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  • High Availability of Database System

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    Title : High availability of database system High availability of database system, in which unplanned downtime is no more than seconds or only a relatively few minutes per year, is frequently a key objective in a data protection strategies, and one of the keystones of business continuity. However, an too much emphasis on high availability can lead to problems with data preservation (all the money goes into keeping the systems up and very little goes into preventing data loss when they go down)

  • Book Availability

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    texts and the cultural and social factors that both influence and are influenced by this development. One aspect of book history is the availability of books and the literacy of readers, both of which have been strongly dependent on social and cultural factors such as technology and authority. This essay will focus on the way in which literacy and book availability have been influenced by the form, creation and distribution of books, as well as the authoritative social and cultural factors that both

  • Rate of Photosynthesis and How It Varies

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    cause the rate of photosynthesis to change. A) sunlight concentration B) temperature C) chlorophyll concentration D) carbon dioxide availability Effects of the variables and there concentrations: The amount of sunlight will decide the rate of photosynthesis as there will be a an increased rate of photosynthesis due to the increased availability of photons of light. This light energy can then be transferred to chemical potential energy. The energy is then distributed around the plant

  • Angola

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    multiple contradictions exist in their chronologies of events. Of the discrepancies I found, all of them put Stockwell in opposition with Kissinger and Davis. I believe this is due to his position in the Central Intelligence Agency, where the greater availability of information was his advantage. Moreover, since all three accounts agree that the U.S. involvement was essentially a covert operation led by the CIA, I feel the account written by Stockwell was the most valid of the three. When looking at the

  • Cutting the OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence)

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    research. Albeit, the Internet is not the only tool available to an OSINT analyst, the majority of other information can be found somewhere on the world-wide-web via electronic city maps, business web sites, etc. This leads to the next point of availability to everyone. The analysts from the other disciplines; HUMINT, SIGINT, IMINT, and MASINT, most certainly have the Internet available. Many times there is not a need to put in a request for an OSINT analyst to research out information that is readily

  • Informative Speech on Teenage Suicide

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    Look around at your peers in the school. How many of them wish they were dead? When 13.7% of males and 30.1% of females in 10th grade say they seriously consider committing suicide, we need think about what is wrong. What makes these 15 and 16 year olds that have so much of their life left to live want to die? 14% of teens said they tried to kill themselves. That’s like having 3 people in our class who have tried to commit suicide. The pressures of life at our age are difficult but they’re not so

  • Postwar Effects on Women

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    nursed along by the media as well as the public. "A rapidly expanding war economy absorbed most of the reserve labor force," (307) yet it still was not enough, the economy demanded a larger work force. This demand worked in cooperation with the availability of the women of the time. "'Commando Mary' and 'Rosie the Riveter' became symbols of women who heeded their country's call" (307). There were many enticements luring women to join the work force. These enticements included higher war wages, more

  • Red Tailed Black Cockatoo

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    in changing surroundings. One of the most prevalent adaptations was that seen in the beak apparatus. Changes in the beak allowed the cockatoos to consume the newly evolved sources of food. The metabolic requirements of the cockatoos and the availability of food are also forces that have influenced the beak apparatus and the distribution of red-tailed black-cockatoos throughout Australia. Introduction Calyptorhynchus banksii, commonly known as the red-tailed black-cockatoo, is of the Family

  • Oxycontin

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    The Drug enforcement Administration has targeted as a top priority the illegal use of the prescription painkiller OxyContin in the wake of what the agency says is a dramatic and dangerous increase in the drug's availability. Simply crushing the tablet can negate the controlled-release effect of the drug, enabling abusers to swallow or snort the drug for a powerful morphinelike high. The tablet can also be crushed, mixed with water and injected. In this paper I discuss the abuse of OxyContin and other

  • Increase In Leisure Time In The UK

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    for most of full time workers. Since the 1970s other factors have had a greater influence on the availability of time, such as: v Flexible work patterns v The use of manual labour- saving devices in the home. v The increase of unemployed and retired. Full Time workers 1971 1981 1991 1996

