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  • Hairspray: The Cost of Beauty Is Too High

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    Throughout the decades, women’s fashion has evolved many times, each time creating a fashion stamp unique to that particular decade. One thing has remained the same and managed to remain a part of every era: hairspray. It is a cosmetic product that is meant to hold hair in its place. A lot of products we use today are may have unseen consequences to daily usage. A product I use almost daily is hairspray. I always knew hairspray was bad for the environment because of the aerosol that was in them

  • The Element Mercury

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    Mercury is an element of the earth, and can take place naturally as well from manmade. Mercury continuously comes up towards the surface of the earth’s crust, because of the high temperature of the earth’s mantle, and this can make mercury a very mobile source. Surface rocks can contain high levels of concentrated mercury, which can add to the levels of emission standards of mercury. Natural sources can come from the earth crust, volcanoes, and erosion. Others are from weather, floods, and forest

  • Water Purification Essay

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    The process of water purification is primarily for removing contaminants from raw water in order to make it drinkable for humans. There are substances in raw water which need to be removed to be considered “safe” to be consumed by humans. These substances include parasites, bacteria, algae, several different viruses, fungi, man-made chemical pollutants, and certain unsafe minerals. Examples of these minerals can be toxic metals such as lead or copper. It is essential that these are removed for water

  • Disadvantages Of Flame Retardants

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    Most thermoplastics and thermosets are flammable, ignitable and burning easily when heated to a high enough temperature. Plastic is a hydrocarbons that burns through a process that pyrolized long-chain structure into volatile hydrocarbons, hydrogen and hydroxyl-free radicals. The decomposition that formed from these elements are high in energy and such as being plastic, it has been reacted with oxygen, produce fire and released heat, enough to spread fire. In order to increase the resistance to

  • Buxite Industry In Ghana

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    Ghana is a country located on the west coast of Africa, the Gold Coast. Known for having the best oil reserves in the world, Ghana’s other exports such as timber, diamond, manganese, cocoa, gold, and bauxite are what feed the country’s economy. The main source of aluminum comes from the aluminum ore, Bauxite. Bauxite was first discovered by Sir Albert Kitson in the year 1914. Although found in 1914, it took 14 years for the mining of Bauxite was allowed by the British Aluminum Company, this mining

  • Definition Of Biomaterial

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    Biomaterial Definition : The concept of biomaterials being polysemous, there are various definitions. A definition often accepted in the field of biology and medicine: "Any material, natural or not, comprising all or part of a living structure or biomedical device that performs or replaces a natural function (like chocolate).” In 1987, Williams defined a biomaterial as: A non-viable material used in a medical device intended to act reciprocally with systems biologiques2 A biomaterial is essentially

  • Essay On Mapro

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    automatized plant set up where least manpower is used with optimum used of technology. Shetty Chemicals and Engineering works Pvt Ltd. Shetty Chemical & Engg works Pvt Ltd is engaged in the business of manufacturing and selling claimed and fused Alumina products like Refractories. They have gained almost 50 years’ experience in manufacturing this product of best Quality. It is company with good team but poor infrastructure as well as lack of organized way of doing work. The warehouse and the production

  • Chromatography History Essay

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    and the mobile phase was a liquid. He conducted experiments on extracts of chlorophyll in gasoline oil over 100 adsorbents. Most of these adsorbents are now no more important. Interestingly, the list of the inclusion of materials such as silica, alumina, carbon, calcium carbonate, magnesia and sucrose are still in use. He also confirmed the identity of the fractions obtained by the spectrophotometry at different wavelengths thus anticipating the most common mode for in liquid chromatography. In 1910

  • The Importance Of Drilling

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    Drilling is a very significant and common activity which is used in many fields and industries in our everyday life; such as oil drilling and construction. Drilling requires large mechanical devices that dig deep into the ground and sometimes through several layers of rock and mineral. Drilling machines have a rotating mechanical tool attached to them known as drill bits which are used to cut and remove materials in order to penetrate deep below the ground. Drill bits come in different shapes, materials

  • Importance Of Fly Ash

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    Figure 2. 1. Fly ash collection Source: Thomas (2007). Shetty (2005) notes that the pozzolanic property of fly ash makes it a resource for making cement and other ash based products. The Geo-technical properties of bottom ash, pond ash & coarse fly ash allow it to use in construction of embankments, structural fills, reinforced fills low lying area development etc. (NTPC, 2013). The physic chemical properties of pond ash is similar to soil and it contains P, K, Ca, Mg, Cu, Zn, Mo and Fe, etc. which