Audience Response Essays

  • Audience Response Paper

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    of interest for research was student engagement with audience response systems. The purpose of this assignment was to discuss why the topic was to be studied, the presumptions of the topic, the personal experience with the topic that would create obstacles or bias, how the topic will benefit the field of education, and if the topic was sufficient for a Capstone project. Reason for Study of this Topic The reason for interest in audience response systems was to see if it would benefit student engagement

  • Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night at St. Rémy

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    meanings that could appeal to a society no longer confined to the rhetoric of organized religion. Moreover, the work is so visually effective in its depiction of a reassuring yet euphoric mood that it need not rely on subject matter for audience response. Starry Night is the product of a long and intensive thought process, and is a carefully constructed synthesis of culture, religion, science, aesthetics, and compositional elements. What does van Gogh attempt to define in his painting,


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    musical styles, "One of the most common types of music-making is call-and-response singing, in which a chorus repeats a fixed refrain in alternation with a lead singer who has more freedom to improvise". This is an important part of rap music. Cheryl Keyes explains, "Audience response helps to prolong performance and helps the rapper to spontaneously execute rap formulas. The more verbal and kinesic the response from the audience, the longer the rapper raps"(146). Another technique used in rap music

  • Aspects Of Performance

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    two factors of performance, they are  PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS ON PERFORMANCE Nerves / stress, including manifestations Relationships between members Communication with audience Audience response  THE DEVELOPMENT OF A SUCCESSFUL GROUP Choice of members Program selection Rehearsal strategies Setting up Venue / audience Final performance Each of these aspects effects performers and to deal with all these things will ensure a successful group who do their jobs well and love doing it.

  • Response to Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice by a Modern Audience

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    Response to Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice by a Modern Audience Since the time of Shakespeare, The play “Merchant of Venice” has had a dramatic effect on the modern audience today. In the 16th century, Jews were completely disliked, & Jews were not allowed to live in England unless they had converted to Christianity. ====================================================================== Jews who practised their own religion were banned from England. To modern audiences, this is

  • Journey To My Past: Responses to Silent Dancing Story

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    Journey To My Past: Responses to Silent Dancing Story 1 Journal of Reading Silent Dancing Many people say, "Do not judge a book by its cover," but the cover of this book drew me into a journey of reading. The line of the letters Silent Dancing is on top; just below that is a picture of a beautiful four-year old girl. Perhaps she lives with a wealthy family; the girl looks so cute and pretty in her dress. Like many other young girls who usually love toys, she is holding a rattlebox; however

  • Responses to Human Crises Revealed in The Rite by Hiroko Takenishi

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    Responses to Human Crises Revealed in The Rite In the short story "The Rite," Hiroko Takenishi tells of some of the horrors that took place during and after the bombing of Hiroshima. This story was a creative response to the actual devastation Hiroko witnessed. She may have chosen to write this story as fiction rather than an autobiography in order to distance herself from the pain. This work may have served as a form of therapy, by allowing her to express her feelings without becoming personal

  • Responses to the Challenge of Amoralism

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    Responses to the Challenge of Amoralism ABSTRACT: To the question "Why should I be moral?" there is a simple answer (SA) that some philosophers find tempting. There is also a response, common enough to be dubbed the standard response (SR), to the simple answer. In what follows, I show that the SA and SR are unsatisfactory; they share a serious defect. To the question, "Why should I be moral?" there is a simple answer (SA) that some philosophers find tempting. There is also a response, common

  • Responses to the Development of Capitalism DBQ

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    Responses to Capitalism DBQ Throughout the 19th century, capitalism seemed like an economic utopia for some, but on the other hand some saw it as a troublesome whirlpool that would lead to bigger problems. The development of capitalism in popular countries such as in England brought the idea that the supply and demand exchange systems could work in most trade based countries. Other countries such as Russia thought that the proletariats and bourgeoisie could not co-exist with demand for power and

  • Audience response to Benedick in Shakespeare's Much Ado about Nothing

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    Their use of chorus, rhyme, wit and sarcasm are well used theatrical techniques employed by Shakespeare. The purposes of these devices include: Encouraging the audience to ‘enter’ the play and imagine the scenes for themselves, framing the plot of the play, as a way of interpreting the events for the audience, and to help the audience to understand the play’s plot and themes. An example of this is where, in A1 S1, Beatrice and Benedick engage in a squabble in which Benedick insults Beatrice- ‘A

