The Impact Of International Auditing Standards On Auditing

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The topic on auditing also prepares the accounting students to undertake quality audits so as to conform to the standards by reviewing the objective evidence. Quality audits verify the effectiveness of the management system. They are also essential in providing evidence that is concerned with the elimination and the reduction of problem areas since they are management tools for achieving continuous improvement in the organization. In addition, the knowledge on international auditing standards acts as a competitive advantage for the accounting students in the job market. Companies tend to give first priority to students who possess this knowledge since they perceive that they are at a better position to improving the efficiency of the company as well as realizing its goals and objectives in an effective manner (Wu & Tsai, 2006, p. 445). Accounting students with the auditing knowledge also earn a better salary as compared to their co-workers in the job arena since it is perceived that they perform a major task in the organization. Research on the Impact of International Audit Standards in Audit Reports in Swedish companies Research Methodology and data analysis In order to answer the questions those revolve around the impact of International Audit Standards in Audit Reports in companies, a qualitative research is vital to establish the differences and the similarities of audit reports in different companies. The research will examine audit reports of all the Swedish companies that are listed at the Stockholm Stock Exchange in the year 2011, 2012 and 2013. The target population will include all companies that were listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange as at 31st December 2014. Corporations with a divided financial year 2012/2013 wil... ... middle of paper ... ...near regression tests so as to explain to explain how diverse independent variables could have an effect on the accuracy of the audit report. The determination coefficient will indicate the section of the sum variance of the dependent variables that can be referred to independent variable. The study will as well use the multicolliniarity to indicate the correlations that exist between the independent variables independently or as a group. The personal and professional goals to be accomplished through the research 1. To evaluate impact of International Audit Standards in Audit Reports in companies. 2. To measure the efficiency of the Audit Reports in the companies. 3. To evaluate the relationship that exists between audit firm, size, length and branches in reference to the audit reports. 4. To examine the importance of the topic on auditing to the accounting students.

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