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  • Alumina Incorporation

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    Alumina Incorporation "The Constitution contains four concepts or clauses that are of great significance to the regulatory environment of business. They are the separation of powers concept, the supremacy clause, the contract clause, and the commerce clause," (Reed & et al, 2005, chap 6). These concepts or clauses help the government regulate how companies run their business for the good of the people. The administrative agencies of the government set and control the regulatory laws. They are

  • Alumina-Based Fibers

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    reinforced alumina-silica fibers were prepared by an in-situ sol-gel method. Aluminum isopropoxide (AIP), aluminum nitrite (AN) and tetraethyl orthosilicate (TEOS) were used as starting materials to prepare spinnable aluminosilicate sol in aqueous media. The mechanical properties and the structures of the MWCNTs reinforced alumina-silica fibers were studied. The results reveal that homogeneous distribution of MWCNTs in alumina-silica fibers improved the mechanical properties of alumina-silica fibers

  • Alumina Legal Analysis

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    Alumina Legal Analysis Regulatory and legislative compliance is a critical element for the success of any American company. The regulatory environment can be extremely challenging and diverse depending on the nature of the business and the applicable oversight agencies responsible for monitoring and enforcing key regulations. One of the most daunting, yet vital regulatory agencies policing American businesses is the Environmental Protection Agency, which is charged with “protecting human health

  • Alumina, Inc

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    Introduction Alumina, Inc. (AI) is a $4 billion dollar company operating in eight countries around the world. AI's business interests are in automotive components and manufacture of packaging materials, bauxite mining, alumna refining, and aluminum smelting (UOP, 2007). Five years prior, AI was reported to be in violation of environmental discharge norms discovered during a routine compliance evaluation inspection. AI was ordered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to clean up to which

  • Business Regulation: Alumina

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    Business Regulation: Alumina Inc. Since the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency in the 1970s, businesses in the US have been required to adhere to stringent federal environmental regulations. (Reed, 2005) Alumina Inc., a US-based aluminum manufacturing company, is not the exception. Alumina is faced with the challenge of remaining financially viable, while meeting EPA expectations, as well as stockholder expectations. The following is an analysis of those issues and opportunities as

  • Alumina Business Regulation

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    Alumina, Inc. is a USA-based aluminum maker that operates in eight countries around the world. The company receives 70% of its sales in the United States. Alumina's business interests include automotive components and manufacturing packaging materials, bauxite mining, alumina refining, and alumina smelting. Improper use of these materials can have an adverse affect on an environment and the people in the surrounding areas. Statutory and common laws are in place to govern businesses and how organizations

  • Alumina: Business Regulation Simulation

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    Alumina: Business Regulation Simulation Abstract This paper identifies the key facts, regulations and legal issues in the Business Regulation Simulation regarding Alumina, a global multibillion company. It identifies several of Alumina's values and stakeholders and discusses the conflicts among the competing stakeholders according to the simulation. In addition, a summarization on the basic issues on how the internal counsel handles the regulatory issue. Three alternative solutions are

  • Alumina Inc Regulatory Risk Recommendations

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    liability can be identified, and managed through preventive, detective, and corrective measures. I will also include recommendation that can lead Alumina in the right direction that can prevent or minimize costly litigations. Alumina Inc, Maker, is a United States of America (USA) based company that operates in eight countries around the world. Alumina supplies automotive components and manufacture of packaging materials, bauxite mining, alumna refining, and aluminum smelting. The executive body

  • The Legal Strategy of Alumina, Inc.

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    Our team was tasked with advising Alumina, Inc., the aluminum maker in the simulation that had one Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliance violation in five years and is being threatened in a million-dollar personal injury lawsuit. The team is to recommend a strategy in the lawsuit defense and advise whether to settle the dispute or defend the company's position in court as if we were acting as the CEO of the company. We will also discuss the pitfalls of other areas of corporate government

  • Alumina Inc Regulation Case Study

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    Introduction Alumina Inc. (AI) is a U.S. based international aluminum company with eight locations worldwide, worth of $4 billion. Its business markets include “automotive components and manufacture of packaging materials, bauxite mining, alumina refining, and aluminum smelting” (University of Phoenix simulation, 2008) and the company falls under the following regulatory agencies and acts: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and Comprehensive