Ambrosius Aurelianus Essays

  • Teaching Wart

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    Teaching Wart Six years pass and little changes. Merlyn continues to teach the Wart by turning him into every animal under the sun. Kay becomes more difficult; both he and the Wart grow taller. It will soon be time for Kay to be knighted and for the Wart to become his squire. The Wart is resigned to his fate, but he wishes he were a knight nonetheless. As the day of the knighting ceremony draws near, the Wart sulks more and more. Sir Ector sends him to Merlyn to be cheered up. Merlyn tells

  • King Arthur Research Paper

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    The development of the legend of king Arthur spans more than one thousand years. The legend covered from the briefest mentions of a valiant warrior that fended off the Anglo-Saxon invasions of the island, to the elaborate in-depth legend of a man destined to rule England with his Knights of the Round Table. The development of this legend is a fascinating insight to how history was written, and more interestingly not written, and who ended up writing the version that stood the test of time. History

  • Stonehendge

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    Stonehendge When you think of Stonehenge, you think of the Ancient Druid Civilization that supposedly built it, this is in fact not true. In this essay, I will show you the building of one of the most amazing art forms in history, as well as give some insight on legend. Certainly the best known of all megalithic sites, Stonehenge stands in isolation on the undulating chalk of Salisbury Plain, west of Amesbury, between the busy A303 and A344 roads. At first sight, this unique and enigmatic