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  • The American Film Industry

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    The American Film Industry Why is the Film Industry one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world? Simple. People like entertainment. Movies are entertainment. Movies are like books, only they're visual. People like seeing other people cast in roles, and playing out a story. Why not turn to plays instead, you ask? Movies give people the actors and the stories, along with background music, special effects, and overall satisfaction within a 2 hour period of time. Movies can also

  • American Food Industry

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    we tend to forget the food industry. You may be questioning what do the food industry have to do with natural disasters, but just think about the word processed food and obesity and how they changed the outlook on American society. After watching the short video series " How the food industry is deceiving you" which broadcasted on ABC and was narrated by Peter Jennings, I found myself in awe and pure disbelief just from hearing how today's government and food industry changed the lifestyle of America

  • American Auto Industry

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    The automotive sector is a major industry in America. The invention of the automobile in the late 1800’s revolutionized transportation. It wasn’t till Henry Ford in 1903 with his Ford Motor company, was the automobile made available to everyday Americans. Ford’s invention of the assembly line brought the automobile sector into a large industry in America’s economy. According to Veronica Franco of Market Research stated that in 2010 the auto industry had a global value of $728.3 billion. He projects

  • The American Airline Industry

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    The American Airline Industry The Airline Industry is a highly competitive industry with companies operating in domestic and/or international markets. Many airlines are stilled owned by their respective countries and have treaties between countries to allow airlines to land there. The industry has been taking a relatively shaky course as costs are rising and profits have been decreasing. This was further intensified with the recent terrorist attacks on US soil, which lead to higher costs

  • The Automobile Industry: The Development Of The American Auto Industry

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    The development of the American Auto Industry took place over many, many years, starting with Mr. Henry Ford building the first car in 1896. The industry has evolved, to what it is today and represents approximately 10% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). According to the Bureau of Labour and Statistics, ‘the automotive industry includes industries associated with the production, wholesaling, retailing & maintenance of motor vehicles’. These industries are industries that have a tremendous

  • Environmental Challenges Of The American Auto Industry

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    The American Auto Industry which began in the 1890s has over the years thrived since the early 1900s.This is as a result of the increase in the market share of most American auto companies around the globe. The auto industry which began with hundreds of manufacturers was dominated by the three larger companies: General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler by the end of the 1920s. Henry Ford innovated mass- production techniques that became the standard adopted by the three big auto companies in America. By

  • American Automobile Industry Case Study

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    BUS 1101 WRITTEN ASSIGN UNIT 5. ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGES FACING THE AMERICA AUTO INDUSTRY American automobile industry has striven through the years with excellence and great dominance both in America and in the global market. The history of it global dominance could be attributed to many factors which include global acceptance of American cars and brand superiority. However, American automobile industry has not strived without major challenges that include: political, global competition, technological

  • Environmental Challenges Of The American Auto Industry

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    Environmental Challenges of the American Auto Industry Since it rose in the 1900s, the American auto industry has been one of the leading industries in the US, and has flourished and matured over time. Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler became the biggest names in the industry, and their mass produced automobiles turned into the primary way that Americans get from place to place. In fact, from my experience, the automotive culture is still more active in the US than any other country I've been to

  • North American and European Airline Industry

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    North American and European Airline Industry INTRODUCTION The Airline industry is one of the world’s largest industries generating over $300 billion in revenues in 2001 alone and additionally has the second highest industrial growth rate, after the computer industry, with typical growth rates of 3-5% per annum over the last 20 years (Humphreys, 2003; BA Fact book, 2002). For the purpose of this assignment, freight/cargo airline activities will not be considered as freight travel consists

  • Environmental Challenges Faced By The American Auto Industry

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    Environmental Challenges Faced by the American Auto Industry The existence of the automobiles began in France by creating a three-wheeler which was powered by steam and also an internal combustion engine powered by gasoline was also created in Belgian, Germany (Gale, 2003). Afterwards many countries like the United States of America has also been involved in the development and creation of automobile parts which in essence has help the growth of the automotive industry grow bigger and bigger. The existence

