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  • African American Artists

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    expression of her life. Throughout the life of Camille she had many influences leading her into the art world. This paper has the artist going through her life coming up through the world as a student to a teacher then artist, and her works making her a legend. The way she met her husband and worked together to make the Hatch-Billops Collection. In her time as an artist she changed her work a few times. She started doing printmaking then changed to sculpture and film making. Throughout her life is

  • African-American Artists

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    Introduction When I look at the early identification of African-Americans involved in the Visual Arts, I see a small cadre of artists closely aligned to the production of works in the strict tradition of European or English classicism. The rules were clearly defined for the artists, and cultural expression was not the acceptable standard for visual creations produced by early African-American artists. Those few African-Americans had to sublimate their expression and stick closely to what was defined

  • Portrait Of A Collagist By An African American Artist Name Benny Andrews

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    My first piece of artwork that I found interesting is called “Portrait of a Collagist” by an African American artist name Benny Andrews in 1989. His artwork is mainly abstract impressionism and realism and the medium he likes to use and is using in the particular piece is oil and collage on canvas and stands roughly 92inx51in. In this piece his work is abstract and realism, as is most of his pieces. (Source?) In this piece Benny has depicted himself in the artwork creating another piece of artwork

  • Notorious American Artists: Betye Saar

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    Did you know that in 1960, Betye Saar collected pictures of Aunt Jemima, Uncle Tom, and Little Black Sambo including other African American figures in areas that are also invalid with folk culture and advertising? Since, Saar collected pictures from the folk cultures and advertising she also makes many collages including assemblages, changing these into social protest statements. When her great-aunt passed away, Saar started assembling and collecting memorabilia from her family and created her personal

  • African American Artist And The Racial Mountain By Langston Hughes

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    the American community. The North American community was constructed over a lengthy period through migration from various corners of the globe. Anglo-Saxon communities through exploration and search for better lives arrived and settled in America soon to establish productive farms. On the other hand, Africans came to America predominantly through the slave trade and were sold to Anglo-Saxon farm owners. Through this, the unequal relationship between

  • Abstract Expressionism

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    needs need new techniques. And the modern artists have found new ways and new means of making their statements ... the modern painter cannot express this age, the airplane, the atom bomb, the radio, in the old forms of the Renaissance or of any other past culture." Jackson Pollock Rarely has such a massive transfer of influence has ever touched the world as did in the Paris to New York shift of the 1940's and 1950's. All of the characters of American art were to be expelled in a rapid shift

  • Abstract Expressionism

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    abstract expressionism It was a full 170 years after Americans had their political revolution that they won an aesthetic revolution. American art to get rid of its inhibiting mechanisms- provincialism, over-dependence on European sources, and an indifferent public- and liberate itself into a quality and expressive force equal to, or exceeding that of art produced anywhere within the period. Few would argue that the painting and sculpture that emerged from the so-called New York School in the

  • Parental Advisory

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    Parental Advisory On sale now in a music store near you! The following are excerpts of songs from well known American artists that can be purchased. While each of these albums all have a parental advisory label, they in fact can be purchased by any consumer of any age. Let’s hear what they have to say… One of you tries to grab a knife /And during the struggle he accidentally gets his Adam's apple sliced /(No!) /And while this is goin' on /His son just woke up and he just walks in /She panics

  • reggae music

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    vibe with some jazz. So when it was first started in the 1950’s people of all countries could appreciate and enjoy listening to it as it encompassed their music somewhat with a twist to it. Some notable artists in this field were Don Drummond and the Eric Deans Orchestra. They drew from American artists like Duke Ellington and Glen Miller. This was popular in the time of the swing dance, so when people would go out and ska music would go on they would find their partner and do the “ska” which was also

  • Analysis Of Charles Wilson Peale's The Artist In His Museum

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    Everyone perceives the role of the artist, whether it is a teacher, historian, visualizer, or innovator, and their art as something entirely different from the next. Charles Wilson Peale and William Sydney Mount present the profession of an artist as one of a welcoming educator in The Artist in His Museum and The Painter’s Triumph. However, Peale’s depiction of the artist is that of a revealer of history to an upper class audience where as Mount showcases a showman displaying evolved, less traditional

  • Which Comes First: The Art or the Artist?

