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  • Maintaining the American Lifestyle

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    The American lifestyle is a difficult obsession to maintain, our focus and need for material items is very stressful on the government. The government has to do a lot of lying and exaggerating to keep the American standard of living attainable. People do not realize that a lot of their material items (i.e. oil) come from overseas. The way American officials choose to obtain this oil is through military force and strong attempts to control the world. When citizens see the country this way they get

  • American Colony Lifestyles

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    So close yet so far The lifestyle in the three American colonies sections, varied dramatically, the most obvious was the difference between the New England and the Southern colonies. The New England colonies varied in many ways from the southern colonies, the most obvious were the motives for the founders, the political and social beliefs, and economic differences. The New England colonies were much more interested in starting a new way of life for the generations to come, the Southern colonies

  • Impact of the American Lifestyle on the Planet

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    the American Lifestyle on the Planet Haven’t you heard this BIG news? Maybe you haven’t, perhaps distracted by recent headlines surrounding the war or Santa Claus. Well, only last week more definitive evidence came forth which demonstrates that bigfoot does exist. It is we. Yes, those of us in the United States, on average, have the biggest feet on the planet. Surprised? I am not writing here about shoe size—the literal interpretation—but rather the individual impact that our lifestyles have

  • Unhealthy Lifestyle of American Citizens

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    Mckenzie, Pinger, and Kotecki, is “an unexpectedly large number of cases of an illness, specific health-related behavior, or other health related event.” Diabetes, heart disease and cancer are all forms of lifestyle diseases, and each of these diseases of the human body can be caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices, particularly affecting those who are overweight or obese. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, obesity is defined as a condition characterized by the excessive accumulation and storage

  • Ego to Elite: The American Lifestyle

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    America holds a high status in the modern world, and it is true that Americans are responsible for some of the world’s greatest innovations. However, our current leaders instill a certain viewpoint that creates misunderstandings about our culture on an international scale. The American lifestyle is fast-paced and hard-hitting: we are proud of our reputation for that. Many of our national ideals stem for a national pride and this behavior may seem off-putting to other nations across the world. This

  • Obese Americans and the Return of Lifestyle Nazis

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    Obese Americans and the Return of Lifestyle Nazis "We are not doing the same kind of things with obesity that we have done with smoking and alcohol as far as the government isconcerned. It's got to be like smoking, a constant drumbeat." That's former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, appearing on CNN, January 11, 2000, calling for the nation's lifestyle Nazis to attack fat people as they attacked smokers. Lifestyle Nazis aren't settling on just obesity, they're targeting meat consumption.

  • Mexican American Culture Lifestyle Factors

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    cultures discussed in this essay are Mexican Americans and Filipino Americans. Although the Sumner School District, where I work, is not highly diverse, these two minorities are represented to some degree in most of the schools. Among the important factors that influence one’s cultural identity and are discussed in this essay are: language, socioeconomics, traditions, immigration, religion, and the family organization. Mexican American Culture Lifestyle Factors

  • The Truth to the Puritanism Lifestyle in American Literature

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    The Truth to the Puritanism Lifestyle in American Literature There are many suspicions about weather Puritanism is accurately depicted in books. This should clear things up a bit. The depiction of the puritan life style in American Literature is in some ways inaccurate but it is mostly accurate. The Puritans' were very religious but their family and social traditions were vaguely addressed. In literature such as The Scarlet Letter, The Crucible, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God", "The Devil

  • American Culture and Lifestyle During The Great Depression

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    The Great Depression was one of the most important historical events that has happened within the last century that impacted every Americans life one way or another. There were many factors that could be an explanation of why The Great Depression happened, but there is no one definitive list of the reasons of what caused The Great Depression. It was a mixture of events in the United States and outside of it that probably led to this period of time to happen. The main reason that everyone could agree

  • Racism In Victor Fleming's Gone With The Wind

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    century. While Gone With The Wind serves as a time capsule for southern lifestyle in the antebellum period, the film’s narrative delivers a great deal of social and political implications toward the 19th and 20th century. When first released in 1939, the film was a major turning point in the motion-picture industry; Audiences were dazzled by both the grand scale of the film, and its portrayal and idolization of the American lifestyle in the South. But while the film’s commercial success secured its categorization