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  • The Asian Financial Crisis

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    The Asian Financial Crisis In the 1980s and for most of the 1990s, the entire Asian marketplace was seen as nothing less than a miracle. Business was booming, and economies in the region enjoyed GDP growth rates nearing 10% per year—4 to 5 times the growth rate of the US economy at the time. It began in the ‘80s when foreign investment in Asian countries began to increase. Foreign investors lured by stable governments, the promise of high returns, and currencies that were tightly pegged to the

  • Asian Financial Crisis

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    In the summer of 1997, an economic and currency crisis rocked the Asian markets. One by one, Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Korea and Japan saw their economies crash in the wake of heavy foreign investment. An economic boom had made the region an attractive investment opportunity for much of the 1990s. By 1997, however, domestic production and development had stalled, and foreign investors grew nervous. A divestment run on the Thai baht triggered the crash. Large corporations

  • The 1997 Asian Financial Crisis

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    point, the rest of the world started to see that Thai''''s economy was starting to fall apart. Some pople predicted that the problem would not stay longer than a few months. However, it was wrong. As manner of fact, the problem spread amongs some of Asian Countries. Even the mighty Japan was effected by this problem. United stated of America was also effected by this problem. That was a time that the US stock market was going down due to the fact that Many American cooporation invested in this some

  • The Asian Financial Crisis

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    The Asian Financial Crisis Many economists have said that the growth experienced by Southeastern Asian countries during the 1980s and early 1990s was a "miracle." Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia and other countries in the region experienced annual growth rates of over 7 percent. Along with this rapid growth, these countries also saw very little unemployment and an almost invisible wealth gap between the different social and economic classes of citizens. Circumstances have dramatically

  • The Causes of the Asian Crisis

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    The Causes of the Asian Crisis The Causes of the Asian Crisis. There are many speculations about the causes of the Asian Crisis. From my research I found out that there is quite a number of reasons for the Asian currency crisis. There is a book called; The East Asian Miracle, which was published by the World Bank. This book expressed the relationship between government, the private sector, and the market. (See Hoover Digest 1998 No.3. William McGurn. What went wrong?) The book talks about

  • East Asian Economic Crisis

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    East Asian Economic Crisis A large economic downturn in East Asia threatens to end its nearly 30 year run of high growth rates. The crisis has caused Asian currencies to fall 50-60%, stock markets to decline 40%, banks to close, and property values to drop. The crisis was brought on by currency devaluations, bad banking practices, high foreign debt,loose government regulation, and corruption. Due to East Asia's large impact on the world economy, the panic in Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, and

  • Asian Crisis Of 1998

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    center of the current crisis is President Suharto. In late October 1997, the Suharto’s government completed an agreement with the IMF (International Monetary Fund). The IMF has approved the agreement and gave $10 billion for financial support. Indonesia’s government also had taken loan from the Asian Development and Bank World Bank (, 1998). But his handling of the economic crisis has failed to re-establish confidence both at national and international. This financial crisis has been transformed

  • Asian Crisis

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    The financial crisis that erupted in Asia in mid-1997 has led to sharp declines in the currencies, stock markets, and other asset prices of a number of Asian countries. It is hard to understand what these declines will actually do to the world market. This decline is expected to halve the rate of world growth in 1998 from the four percent that was projected pre-crisis to an estimated outcome of about 2 percent. The countries that are included in the East Asian crisis, known as "Tiger" economies,

  • The Asian Financial Crisis and Thailand: Catalyst for Change...or More of The Same?

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    Europe almost a century, the East Asian tigers (Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan) and the newly industrializing economies (Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand) accomplished in a matter of decades, which led many to believe in an East Asian miracle. However, in 1997 Thailand became the first country swept into an economic crisis that spread throughout the region within months. Why did Thailand unexpectedly fall into a rapid economic crisis and how has the crisis shaped the current political

  • Asian Currency Crisis: The 1997 Asian Currency Crisis

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    Mosam Patel Coach McLendon Economics 2 May 2014 The 1997 Asian Currency Crisis Former president, John F. Kennedy once said, “when written in Chinese, the word 'crisis' is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.” The Asian currency crisis of 1997 were dangerous occurrences that affected almost every aspect of society in Asian countries. The crisis called for cooperation among the Asian countries to build and support a better national economy and recover