thing?

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    to support their claims. Another area in the natural sciences in which most people would consider skepticism to be bad, is with medicine and prescriptions. Most would state that extensive trials and studies have been done providing the necessary information and evidence to support those drugs. However, I have reason to be skeptical. When I was around 8 or 9, my dad got an extremely bad chest cold, the doctor prescribed 2 types of steroids. Had my dad not taken a skeptical approach, he might not have

  • Personal Narrative - Bad Things Happen to Bad People

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    Bad Things Happen to Bad People How many times have you just finished washing your car and, while you are driving down the highway all you hear is PLOP followed by juicy, white feces splattered on your windshield. Or how furious does one get when a pile of Miss FooFoo’s dog crap that your neighbor neglected to pick up a couple of hours ago encompasses your shirt and Levis jeans, while mowing the front yard. I know that I get royally upset when I see bird bombs on my car after I just finished

  • Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People and Good Things to Bad People?

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    The thoughts on the absurd and what it’s about had a lot to do with struggle of why things happen to people. Why do bad things happen to good people and good things to bad people? Because the world doesn’t have rules of fairness. It exists as it does, not as we want it to. This is seen in Dostoyevsky’s Notes from the underground: During his last year at school, he’d come into an inheritance of some two hundred serfs, and, since almost the rest of us were poor, he’d begun to brag. He was an extremely

  • Being Wrong is not Always a Bad Thing

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    Being Wrong is not Always a Bad Thing Watching Kathryn Schulz’s Ted Talk “On being wrong” is an outlook on reality that people these days don’t look at or even have considered. What Schulz does is explain why overachievers or people who want to be perfect are stuck in this little box of perfection and that we need to get out. Being Wrong is one of the most natural things us as humans can do. It is something that everyone of us has done at one time or another, no one is ever perfect. And if so

  • Is animal extinction really such as bad thing?

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    animals could become tame and friendly with the people and does not scare the children who come to play with them. But in recent years, there are news about the animal extinction happening around the world and as for me, I think it really such a bad thing. When the extinction of animals happens, it will decrease the number and populations of the animals on the earth. It will require more energy and time for the hunters to find these special species to make experiment or to make a television show about

  • Good People Do Bad Things

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    as the backbone to conflicts and debates throughout history and the present. Many also often assume that one side of a conflict is right and good, and the other wrong and evil. But in reality, good and evil more often than not coexist in the same thing. Children, though, many times cannot see this, and take something as fully right and good or fully wrong and evil. This is shown in the book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. In the book, the main character, Scout, is a young girl growing up in

  • Divorce Isn't always a Bad Thing

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    following year our family moved into a beautiful house in a newly developed neighborhood. Life felt good. Money flowed into our home in a steady current, as my dad’s earnings increased through real estate. Both my brother and I were treated to nice things and fun activities. The fights were diminished in the scheme of our so-called happiness, yet tension still brewed despite the lack of financial difficulties. It was though money was just an excuse for my parents to fight, though the desire was always

  • Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

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    Why Bad Things Happen To Good People? Ever since the beginning of time it seems as if only bad things happen to good people. Even though, logically speaking, that doesn't make the utmost of sense but this trend exists and occurs over and over again. This paper will attempt to answer the one of the biggest questions contemplating mankind and that is why bad things happen to good people. The argument being pursued is that bad things happen to good people to teach them