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  • Gilligan’s Perception of Morality in An American Story

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    Gilligan’s Perception of Morality in An American Story Though individuals live by and react similarly to various situations, not all people have the same morals. I can relate to instances where I have supported a belief, regardless of the criticisms that arise, all because my choice is based upon personal morals. The same can be said regarding Debra J. Dickerson as she expresses in her novel, An American Story. In Carol Gilligan’s “Concepts of Self and Morality,” she states, “The moral person

  • American Indian Stories

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    In American Indian Stories, University of Nebraska Press Lincoln and London edition, the author, Zitkala-Sa, tries to tell stories that depicted life growing up on a reservation. Her stories showed how Native Americans reacted to the white man’s ways of running the land and changing the life of Indians. “Zitkala-Sa was one of the early Indian writers to record tribal legends and tales from oral tradition” (back cover) is a great way to show that the author’s stories were based upon actual events

  • American Indian Stories

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    as we drove in, our vehicles were bombarded with fireworks. I could never really grasp why we were so despised. After all, our intentions were commendable. The matter became clearer after I read Zitkala-sa’s “American Indian Stories';. Within this text, a Native American expresses her beliefs that actions similar to ours serve merely in altering culture. The main character’s civilization had religious beliefs long before the white man presented his ideas. Essentially, the Sioux religion

  • The Godfather: An American Dream Story

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    The Godfather: An American Dream Story The Godfather is the “dark-side of the American dream story” (Turan, pp2). The film follows the practices of a fictional Italian mafia family, the Corleone’s. Though most Americans do not condone the practices of the Italian mafia, they cannot deny that Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather is a cinematic masterpiece. This film gave insight to a mysterious way of life that the average person does not have knowledge of. As the audience is educated about

  • Short Story Dee-Vastating On African American

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    Dee-vastating The short story everyday use portrays a story about an African American family and the return of the family’s eldest daughter, Dee. Upon arrival back at her childhood home Dee has strolled in with an African man and a newly revealed interest in her family heritage. This is shown in the beautiful African dress dee wears and the changing of dee name to a much more historically correct name. This was just the beginning and the true point that started the tension was when Dee asked about

  • American Horror Story Analysis

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    American Horror Story was created by Ryan Murphy. The series, which is still airing to this day, aired on October 5, 2011. This series uses crude comedy that is full of adult innuendos. In each season, the viewer experiences a different theme and setting. The first season is centered on a man, his wife, and their home. The second season is centered on an insane asylum and its patients. The third season is centered on a coven of witches in New Orleans. The fourth season is centered on a circus. The

  • Asian Americans: Telling Their Own Stories

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    U.S. media history has been plagued with limited representations of Asians and Asian Americans. Specifically Asian American female roles have been limited to stereotypes such as the Lotus Blossom/Madame Butterfly and the dragon lady. The Lotus Blossom and the Madame Butterfly stereotypes are seen as being sexually attractive, alluring, passive and obedient. On the other hand the Dragon Lady is seen as sexualized, sinister and conniving. These stereotypical representations of Asian females are what

  • Turtle Story In African American Analysis

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    Rabbit and Turtle Story in African American and Arabic Multiple nations have folktales as well as songs in their history such as Arabic, African, Australian, and European. So, folktales are widespread surrounding the world. Some folktales are for kids to have a good wisdom helping their parents to grow up them. Some of them are for adult to take a wisdom to make a control in their life or to see the best to live. Some folktales are created by senior people to give a lesson for their sons. Some

  • The Ugly American: A Fictional Story with a Nonfictional Message

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    The Authors of The Ugly American, William J. Lederer and Eugene Burdick, wrote a fictional story, with fictional characters about a fictional country. The only thing that was not fictional was the message that they were trying to convey about what was wrong with America’s foreign policy. It is not a coincidence that their message directly correlates to the Special Operations (SO) Imperatives. I will discuss specific characters in The Ugly American and how their actions did or didn’t mirror those

  • Native American Folk Story Essay

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    Stories among Native Americans. The smoke floats through the air and surrounds the village people. The eyes of everyone is on the village elder and no one speaks a word. This is a time for sharing the great history that the new generation must learn. Without written langue history and important lessons are spoken to the children of Native American villages. These stories’ hold a special meaning to the children as they are all they know about their ancestors. Often these stories have elements of mystical

