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  • Anton Chekhov

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    “Wisdom.... comes not from age, but from education and learning” (Good Reads”). Through his extensive life of knowledge and perseverance, Anton Chekhov is not only considered one of the most recognized Russian playwrights, but also the master of the modern short story. He is a literary genius who hides secret motives within his characters. In his literature, Chekhov describes Russian life during the time period he grew up in. Towards the later years in his life, Chekhov stopped producing short stories

  • Anton Mosimann

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    Future of Mosimann`s Anton Mosimann celebrates his 60th Birthday Page 7: My Findings Page 8: Picture of Mosimann`s Page 9: Research and References Let me begin my presentation with Anton Mosimann’s philosophy: "Nothing comes solely by chance". Chicken should taste like chicken and fish like fish. That's vital. So many people try to overpower good produce. Keep it simple. Our profession is one where you must give and be happy with it." Anton’s Early Days Anton Mosimann was born

  • Anton Chekhov

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    Have you ever heard of a doctor who wrote plays? Well now you have, Anton Chekhov. Anton Chekhov lived in Moscow, Russia around 1898. 1898 Moscow revolved around Anton Chekhov, who brought theatre fame to Russia. 1898 was home to a lot historical events, theatre information, and Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard. Around 1898 there were many remarkable events, Russia’s most remarkable event was the first congress. Russia’s first congress was named RSDLP (Dietrich 140). At Russia’s first congress

  • Anton Chekhov Biography

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    Anton Chekhov was a man and author who overcame many obstacles during the course of his life. His contributions to literature were immense, but it came only through hard work and many failed attempts that he became the great author he is known as today. He was the poster-boy for art mimicking life. What Chekhov experienced and learned through his past was revealed through his writing. This was especially true for his plays, in particularly The Cherry Orchard. Anton Chekhov was born on January 17

  • The Darling by Anton Chekhov

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    In “The Darling”, Anton Chekhov pairs a critical narrator with a static, one-dimensional main character to make a point about women in 19th century Russian society. He portrays Olenka as a woman who acquires her self-identity and sense of self-worth by making her current husband’s ideas her own, and he uses a narrator who continually criticizes Olenka for not having a thought on her own. Chekhov implies that truly interesting women achieve social and intellectual equality to men. The story’s main

  • Anton Chekhov Biography

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    Russian writers and artists were dragged from the ranks of nobility. But one, Anton Chekhov, was the exception. Though he lived to be a figure of prestige and wealth, well among the few, fortunate and hated Russian beorgousie, Chekov possessed a background of humble origins. It was for this reason that the legacy of Chekov was fully annexed into the new age of Russian culture as it did so flourish in the age before. Anton Chekov was born in 1860 , the third among six children to a lower middle-class

  • Analysis Of Anton Nel

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    The concert I attended was performed by a solo concert performer named Anton Nel. The date of the performance was October 8th, 2017 at 4:00 PM. The concert lasted about an hour thirty minutes and was located at Rainey Hall in Jessen Auditorium. The performer Anton Nel was a middle aged man while the audience who came to see him perform was generally middle-aged to elderly. The performer Nel is a very well known pianist who has taken his talents to several areas across the globe including Europe and

  • The Symphonies Of Anton Bruckner

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    Introduction The symphonies of Anton Bruckner have been known to be majestically spiritual having ‘cathedrals in sound’. Giving a brief background of the musician and composer, Anton Bruckner was born in Ansfelden. Anton’s father was a school master who did not want that his son be a musician. However, against his father’s will, Anton studied music at St. Florian monastery and became an organ player in the year 1851. Anton was much impressed by the music of Richard Wagner and extensively studied

  • Anton Chekhov's The Bet

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    Though Anton Chekhov's "The Bet" was written in a different country at a different time, it portrays a timeless theme; greed is a crippling trait of mankind. This message can be seen through the author's use of characterization of both the lawyer and the banker. The banker was a static character; he was greedy from start to finish. The lawyer was a dynamic character and he saw the wrong in his ways and changed them in the end. The author portrayed the banker as a foolish and greedy man, and since

  • Sir Anton Dolin

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    Sir Anton Dolin Dancer and choreographer Anton Dolin has been called “one of the most colorful and vital figures in modern ballet.” As a member of internationally known ballet companies or as director of his own troupes, this British-born artist has toured Europe and America for the past twenty years. Anton Dolin, originally Patrick Healey-Kay, was born on July 27, 1904, in Slinfold, Sussex, England. He is one of the three sons of George Henry and Helen Maude (Healey) Kay. When he was ten years of