Backyard Essays

  • terrisom in our oun backyard

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    Terrorism in our own Backyard America is said to be the strongest nation in the world with a passion to provide a culture full of opportunities, freedoms and a land free of terrorism! Recently, we’ve all watched in horror as our country’s dignity was compromised. The 9-11 acts of terror will always be remembered not only for the number of lives that were lost and for the damage done, but because our safe haven was invaded and that is unimaginable for most Americans. Now more than ever, security

  • Not In My Backyard Attitude Interferes with Resolutions

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    Not In My Backyard Attitude Interferes with Resolutions Not In My Backyard (NIMBY) conflicts have many characteristics that make successful resolutions difficult to achieve. A typical NIMBY conflict, such as a proposal for a landfill site in a vacant lot behind a low-income housing district, often carries with it controversial problems of environmental justice, distributional equity, and procedural justice. The public affected by the Locally Unwanted Land Use (LULU) raises questions such as

  • Backyard Chickens

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    One particularly warm evening last summer, I walked into my backyard to relax and enjoy some fresh air. Instead, I was greeted by the loud shriek of a chicken. We had an uninvited guest in our vegetable garden. Unfortunately, such chicken invasions are a common occurrence in many areas of Stockton, California. Throughout the United States, municipalities small and large are debating whether or not they should enact residential livestock ordinances, specifically in regards to poultry. Considering

  • Lyme Disease

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    Although most people don't realize it, one of the most weakening diseases of the world can often be found crawling around in the shrubs and tall grasses of a person’s backyard .It does not mean that only dirty yards have this disease but it is found in every Americans backyard. The disease is called Lyme disease. Now I will be elaborating on the disease. Every disease has a causative agent. This agent is a harmful bacterium that causes the disease. The causative agent for this disease is the bacteria

  • The Things that Make a House a Home

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    different school district. So, scared and uncertain, we started out at a new school. Like it usually was, it was very hard for a kid like me to find friends. But I had my sister as a companion and it was alright. Many afternoons I spent playing in the backyard with my sister and dog, and I had a great time.

  • Grandpas House

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    typical house, but there is something about his that makes me think of life and how brief it really is. There are the flowers and the garden in the backyard that have characteristics of one’s childhood and the development process. His house has the look of defeat, telling me that life will soon be over, and its time is up. Finally, near the backyard there is a garage where everything from his life has been permanently stored. In one visit to Grandpa’s house, I can experience something that takes

  • Let's Get Dirty - Our Future Is Compost

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    solution to the disposal problem. One practice enjoying success today is the process of composting. Originally utilized by farmers and in backyards, composting is the natural breaking down of organic materials into soil. The popularity of composting seems reflect people's attitudes and desires to be closer to nature. Compost can occur from levels as small as backyard piles to the heights of corporate composting facilities. When done properly, composting can provide cost benefits and greatly reduce amounts

  • Free Essays: The Youth of Red Badge of Courage and Youth of Today

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    member of today’s society, I don’t fear death. If I did fear death, I would be "dead." There are so many sources of death today, like car wrecks, shootings, drugs, and diseases that if I was constantly afraid of all of them, I couldn’t leave my own backyard. Therefore, I refuse to believe that death will happen to me. In the novel The Red Badge of Courage, by Stephen Crane, the 19th century youth, like youths of today, is unafraid of death, but his reasoning is different, so he actually welcomes death

  • Analysis of Buried Child by Sam Shepard

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    wanting more. Buried Child can be similar to classic plays such as Oedipus Rex, where Shepard includes the theme of incest. He has also included many symbolic objects and Native American symbols of renewal with the large quantity of vegetables in the backyard of the family’s house. There are seven main characters in this play, the majority belonging to one family. The first impression seems like the family in the play are a normal Middle American family. Dodges one-track alcoholic mind, Halie’s irritating

  • Community Involvement or Lack of It

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    themselves, nor does it seem that they care too. To be honest I don’t even know their names. It seems harder than ever before to even strike up a conversation with someone let alone to come to an understanding of what is really going on in our own backyards. Aurora, like many Communities has city council meetings that all citizens can attend. I can guarantee that most of Auroras citizens could care less to attend, or even find out where these meetings are held, and what issues are covered that might

