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  • Texas

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    Texas, one of the West South Central states of the United States. It borders Mexico on the southwest and the Gulf of Mexico on the southeast. To the west is New Mexico, to the north and northeast lie Oklahoma and Arkansas, and Louisiana bounds Texas on the east. Austin is the capital of Texas. Houston is the largest city. Texas is the size of Ohio, Indiana, and all the New England and Middle Atlantic states combined, and its vast area encompasses forests, mountains, deserts and dry plains, and a

  • Personal Justice and Homicide in Scott’s Ivanhoe:

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    Personal Justice and Homicide in Scott’s Ivanhoe Abstract: Scott’s Ivanhoe reveals a conflict between our innate concept of justice as personal justice and the impersonal justice which is imposed on us by the modern nation-state. This conflict causes the split between the proper hero, who affirms the order of impersonal justice, and the dark hero, who acts according to personal justice, in Scott’s work. In Evolution and Literary Theory, Joseph Carroll provides a paradigm for the integration

  • The Future of Open Source

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    A system without a display, for example, could discourage the development of graphical applications, or if it were difficult for several people to interact with the same application this could discourage some educational uses. Moreover, Fano noted that after a system starts to develop in a particular direction, work in this direction is preferred and it accelerates the development in this direction. As a result, “the inherent characteristics of a time-sharing system may well have long-lasting effects