American Epidemic Essays

  • Affluenza: An American Epidemic

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    Affluenza is an epidemic which effects millions of people in the United States. “Until this century [20th], to consume was considered a bad thing” says Jeremy Rifkin an expert on affluenza ( Gross ). The victims of affluenza are consumers who work long hours at a job they hate so they can buy things which they don’t need ( Fight Club ). Like AIDS, affluenza has spread quickly throughout the United States showing no prejudice of race, sex or color. However, unlike AIDS, affluenza is

  • Diabetes an Epidemic in the African American Community

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    Diabetes an Epidemic in the African American Community "The facts are clear: The diabetes epidemic sweeping the U.S. is hitting the African American community particularly hard, according to doctors." (2) Diabetes is defined as, "A disease that affects the body's ability to produce or respond to insulin, a hormone that allows blood glucose (blood sugar) to enter the cells of the body and be used for energy." (1) There are two types of diabetes: type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes

  • American History X and the Epidemic of Youth Violence

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    American History X and the Epidemic of Youth Violence Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, But now am found, Was blind but now I see. --Shaker hymn James Garbarino (1999) discusses the boys who are lost and ways that they can learn to see again in his book Lost Boys: Why Our Sons Turn Violent and How We Can Save Them. He takes an in depth look at what he calls the "epidemic of youth violence" in America in order to determine its causes and origins

  • Diabetes and Native Americans: A Cultural Epidemic

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    people of Native American origin. Food, language, and traditions are three big components that define the Native American culture, but could alterations to the very components that define these indigenous people also be contributing to their demise? Many factors have contributed to the declining health of Native Americans, but most notably, changes in eating habits and inactive lifestyles are the two of the main culprits leading to the high diabetes rates among the Native American population. According

  • The Silent Killer of African Americans: The Epidemic of HIV/AIDS

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    The epidemic of HIV/AIDS has been a repeat offender in the deaths of many people worldwide, African Americans, specifically, have been disproportionately impacted by this virus since it was first discovered in the early 1980s. Despite African Americans only being accountable for a small portion of the total U.S. population, they are the ethnic group most greatly affected by this virus. The HIV and AIDS epidemic does not simply target African American males, but over the years has grown to greatly

  • The American Obesity Epidemic

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    Why are Americans getting bigger by the day? And what's so bad about that anyway? Studies have shown that there are many negative effects associated with obesity. Obesity has been accused of contributing to many long-term conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, diabetes and cancer (Pennybacker 15). Along with the fact that obesity is the most common form of malnutrition in the Western world, it also affects sixty-four percent of Americans (Pennybacker

  • Pornography -- An Epidemic?

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    Pornography -- An Epidemic? The subtopic being examined in this segment of pornography as a whole, is that of violent pornography. In order to understand what is going to be discussed and the examples that will be cited, one must understand the context of violent pornography in relation to Pornography as a whole. But as this section will conclude, it is actually the widespread viewing of pornography as represented through the media, which leads to violent actions. To begin with, the words violence

  • Infectious Disease Epidemics

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    disease is handled. Epidemics have altered history in how they have developed and the impact that they have had. In turn, epidemic management has been influenced by history and governments as humans have learned to cope with outbreaks and the social and political implications that result from them. Today, biomedical engineers, politicians, historians and social scientists are leading the battle in an attempt to understand and combat infectious diseases. This report will explore epidemic management and

  • Ethics and the Cheating Epidemic

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    Ethics and the Current Cheating Epidemic There is an epidemic of cheating in American universities. Students are finding easier and more efficient ways to cheat. Morals and morality are changing. Students, members of the younger generation, and teachers, members of the older generation, differ on what is cheating. Morality even differs amongst students. Some students still adhere to the traditional sense of morality, and find what other students do an abhorration of morality. This essay is a

  • Plagues And Peoples Chapter Summary

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    Peoples. He looks at the history of the world from an ecological point of view. From this viewpoint the history of human civilization is greatly impacted by changing patterns of epidemic infection. Plagues and Peoples suggests that "the time scale of world history...should [be] viewed [through] the "domestication" of epidemic disease that occurred between 1300 and 1700" (page 232). "Domestication" is perceived "as a fundamental breakthrough, directly resulting from the two great transportation revolutions

