Ambassador Essays

  • Hans Holbein, The Ambassadors

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    Hans Holbein The Ambassadors ❦Introduction The Ambassadors is one of the most complex and arguably portrait which Holbein had painted. The purpose of this report is to analyze Han Holbein?fs painting, ?gThe Ambassadors?h. The main task of this report is to uncover the meaning of this painting, as it still remains unclear. Firstly, I will give a short introduction about the painter. Then, I will examine the characteristics of the people and the objects in the painting. Lastly, I will attempt

  • Essay On The Ambassador Bridge

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    bridge with mass transportation abilities was still needed. This led to the construction of the Ambassador Bridge in 1929, funded by financier Joseph Bower and engineered and constructed by the heralded Pittsburgh McClintic-Marshall Company. No one could have ever foreseen the societal and economical impact the decision to engineer a bridge would have. At the time of its construction in 1929, the Ambassador Bridge was the largest spanned suspension bridge at 564 meters until the George Washington Bridge

  • Guatemala and Spanish Cultures

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    that year, and civilian government was restored under President Julio Cesar Mendez Montenegro. But the country remained troubled. Secret political extremist groups both rightist and leftist made terror raids. Guatemalan political leaders, the U.S. ambassador, and others were killed during the raids. The movie "El Norte" tells the story of how two siblings (Enrique and Rosita) lose all of their family to military raids in Mexico. When seems to be next to impossible to survive in Mexico, the two decide

  • Bismark

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    offices he was elected to the Prussian Landtag in 1847. While in the Landtag, he advocated the unification of Germany under the aegis of Prussia, and was opposed to the liberal movements. He gained the position of ambassador to St. Petersburg, in 1859, and soon after became the ambassador to Paris in 1862. There he would gain much insight and experience that would determine his future policies. Bismarck was appointed premier by the King of Prussia, William I, in the king’s effort to secure his military

  • Project for the New American Century

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    America) * Paula Dobriansky: Undersecretary of State for Global Affairs * Francis Fukuyama: Johns Hopkins University, appointed to the President's Council on Bioethics * Bruce Jackson: president of U.S. Committee on NATO * Zalmay Khalilzad: U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan * Lewis Libby: chief of staff for Cheney * Peter W. Rodman: Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security * Randy Scheunemann: Iraq advisor to Rumsfeld * Dov S. Zakheim: Comptroller of the Defense Department * Robert B

  • Gabriela Mistral

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    Intellectual Co-operation of the League of Nations between 1922 and 1938. She was the honorary consult for Brazil, Spain, Portugal and the U.S. In 1933 she entered the Chilean Foreign Service and was appointed by the government of Chile as a sort of ambassador-at-large for the Latin American Culture. During World War two, she became friends with Stefan Zweig and his wife. Later they committed suicide in Rio de Janeiro. Also her nephew, Juan Miguel killed himself. Because of poor health, she was forced

  • Raoul Wallenberg

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    health department official named Frederick Von Dardel when Raoul was six years old. Mr. Von Dardel treated him as his own but Raoul knew he would always be a Wallenberg. Raoul's grand father Gustav Wallenberg, which he called Farfar, was Sweden's ambassador to Turkey. Farfar told Raoul of his plans to open a world bank and that he would like his help. Farfar told Raoul exiting stories of the Wallenergs in the past. Jacob Wallenberg helped open trade routes to China and Japan. His great grand father

  • The Firewall

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    justifying the expense or effort, but instead convincing management that it's safe to do so. A firewall not only provides real security but also plays an important role as a security blanket for management. Last, a firewall can act as your corporate ambassador to the Internet. Many corporations use their firewall systems to store public information about corporate products and services, files to download, bug-fixes, and so forth. Several of these systems (such as,, gatekeeper

  • The Vyacheslav Molotov Book Report

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    kept the Soviet Union out of the war until it was attacked by Hitler two years later. His final years as a power in the land encompassed some of the chilliest days of the cold war.Nikita Khrushchev, Molotov's rival, sent him out of harm's way, as ambassador to Outer Mongolia. In 1962 Molotov was expelled from the party but he was re-instated in 1984. Having served Lenin and Stalin, he died a pensioner in 1986, aged 96. Not a bad record for somebody whom a British historian, D.C. Watt, described as

  • Pearl Harbor

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    The U.S. tried to negotiate with the Japanese to try to avoid war, trying to convince them that if war broke out between Japan and the United States, Japan, in the long run, would be devastated. So, Secretary of State Cordell Hull and Japanese ambassador Namura and Kiruzo talked on how to solve this crisis. These negotiations proceeded into the summer of 1941.By this time, the Japanese had realized that if they wanted to expand their empire, they would have to fight America and, possibly, her allies

