Internal Conflict In The Film 'Wolf Of Wall Street'

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In the film, Wolf of Wall Street directed by Martin Scorsese, the root conflict that moves the action is a person vs. self conflict. The main character, Jordan Belfort, has only one goal, not to make the investors money, but to make himself money, and he will do anything to achieve that. He even goes as far as to sell investors stocks that he knows for sure that are garbage. While him doing this is completely legal, it is very unethical and causes Jordan to battle heavily with drugs and alcohol, only deepening his personal battle with himself. No amount of money is enough for Jordan, which causes him to start committing federal crimes, such as insider trading and money laundering, further increasing his problems with himself.
In the film, The Wolf of Wall Street, Detective Patrick Denham acts as the protagonist. While in most films the protagonist is
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This is because at that point I believe that the director wanted to show the viewer that nobody was more dominant than the other. They were both on equal playing grounds. Another way Martin used technical elements to his advantage is when Jordan’s yacht, the Naomi, was sunk in a storm. When you out at sea and your boat sinks, the chances of you living to tell the story of how it sunk are usually pretty slim. So in the scene when they are getting pulled out of the ocean by the Italian Coast Guard, there is a very happy, joyful song playing but it also is slightly fast paced to let you know that this is a very urgent matter not to be taken lightly. When you use technical elements to your advantage, it allows the viewer, consciously or subconsciously get a better understanding of what is happening in the
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