  • A Review of Responses to the National Endowment for the Arts Report, “Reading at Risk: A Survey of Literary Reading in America”

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    -at-risk-survey.htm>. Rachel. “More on Reading at Risk”. Online Posting. 23 August 2004. Banana Republican. 19 Sept. 2004 <>. Schwartz, Nomi. “NEA’s Reading at Risk Elicits Strong, Varied Responses.” American Booksellers Association Online. 15 July 2004. 19 Sept. 2004. <>. Solomon, Andrew. “Reading at Risk: Lack of Interest in Literature is a Crisis.” Commentary – Columbia Daily Tribune. 8 Aug. 2004

  • The Explanatory Gap: The Responses of Horgan and Papineau

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    The Explanatory Gap: The Responses of Horgan and Papineau The what it is like to undergo an experience is essential to understanding that experience. Known by philosophers as subjective qualia, these characteristics are part of what makes a felt experience exactly that experience. If we introspect our own mental states, this seems apparent and incontrovertible. Most philosophers are unwilling to grant that subjective qualia are non-physical states, and attempts to face this problem and maintain

  • Responses to the Doctrine of Mind-Brain Identity

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    Responses to the Doctrine of Mind-Brain Identity To be in pain is, for example, is to have one's c-fibres, or more likely a-fibres, firing in the central nervous system; to believe that broccoli will kill you is to have one's B(bk)-fibres firing, and so on. The Blackwell Companion to Philosophy:Chapter 5 'Philosophy of Mind' by William G. Lycan The theory or doctrine of mind-brain identity, as its name implies, denies the claim of dualists that mind and brain (or consciousness and matter)

  • Cameron’s The Terminator and Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale as Responses to Neo-conservatism

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    overpower and out-wit humans; here the oppressive regime that threatens humanity is technology itself. In both texts it seems clear that both technological advancement and control are imperative to the succession of an autocratic state. And as the audience is always kept keenly aware of the dangers that homogeneity poses to the quality of life, these dystopian texts question whether technology necessitates a sacrifice of human individuality.

  • Jean-Paul Sartre and Louis Althusser as Responses to Vichy France

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    Jean-Paul Sartre and Louis Althusser as Responses to Vichy France The Second World War seems to have had an enormous impact on theorists writing on literary theory. While their arguments are usually confined to a structure that at first blush seems to only apply to theory, a closer examination finds that they contain an inherently political aspect. Driven by the psychological trauma of the war, theorists, particularly French theorists, find themselves questioning the structures that led to

  • Rhetorical Analysis

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    The study of speeches provides speakers a unique platform to convey their contemporary and controversial issues effectively towards the audience, addressing the social and ethical concerns. The underlying connection forged between the text and the speakers gives an insight about humanity to understand their experiences and perception of others, by that this strengthens its textual integrity. Speakers such as Paul Keating “The Redfern Speech,” William Deane “It is still winter at home,” Doris Lessing

  • Sound In The Dark Knight

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    was an action drama that had many moments of chaos or action scenes. These types of scenes require sound that is driving and multi layered. This helps the audience connect the different events in the film to the different layers in the music. Another element to the sound in these films are the ability to create an emotional response for an audience member. Different types of sounds can bring up schemas people have developed based on their

  • Greg Philio: The Critique Of Textual Analysis In The Media

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    and the diversity within them as well as the impacts of external factors such as the journalists understanding and what the text actually means to different audiences (Philo, 2007). Philio continues further to state that there are more issues with a text only analysis, the accuracy of representations, the significance the text has on the audience and how it changes in diverse social interests. Philio argues that analysis should explore the accuracy of the text, is it right or wrong? Is it politically

  • Film Analysis And Use Of Horror In Schindler's List

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    Spielberg’s Schindler’s List uses a variety of macro and micro techniques that are effective in eliciting strong emotional response form the spectator. Unlike horror films, which rely on micro techniques to create tension or foreshadowing, Spielberg relies on unconventional techniques that are often juxtaposed to have the spectator feel unsettled. Despite not being a horror film, it is compatible through the lack of violence in the film and the context of the Holocaust. Therefore, as a spectator

  • Feed A Child Analysis

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    The audience is a key driver of media because all media texts are produced with an audience in mind. Through the process of encoding and decoding a message can often get lost or misinterpreted, thus it is the audience’s duty to critically analyse a message. This essay with discuss what is meant by an audience and the different types of audience. This essay will review a South African Advertisement with the aim of understanding the message intended by the advertisement and how different audience groups