  • Various methods of media that is being used in direct marketing

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    gives information to the consumers about the product or service provided by the company. Among the list of media given, we have chosen television and telemarketing. The most obvious reason for choosing these Medias is because of its cost and availability. Both television and telemarketing are cheap and are easily accessible as almost everyone around the world owns at least one television set and a telephone. 2 Report Objectives The objective of carrying out this report is as follows:

  • Plagiarism and the Internet

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    with plagiarism are the copy and paste function, “paper mills” and the ways that can be used to prevent students from doing this. The first major concern with the internet would be the copy and paste function. Wittenberg lists that “Widespread availability of the internet and increased access to full text databases has made cut and paste plagiarism very easy”.3 While the function is actually very nice to have, people are using it the wrong way. Instead of just using it to copy quotes from websites

  • Polygyny benefits Society

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    and Indonesia. The extent to which men are able to acquire multiple wives depends on many factors, including the economic prosperity of the man’s family, the prevailing bride price, the differential availability of marriageable females, the need and desire for additional offspring, and the availability of productive roles for subsequent wives. Even in societies that permit polygyny, the conditions of life for the masses make monogamy the most common form of marriage. The two variations of polygyny

  • Informative Speech: The Problem of Overpopulation

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    everyone else become knowledgeable of the issues of overpopulation. These three men chose to take time out of their lives to attempt to help our nation and the lives of you and me. These 3 men help make possible the fresh air we breath, the availability of clean water to cleanse ourselves, the roofs we have over our head, just because they took the time to announce the problems with overpopulation. Because of these 3 men we have freedom to do with our lives as we choose. If these 3 men did

  • IQ and the Controversy Concerning Human Intelligence

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    environment was more powerful in influencing IQ level in the young child, than the young adult. Scarr and Weinberg reasoned that "environment exerts a greater influence on children, who have little choice; as they age, diversity age, diversity and availability of choices expands, and if these choices are at least partially determined by genetic factors, the influence of environment is there by diminished. Heritability is a term from the population of genetics. It refers to"the capability of being

  • Community Policing in Canada

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    Community Policing in Canada Community policing is a relatively new model of service delivery that is employed by the majority of police forces across Canada.  Community policing however, is not a “new” approach, it is more correctly a renewal or re-emergence of the old approach developed in Metropolitan London (Leighton & Normandeau, p.21). The amendments to the current system are evident in Leighton & Normandeau’s (1990) review of the future of community policing.  The ideas behind the

  • Mexico in South Phoenix

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    Mexican food that is prepared right in front of you consists of tacos, burritos, tostadas, quesadillas, nachos, and about any other type of Mexican food one could think of. The bakery is awesome. The prices are very appealing to the frugal, but the availability of all types of bread (donuts, to loafs, to cakes and pies) is appealing to basically everyone. However, the whole Ranch Market seemed to be focused on appealing to the Mexican culture. This type of environment reminded me of a reading that

  • Informative Essay: The Dangers of Gun Ownership

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    rather easy to obtain, weapon that is lethal if used in the right (or wrong) way. This makes the gun an extremely dangerous factor in our lives. If used improperly, a gun could be lethal to not only the target, but the user as well. The availability of guns has sky rocketed in the past decade or so, and the immense population of guns in our society make it a dangerous place to live. Gun violence claims approximately 38,000 lives in the U.S. each year, including 5,000 children and

  • The Pros and Cons of the Internet

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    any argument you have to weigh up the good with the bad, the internet provides you with a wealth of information so that you can find out much on many different products, allows businesses to function so much more efficiently, there is also the availability of online learning. A major threat to the people who use the internet, especially children, is the sex industry. It is very hard to ignore as there are thousands of sites of which many have very unobvious site names. This makes it very easy

  • Television and Media Essay - TV, Violence, and Censorship

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    that violence portrayed on television is a potential danger. One issue is clear though, our focus on television violence should not take attention away from other significant causes of violence in our country such as: drugs, inadequate parenting, availability of weapons, unemployment, etc. It is hard to report on how violent television effects society, since television affects different people in different ways. There is a significant problem with violence on television that we as a society are going