Good People Do Bad Things At Work Case Study

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Good people do bad things at work that is a interesting topic. We often say that no one is perfect. No one is perfect in the world, they always have to do the wrong thing. While the majority of people make mistakes are nothing more than the several ways. The first case make it on purpose. Some people work done well, but there are ethical issues, such as greedy, selfish, and so on. Such a person easily tempted and make mistakes. The second is inadvertently made a mistake. Some people 's character is very good, but is careless at work, or poor memory and so on. It 's easy to make careless mistake. The third is forced to make mistakes. Sometimes the boss put pressure on, or to a person or company interests, or his authority was forced to make…show more content…
The author tells us that the script is a kind of common psychological factors. I think it can also be empirical. Actually, empiricism is very terrible, because it is easy to let people do not consciously into a fixed pattern, of course, also can let a person produce self-righteous illusion, think it must be to do it is right, because always do so before the result is right, so this time is right to do so. He let people ignore a lot of variables, is easy to be blind to change. I think the author mentioned switch roles method is a good way to prevent script error. Switch roles has many benefits for an employee. The first benefit is fresh can stimulate employees to work, inspired the creation of the staff, especially the benefits in creative jobs. The second is can keep the enthusiasm of the employees to work. The third is the can boost the enthusiasm of the employees to…show more content…
After all, not everyone can do multitasking, comprehensive, especially when facing the pressure, we always easy to make mistakes. I myself am a good example. When I was working as a director, because a lot of pressure, work task is very heavy, time is very tight, it is often necessary to the entire group of people together to work overtime. I 'm easy to focus on at this time for completed work and ignores the team members feel I will consider the feelings of team members at that of time , often work overtime of time I will treat group team members to eat or drink afternoon tea, pleases . Is easy to overlook their to take care of her family, or have other pressures, so prone to conflict between colleagues. Sometimes, we will find excuses for interference to do the wrong thing, think it is difficult to avoid, is not intentional of loss, or is said this not sin. But the author tells us that this error can be avoided. He thinks that encourage employees to focus and drive and restraint are good to prevent interference caused by the wrong way. I agree with the views of the author. In addition, I think we should develop healthy mentality, right in the face of pressure, form he was not nervous, calm, calm, rigorous thinking habit. I think it is important to a person 's state of mind, has a good state of mind, when he faced the interference way things will be more clear and organized, so also can reduce the opportunity to

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