  • A Very Brief History of the American Automotive Industry

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    skilled blacksmiths, and were very expensive. There were only about 4,000 cars produced from the 1890’s to mid 1900’s (Bellis). In the 1920’s the United States economy was booming, and a famous man by the man of Henry Ford came along and had an industry changing idea. He set up the first production line style for producing automobiles. Each assembly line worker had one or two specific tasks to complete on the cars that came through. The process began with a skeleton on the car, and as it went down

  • Minstrelsy in the American Film Industry

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    The minstrel show is considered by many as the first American form of musical theatre (Bordman, 2010). However, the tradition of minstrelsy, in various forms, dates back to well before Thomas Dartmouth Rice first jumped Jim Crow. In the sixteenth and seventeenth century, it was common for actors to darken their faces for dramatic effect, as illustrated by Shakespeare’s Othello (Strausbaugh, 2010). It could be said that minstrelsy continues to be alive and well today, in the form of reality television

  • Environmental Challenges Facing The American Auto Industry Case Study

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    Written assignment Unit 5 Term 2 BUS1101( 16.12.2015) Environmental challenges facing the American auto industry. Transportation is one of the basic necessities of human civilization. If there is no transportation on land, sea, or air, there may not be communication between human beings on this planet. But there are also side effects of transportation, which includes pollution. Pollution means the harmful wastes produced by humans which damage our environment in many ways. The fast population

  • Stereotypes Of African Americans In The Film Industry

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    African Americans are thugs and people that do not work. A lot of them have successful careers and have put in the time and effort to have good work ethic and be good people. African Americans have had a difficult history in the American film industry. During the early 20th century of filmmaking, blacks were stereotyped as not worthy of being in films, and they were only certain types of characters such as servants, mammies, and butlers. From several decades of filmmaking, African Americans have been

  • Native American Exploitation In The Fashion Industry

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    Native American Exploitation in the Fashion Industry Walking into Kmart, I roam through the decorative aisles in search of a cheap Halloween costume. As I am rummaging through all the apparel, I come across a costume I am not as appalled to see anymore. It is a sad and shameful women’s costume that attempts to portray a “Charming Indian,” or so it says. The woman is dressed in a cheaply-made, beige, velveteen low cut dress, with dark brown fringes running along its rim. Her hair is in two braids

  • American Film Industry

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    The American film industry has become the most dominant over all other national cinemas. Millions of people now watch feature films all over the world but there is, and always has been one prevailing place where the films originate and this is the ‘cinema of the United States of America’ better known as Hollywood. This essay will explain how Hollywood has become the dominant force over all the other national cinemas in relation to historical factors which have affected the high quality of the films

  • Robber Barons

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    The Robber Barons, as they were called, were the kings of American Industry and American Society during the late 1800's and early 1900's. Rich beyond the average man's wildest dreams, these industrialists were often criticized for their philosophies and their ways of making money. Robber Barons can also be viewed as immoral, greedy, and corrupt, and the evidence to support such a view is not difficult to find. Bribery, illegal business practices, and cruelty to workers were not uncommon in this period

  • Anime on TV

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    Anime on TV Since the birth of Anime, the American television market has been a player in the industry. When Tetsuan Atom made its debut in 1963 as the dream of a humble comic book artist, few would have guessed the impact it would have on the world of entertainment and the economy of Japan. Discovered by a NBC executives in Japan selling shows for syndication, Astro Boy as it came to be known in the states, started a revolution in Japanese entertainment and giving America, and the world, its


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    many companies. Brilliant Minds of Frank and Lillian Gilbreth Frank Gilbreth was born on July 7, 1868 in Fairfield, Maine. Lillian Gilbreth was born on June 24, 1924 in Montclair, New Jersey. The Gilbreths' are considered two of the greatest American scholars in the field of scientific management. Many professional business managers use many of their writings. Many of their writings include The Psychology of Management, Fatigue Study, Motion Study for the Handicapped, Applied Motion Study, Motion

  • Henry

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    Henry Ford was the founder of the Ford Motor Company, and the driving force behind the firm and its products, who made an extraordinary impact on the American industry. Henry made many accomplishments, which include the Quadricycle and the Model-T car. As a young kid Henry was really into the mechanical industry, which helped him in life to develop all of the cars that he created during his years at the head of Ford and as he worked in his younger days at a Detroit factory. (2:23) Also when Henry