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    Which Comes First: The Art or the Artist? A Historical Perspective The approach of the year 2000 seems a good time to think about the way the role of art and the artist has changed through history, and how modern art is interpreted by a modern audience. Writing about modern art gives me the creeps. In other types of art, clear facts can be asserted with security, public reactions are clearly documented, skills can be appreciated, and art is clearly recognized as such. Modern art defys all

  • Why An Artist Should Obtain A Degree

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    The world is full of artists who have not been recognized for their work and are unable to make a living with what they want to do, but for for those who put in the time and effort it is possible. In the past, being an artist was a fantastic job and they could easily be recognized if they were good enough, but in the present, it is harder to even build a living wage off of it or gain recognition, but it is possible. The first thing a new artist should do is attend to college for a degree in the arts

  • The Art Of Quilting

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    people see painting and sculptor however, her form of art work was totally different. Quilting is a form of art that most people look over in the industry. I also took into consideration her message behind her work of art which was tradition, African American heritage and freedom. Her most famous piece of art was “Tar Beach” which was chosen for my research. My first thought when looking at the quilt was of black history, faith, and hope for the future and family. It seems that the only way the family

  • Eve Drewlove Exhibitions

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    artworks stand our more. From my first observations I noticed that there were colorful and lots of nature themed paintings. Which made me conclude that the main theme of the exhibition was nature and society. Many of the paintings varied in size and one artist that particular stood out with the largest and most colorful paintings was Eve Drewelove. The biggest section seemed to belong to Drewelove possibly due to her paintings being bigger then most other ones. The majority of her paintings were painted

  • Kiki Smith Research Paper

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    Smith is an American artist who was born on January 18th, 1954 in Nuremberg, Germany. Her father, Tony Smith, was a minimalist sculptor and her mother, Jane Lawrence, was a popular American actress and opera singer. Growing up, Kiki was always interested in art. Starting at a very young age, she worked alongside her father to help him create his sculptures. As she grew up, she was very unsure what she wanted to do with her life. Kiki later stated in an interview, “I became an artist because I didn’t

  • the kill artist

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    Modern Middle East As the Middle East peace negotiations putter along, Daniel Silva's fictional book, The Kill Artist, could not be timelier. The story is a country-hopping cat-and-mouse game between two master assassins, one Palestinian, one Israeli. The story begins with the assassination of an Israeli ambassador in Paris, pulled off by Tariq, a master Palestinian assassin. Rumors of Tariq's plans to disrupt the ongoing peace talks reach Ari Shamron, head of the Mossad, Israel's intelligence

  • Religion and Stephen in Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

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    and Its Effect on Stephen in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Religion is an important and recurring theme in James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.  Through his experiences with religion, Stephen Dedalus both matures and progressively becomes more individualistic as he grows. Though reared in a Catholic school, several key events lead Stephen to throw off the yoke of conformity and choose his own life, the life of an artist. Religion is central to the life of Stephen

  • The Key Elements of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

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    The Key Elements of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man provides an introspective exploration of an Irish Catholic upbringing. To provide the reader with a proper interpretation, Joyce permeates the story with vivid imagery and a variety of linguistic devices. This paper will provide an in-depth of analysis of the work by examining its key elements. The central theme of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is Stephen Dedalus' alienation

  • Comparing The Dead and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

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    The Dead and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Unlike the preceding stories in Dubliners, which convey the basic theme of paralysis, "The Dead" marks a departure in Joyce's narrative technique.  As one critic notes, in this final story of Dubliners:  "The world of constant figures has become one of forces that, in relation to each other, vary in dimension and direction" (Halper 31).  Epstein has offered some insight into Joyce's technique in Portrait: "Each section . . . contains significant

  • Argumentative Essay: Should Music Be Paid?

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    have to pay to download music from the internet. There are three specific reasons why people should not have to pay. Artists make billions of dollars every day and just because a person downloads a song for free does not mean that the artists will suddenly go bankrupt. Music is simply too expensive. The music will stay relevant if people do not have to pay to download songs. No artists can really claim a song as an “original” so they are getting paid for something that is not even really theirs. First