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  • Arbitration In Arbitration

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    the latter’. It should be noted that the third party acts in a private capacity and does not represent any public office. Disputants agree to refer to arbitration and agree to be bound by the arbitration decision. The arbitrator reviews the evidence in the case and imposes a decision that is legally binding on the parties. keutgen define arbitration as ‘a form of dispute resolution which is based on a private agreement and which leads to a decision having res judicata effect. Such decision is the

  • Arbitration Clause And Separability Of Arbitration

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    Arbitration is a form of dispute method that seeks to bind parties to the arbitration. Lord Bingham defines arbitration being an “appointment of an independent arbitrator, often chosen by the parties, to rule on their dispute according to the terms of reference they give him. This can only be done by agreement, before or after the dispute arises, but where it is done the arbitrator has authority to make an award which is binding on the parties and enforceable by process of the courts”. Arbitration

  • Disadvantages Of Arbitration

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    Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution that has been commonly used in recent years in the employment agreement and commercial contract. The differences between arbitration and mediation are that the third party makes a decision of outcome. Basically, it is a process of any disputes that the solution can make it outside of the public court system. The parties select their arbitrator however they want, or they can get a help from the American Arbitration Association to find an available arbitrator

  • Transparency In Arbitration

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    their funds are being put to use. Arbitration as a means of alternative dispute resolution has the key advantages of being more expeditious and confidential than the litigation process; therefore safeguarding the commercial interests of the parties to arbitrations. This public interest of; protecting the commercial nature of arbitration seems to be in collision with the public interest of citizens accessing information held by the state that might arise out of arbitration proceedings. The issue therefore

  • Essay On Arbitration

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    Arbitration is a “mechanism for the resolution of disputes which take place usually pursuant to an agreement between two or more parties, under which parties agree to be bound by the decision to be given by the Arbitrator according to law or, if so agreed, other considerations, after a fair hearing such decision being enforceable by law.” Arbitration is, therefore, a process of dispute resolution between the parties through Arbitral Tribunal appointed by the parties to the dispute or by the court

  • Employment Arbitration Agreements

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    Arbitration is a form of Alternative dispute resolution in which parties present evidence to an arbitrator or panel and have their case heard. Some arbitration is mandatory and others are voluntary, arbitration may also be binding or nonbinding depending on the way the contract is designed. In employment contracts some employers have begun implementing a mandatory arbitration clause upon hiring of employees. Some feel that the mandatory arbitration clause in employment is unfair to the employees

  • Arbitration Essay

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    Arbitration is a form of dispute resolution where a binding decision is issued by a neutral person usually selected by the parties involved. Arbitration has some advantages over litigation and can be more efficient, less time-consuming, and more cost-effective. These are some of the primary reasons why businesses may choose to include arbitration clauses in their agreements. Arbitration is different from other types of dispute resolutions as the arbitrator is selected by the parties. Unlike mediation

  • Essay On Arbitration Agreement

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    BINDING THIRD PARTIES TO ARBITRATION: IS THE CORNERSTONE OF ARBITRATION “Consent” – ACTUALLY CORNERED? Like consummated romance, arbitration rests on consent. CHAPTER I: INTRODUCTION Ordinarily, “a party cannot be required to submit to arbitration any dispute which he has not agreed so to submit.” Consent has long been the foundation of arbitration , giving the process legitimacy and informing decisions about its nature and structure. In corollary, the powers which vest in the arbitrators find

  • Arbitration Act Essay

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    This report is set to outline and highlight key developments in a very important piece of law “Federal Arbitration Act” which is also commonly known as FAA. In order to look at the FAA in detail which was developed in late 1925, first let’s see what the word Arbitration mean. In simple words, Arbitration is known be to a very informal, private and isolated process in which all participating parties agree to hand in their disputes and problems in writing to one or more independent parties who are

  • Mandatory Arbitration Essay

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    Mandatory Arbitration Infringes on the Rights of the Consumers Barbara Kate Repa, a lawyer and journalist, defines arbitration as "... essentially, a contractual term that is included in a wide variety of agreements between two or more parties. This clause demands that any disputes that arise between these parties out of contracts or transactions be settled through an arbitration proceeding"(1) Arbitration is a form of ADR, Alternative Dispute Resolution, that is an alternaitve to a trial by