  • Why do the works of salvador dali hold such an appeal for teenagers

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    mingling with the zenith of society and living what is popularly known as the high life. He was renowned for his insanity, the king of the absurd, and this came through in his paintings as much as it did through what he said. He has become the ambassador for surrealist art and surrealist philosophies, and his works are still causing controversy 11 years after his death. Or still being admired 11 years after his death. Introduction To try to capture Dali, his life, his art, his reasons and

  • John Quincy Adams

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    private schools in Paris, Leiden, and Amsterdam, early developing his penchant for omnivorous reading." He was able to speak several languages. At the age of fourteen, he was asked to serve as secretary and translator to Francis Dana, the first US ambassador to Russia. "Despite his age, young Adams was a valuable aid to the consul; he enjoyed Russia and the exposure to diplomatic circles." He later returned to the United States and attended Harvard. "He graduated in two years and entered the law offices

  • I Believe in the Potential of Children

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    or gave us some encouragement, or at least appreciated our best. The teacher gives us the desire to learn, the desire to be Somebody…The teacher has to have the energy of the hottest volcano, the memory of an elephant, and the diplomacy of an ambassador…Really, a teacher has to possess love and knowledge and then has to use this combined passion to be able to accomplish something.” --Bob Alante, teacher Concerning the nature of students, I agree with the Sophist point of view—although all

  • the kill artist

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    putter along, Daniel Silva's fictional book, The Kill Artist, could not be timelier. The story is a country-hopping cat-and-mouse game between two master assassins, one Palestinian, one Israeli. The story begins with the assassination of an Israeli ambassador in Paris, pulled off by Tariq, a master Palestinian assassin. Rumors of Tariq's plans to disrupt the ongoing peace talks reach Ari Shamron, head of the Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency. To find and kill Tariq, Shamron calls on ex-agent Gabriel

  • Benito Mussolini's Rise and Fall to Power

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    side by a formal alliance. "In 1937, he accepted a German alliance. The name of this alliance was the Anti Comntern Pact. On April 13, 1937 Benito Mussolini annexed Albania. He then told the British ambassador that not even the bribe of France and North Africa would keep him neutral."2 The British ambassador was appalled and dismayed. On May 28, 1937, Mussolini strongly gave thought to declaring war. He then attacked the Riviera across the Maritime. "On September 13, 1937 he opened an offensive into

  • The Decameron

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    meeting with Petrarch changed Boccaccio’s Literature development. What he admires the most about Petrarch is his scholar and the humanist. With such influence Boccaccio withdraw from writing about romance, and preferably writes in Latin. He was an ambassador to different mission; Boccaccio did some community work while he was intensely involved in literature and his school activity. After traveling in different part of Europe, Boccaccio returns to Certaldo where he becomes very sick. In the fall

  • Michael Jordan: Beyond Personal Glory

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    his way within the sport of basketball, earning his reputation as the most competitive and determined player in the NBA. Over the span of Michael Jordan's 18 year long career in the NBA, he has enjoyed world wide attention and recognition as the ambassador of basketball. Jordan has influenced basketball players around the globe and, with his own shoes and clothing brand, along with his artistic way of handling himself on the court, has developed a style of his own within the sport. Michael Jordan

  • The Character of Iago in Shakespeare's Othello

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    critic, believes that Othello's color has nothing to do with Iago's actions. "Othello's color had no connotations of the enslavable inferiority.  There were many great Negroes in those days like that Antonio de Vunth, who was King of Congo's ambassador to the Holy See."(Shakespeare, pp.200) There may have been many great Negroes around in those days but there were none in Venice.  Othello was the only member of his race in Venice.  Many of the people who lived in Venice had never seen

  • Chicago

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    to watch drag queens perform several numbers from the movie-musical. They did an amazing job, without surpassing the outstanding performances of the actors in the film. Last year, I visited NYC for the first time and indulged in the rows of the Ambassador theatre experiencing Chicago, the Broadway musical, and because I had seen the movie many times before, I knew all the songs and dances by heart. I loved it, but it was actually the movie that influenced me to become a “Chicago fan.” The movie is

  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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    golfer, swimmer and overall athlete. During a football game, John injured his back. Joe and John were very close. While young, Joe said he would be the president of the United States. The Kennedy family believed him. Mr. Kennedy was named the ambassador to Great Britain in 1937. While in England, John and his brother worked as international reporters for their father. The family returned home in 1939 and John graduated with honors in 1940. He wrote his graduating thesis and expanded it into