  • Zitkala-Sa's Native American Stories

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    Gansworth shows evidence of the school's policy to "kill the native" destroying any pride in the students' native cultures and instilling a perceived superior white culture in the students. In Native American Stories Zitkala-sa writes about some of her experiences at the Carlisle school recounting most notably an "opium-eater holding a position as a teacher." Zitkala-sa goes on to describe the aforementioned teacher saying, "I find it hard to count that white man a teacher who tortured an ambitious

  • Unjust Internment: The Story of Japanese-Americans

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    December 7th, 1941, the American naval base of Pearl Harbor was attacked by thousands of Japanese bomber planes. After over 2,000 were killed, the United States knew action had to be taken. However, these actions included the rounding up of around 110,000 Japanese-Americans and putting them into internment camps. While basic needs were provided in the internment camps, these Japanese-Americans lost pets, valuable possessions, and even their houses.The internment of Japanese Americans was not justified

  • American Culture, Wealth, and Similar Themes in The Great Gatsby, The Story of an Hour and Orientation

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    about the positive view Americans had or have towards money and wealth. Fitzgerald says that the power we give it by glorifying it may cause some negative things such as the ability to play with the faith of many. . In the short stories, “Story of an Hour” and “Orientation,” the situations the main characters are placed into, and how they react to the situation, prove the American culture’s emphasis on superficial appearances rather than on truth. Although those stories are different, they both

  • Essay About The Native American Creation Story

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    Native American stories about the creation of the world and human beings different tribes. There are so many and they all vary. Some have goddesses and gods, spirit being, animals and mystical creatures. They are all very interesting and tell us a little bit about the tribes. The Cherokee tribe has an interesting creation story. In “Native American Legends” animals came first, already living in the sky. They became curious with what was below and began to discover water and land. With in no specific

  • In American Indian Stories, Legends, And Other Writings In Zitkala

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    that was completely foreign and unjust to her. And this new way of life that the white settlers imposed on their home land made it extremely difficult for Native Americans to thrive and continue with their own culture. In Zitkala’s book American Indian Stories, Legends, and Other Writings, she uses traditional and personal Native stories to help shape her activism towards equality amongst these new settlers. Zitkala’s main life goal was to liberate her people and help

  • The Culture of and Prejudice Against African Americans as Depicted in Gwendolyn Brooks' Poetry and Stories

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    African Americans have seen and been through it all. Author and renowned poet Gwendolyn Elizabeth Brooks discuses and describes many of the cruel and unfair treatment that African Americans have faced throughout our civilization. Brooks’ not only speaks on the racial prejudice of African Americans, but she also discusses the heartaches, the life, and the growth of African Americans as a people. Brooks’ poetry and stories are very similar to her own experience growing up as an African American woman

  • Racism In American Horror Story

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    Darkness is often associated with evil, monsters, violence and the ugliness that exists in the world; this is problematic when it becomes linked to the representation of black individuals in pop culture. When looking at American Horror Story from a distance it is about a dysfunctional white family who moved into a place referred to as the Murder House, where the previous 20 white residents were murdered and live as ghosts. This becomes a problem with the portrayal of the security guard Luke, who

  • The American Evangelical Story Sparknotes

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    The American Evangelical Story: A History of the Movement, by Douglas A. Sweeney. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2005. 208 pages. Reviewed by Susan L. Schulte. Introduction Evangelicalism by its very nature is hard to define. In fact, Douglas Sweeney, Chair of the Church History and the History of Christian Thought Department at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School states, “precious little consensus exists among those who have tried to describe the evangelical movement.” Nevertheless, Sweeney does

  • Elements of Fantasy in Catwings Return

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    Although it is a children's book, Ursula Le Guin's short story "Catwings Return" is a perfect example of the Fantastical genre. Published in 1989, "Catwings Return" has some elements similar to those found in Magical Realism, but the story mostly has elements of Fantasy in it. By examining the American story "Catwings Return," a reader will be able to see the similarities and differences between Magical Realism and Fantasy. In order to have some characteristics similar to those in Magical

  • The American Dream Short Story

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    The heat was overwhelming, as Edward was standing in between hundreds of families wishing to accomplish the “American Dream.” As him and his wife, Maggie, wondered what their future would hold, they were stuck on a gigantic ship for months waiting for their moment to arrive. With this so called “American Dream,” there were obstacles that got in their way. Edward and Maggie had no idea what they were getting themselves into once they stepped on to the ship. Their adventure started on a boat full of