  • The Grade Inflation Epidemic

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    The Grade Inflation Epidemic It's June, and another graduating class is hoping, among other things, to achieve high grades. Of course, "high" is a subjective target. Originally a "C" meant average; today however, the expectations and pressures to give and receive "A's" and "B's" takes its toll on teachers and students alike. This nullifies the value of the traditional grading scale and creates a host of entirely new problems. The widespread occurrence of grade inflation seriously affects

  • The Global Epidemic of Cesarean Surgery and the Feminist Movement

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    The Global Epidemic of Cesarean Surgery and the Feminist Movement Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland writes in a 2002 paper she presented to the XVIII European Congress of Perinatal Medicine, “There is an ongoing “epidemic” of cesarean sections in Asia and Latin America. This worldwide fad of obstetrical interventions may have a serious negative health impact on women. In contrast, the low rates observed in Africa reflect a lack of resources more than a consensus of providers. The commercial and litigation

  • Contagion Movie Essay

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    When the viral pandemic emerges, the CDC and the World Health Organization work around the clock to figure out what is affecting the health around the world. Although there have been numerous small epidemics or even a pandemic, there has not been anything as severe as the MEV-1 outbreak in Contagion. So, the WHO and CDC’s actions throughout the film are based upon their actions during smaller outbreaks. Because of this, the movie essentially guesses

  • Epidemics and Pandemics

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    Epidemics and pandemics have been around for centuries and have killed several thousand people. 50,097 people died in 2011 from two harmful epidemics called pneumonia and influenza. Epidemics and pandemics are extremely dangerous and should be taking seriously. But, there are also things that could be done that are and should be being done. A Pandemic is a disease spreads around the world. An epidemic is when a pandemic spreads rapidly. The epidemic and pandemic is a world issue that kills millions

  • Experiencing The Polio Epidemic

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    Experiencing The Polio Epidemic It was in the middle of September; the height of summer and the temperature was somewhere in the high eighties, and under normal circumstances there would be a long line of people, especially kids waiting to dive into the huge indoor pool at the Mission Beach Plunge. However, these were not ordinary times, the only people anywhere near the pool were there to forlornly gaze at the crystal clear water and wonder what deadly monster might be lurking in its depth.

  • The Obesity Epidemic in America

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    where 30.5 percent of adults are considered obese. A world where obesity is killing more people than smoking. What if I told you this world is not in your imagination but is the world we live in today? Where would you turn to seek help for this epidemic? Some say the government should take charge of the situation like in the cases of seatbelt and smoking laws. Others say that it is the responsibility of the private sector. People are responsible for their health, so the government should not be

  • War and Influenza Epidemic

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    A View from the Chelsea Naval Hospital BOSTON, September 12, 1918 Dear Journal, The Great War rages on. An influenza epidemic claims the lives of several Americans. But, the Boston Red Sox have done it again. Last night, in a 2-1 victory over the Chicago Cubs at Fenway Park (thanks to Carl Mays' three-hitter), the Boston Red Sox won their fifth World Series championship--amid death and disease, a reason to live ... Babe Ruth and the 1918 Red Sox. If I die today, at least I lived to see

  • Bullying: The Unaddressed Epidemic in American Schools

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    Approximately 160,000 teens skip school every day because of bullying. 17% of American students report being bullied 2 to 3 times a month or more within a school semester. These numbers are way too high, and schools need to find a way to reduce them. Students who are victimized are not receiving enough help from the people who are supposed to be the most influential people in their

  • Influenza and War

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    bravely face the influenza epidemic onslaught and stand triumphant with minimal fatality. Unfortunately, the influenza epidemic did impact Manchester's social, economic and military life but without detrimental results.... Influenza, the Illness After careful observation by medical specialists around the country, it is established that the present form of influenza is no different from any other form of influenza in English history. Influenza in the epidemic form has visited England previously

  • Typhus Essay

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    include exposure to rat fleas or rat feces. Rickettsia Prowazekii causes both Epidemic Typhus and Brill-Zinsser disease. Brill-Zinsser disease is a far more mild form of Epidemic Typhus. It occurs when the disease re-activates in a person who was previously infected. It is more common in the elderly. Lice and fleas of flying squirrels spread the bacteria. There is no commercially available vaccine against either Endemic or Epidemic typhus. The name given the disease comes from the ancient Greek Typhus meaning