  • Free Personal Narratives: The Birthday Party Disaster

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    the sound of thunder. I rolled groggily out of bed, rubbing my eyes. I put on my glasses and opened my window blinds. What I saw was not our new immaculate backyard, but a wasteland of water and mud. I stood there for a few seconds, taking in the whole scene. At first, I thought I was still asleep. There was no way that my backyard, the backyard I where I was supposed to have my party, was this disaster area. In my sleep-induced thoughts, I suspected that I had just dreamed that my birthday was today;

  • My Favorite Sports

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    Throughout this vast country we as Americans are entertained by many different things, including movies, music, and sports. Although, there are many ways for me to be entertained, I prefer the enjoyment of sports. As a youngster I enjoyed playing backyard games. We rounded up neighborhood kids and played for fun. We played either football or basketball every weekend. These two sports are the favorites of those who play them around the world. While these sports are alike in many ways, they are very

  • My Best Friend Died

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    My Best Friend Died Dr. Munter's comments: The purpose of this assignment was to relate an event that changed the direction of your life. Not only does this student successfully accomplish this task, he does it with a certain amount of understatement. The instruction “to show, not tell” is beautifully and subtly completed. There is also a nice balance of long and short sentences, unusual similes, and the sense that the author allows the reader to view this event through the eyes of an eight-year-old

  • Among the Hidden

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    this book is Margaret Peterson Haddix. In this book, there is a boy named Luke Garner who has never been able to leave his backyard. He has only been able to quickly peak through blinds for fear of being seen. Until the day the workers started cutting the trees down, Luke was able to experience a little fresh air while rough-housing with his brothers in their isolated backyard farmland. The reason for this is because of the population law. The government believed that there wasn’t enough food to feed

  • Allen Sapp

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    paintings at a tremendous rate. Dr. Gonor arranged for him to see an art professor from the U of S. The little instruction he got form her was the only formal instruction he has ever had. In September 1968 she showed some of Allen’s paintings in her backyard. The show was a great success. On the Easter weekend of 1969 Allen had his first major exhibition. The people loved him. He became a great success. The value of his paintings went way up in the next little while as his popularity streadily increased

  • Patriot

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    Benjamin, who was thought to be a Patriot, stood and made a point as to why he should not join the war, and offered an alternative to war. By the end of the meeting, Martin said he would not agree to make a vote that allowed a war to go on in his backyard. Benjamin’s children were ashamed by their father’s words. The levy was passed, however, and Benjamin later caught up with Gabriel who was in line to enlist in the war. There was nothing he could do to change his son’s mind. Colonial Harry Burwell

  • The Peach Tree

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    peaches from our peach tree. I loved our peach tree. I love the memory of that tree. In retrospect, the peach tree was an integral part of my childhood. I cannot recall when we first got the peach tree. It seems as if it was always there in the backyard. I do know that it was a gift from my aunt and uncle who worked at Del Monte's Agricultural Research Facility. Whether it was a rare or special breed, I wonder. The fruit was so sweet that I can't imagine Del Monte choosing such a fine specimen only

  • Pitbulls

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    Picture this for a second. You come home both mentally and physically exhausted after a strenuous day at school. All you want to do is watch TV and relax with your best friend. As you begin up the concrete cracked driveway, these thoughts linger in your mind. You push the key into the door handle but you notice something is wrong. There is no barking, no tail wagging, no sign of your best friend at the gate. All that is left is a notice on the front door explaining that your dog has been destroyed

  • Beauty

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    silk, her lips full and tender and her vibrant red hair is dancing gently with the wind. In his eyes she is the most beautiful sight in the world. Beauty could also be found in everyday objects. It could be the car one owns, or the pool in ones backyard, or even the quilts in a bedroom. For example imagine a husband and wife cleaning their attic. They go through all their old stuff to decide what to keep and what should be thrown away. The wife stumbles upon an antique plate; it’s full of cracks

  • Having to Write with Whipped Cream

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    When it came to what I was going to put the whipped cream on, that became a little tricky, because I didn’t want put it on a t-shirt or something like that because you wouldn’t be able to read it. I was at my parents home for the weekend. In our backyard we have individual medium size bricks so I figured this would work because I’d be able to fit at least one word on each brick. I was able to do this successfully, except that my dog kept trying to lick the whipped cream off the ground! This project