Early America

Everyone always talks about the early America, how it started the thinking of people today. Throughout this report you will understand more about early America.
People always say America is a land of beginnings, well after Europeans discovered America, the New World became peoples hope for a new life. They tried to escape from poverty and just to start over. So we know that America started with hope but does the American writers?
In order for something to begin there needs to have experiences. So the writers looked back on American history. They even had to go as far as before Christopher Columbus, and even before the year 1000. At that time the Native Americans lived here. They each had a tribe and their writings were very personal to how they lived their life and how they knew of America. They also had to think about all their fears and even the excitement in life itself. Some of the people lived and died horrible lives so the ones that survived it told others all about it. Some unforgettable and some hard to even believe, but that's how the people of the early America lived.
The New World had lots of experiences for the new writers to tell. Some of the new writers included John Smith; he only spent two in a half years in America. Jonathan Edward's, he thought that a revolution would create a world of literature. He was the first major writer to be educated and lived his whole life in the New World. When he was eleven he wrote science essays on insects. Then when he was thirteen we went to Yale for religious experience. He wrote Sinners in the Hands of an angry God and still is one of the most famous literary monuments to the "great Awakenings" The first book published in America was the Bay Psalm Book; it was a translation of the biblical psalms. Many of the puritans kept journals to help they with their relationship with god. The journals and diaries were usually meant to be private. But somehow they got out to the public. Even when it did get out to the public the puritans said that none of it had ever happened. They did not write to entertain the public they wrote for themselves, and for God. They wrote no fiction, and they didn't even want to read it.
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