  • Arbitration Case Study

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    Arbitration is an alternative to litigation between two parties in dispute. This method of dispute resolution is used by opposing parties outside a court of law. In Arbitration, both parties agree to a neutral panel, called an arbitration, who hears their dispute and decide the outcome. Arbitration uses an adversarial system much like litigation and offers a binding decision from the partly of their choice. Organizations in a Collective Agreement benefit by using arbitration instead of litigation

  • Examples Of Mediation And Arbitration

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    This essay analysis Alternative Dispute Law and more specific mediation and arbitration sections. Mediation and Arbitration is part of Alternative Dispute resolution. In first part I will try explain the term without prejudice and its legal implications in the case of Unilever plc v The Procter & Gamble Co - [2001] 1 All ER 783. In the judgment of Robert Walker LJ in Unilever plc v The Procter & Gamble Co [2000] 1 WLR 2436 was described the most important exceptions to the without prejudice rule

  • Importance Of International Commercial Arbitration

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    International commercial arbitration: a comparative study of the London Court of International Arbitration and International Chamber of Commerce. Introduction Arbitration as a dispute resolution method is used in international relations between states and governed by the rules of Public International Law. My concern in this essay is the Arbitration in International Commercial Contracts governed by the Private Law between individuals or entities dealing in commercial matters. However, I will limit

  • International Commercial Arbitration Essay

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    1.0 Introduction The research explores international commercial arbitration with the objective of understanding its global overview, commercial arbitration approach in Islam, and specifically in Saudi Arabia. International commercial arbitration is used to resolve disputes arising due to international commercial contracts. Most of the cases include those transactions that take place between private parties across international borders which allows people to avoid litigation in courts. There are

  • Conclusion Of International Arbitration

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    Conclusion The International arbitration is a private and effective method to resolve disputes. And it is an alternative dispute resolution method (ADR), in general, voluntarily chosen by the parties. Nowadays, it tends to be the preferred means for settling disputes within the international business community. This research has presented what being an international commercial arbitration comes to finding a solution about the commercial disputes that arise between the parties of their international

  • Differences Between Arbitration And Mediation

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    Arbitration is an alternative that should be considered to resolve disputes between two parties. The arbitrator will weigh the facts and arguments presented from both sides and decide or settle the dispute.  What if one side would rather go to court? One may wonder why it matters where claims are heard as long as they are heard somewhere. Why would an employee prefer a court of law to an arbitration proceeding?  Perhaps the most important reason one would seek court is that in arbitration your argument

  • Arbitration Case: Discharge Of Peter Seichek

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    Arbitration Case: Discharge of Peter Seichek Closing Statement Mr. Arbitrator, the termination of the employment of Mr. Seichek, by the Wheelwright Corporation, was for his "sleeping on the job". Lets examine this stated reason - in the light of the evidence provided by witness testimony and contained within Mr. Seichek's personnel record. 1) Mr. Holloday testified that he and Mr. White, the third shift supervisor, observed Mr. Seichek, wearing his welding hood, sitting or leaning against the

  • A critical review of the major opposing views on arbitration & industrial relations

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    on arbitration and industrial relations, with particular attention to how government regulation and intervention relate to the changes made to the system after 1996. The major focus of this brief paper will be to demonstrate that Howard’s industrial relations policies resemble those of the late 1800’s, where the Master and Servant Act’s regulated the relationships between employer and employee. These were replaced with the introduction of the Commonwealth Court of Conciliation and Arbitration (1904-1921)

  • lex mercatoria

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    (Substantive law/Proper Law) Section 24 of the Arbitration Act No. 11 of 1995, converses the law applicable to substance of the dispute. Accordingly the applicable law would be either the law which is designated by the parties to the contract exercising the rights of party autonomy or failing such designation, the law determined by the conflict of laws rules which it considers applicable or considerations of general justice and fairness or trade usages. Arbitration does not exist in a vacuum but with in

  • Essay On ADR In IPR

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    from attempts to resolve them through alternate methods of dispute resolution. However, parties have gradually begun to acknowledge the advantages that ADR has, over expensive and drawn-out battles in court. They also recognise that resorting to arbitration or mediation is more suitable to the very nature of the contentious issues in IPR disputes. The use of ADR to resolve intellectual property conflicts is a subject that “lies at the intersection of two rapidly growing branches of law.” The vast majority