Alternative Methods Essays

  • Alternative Building Materials and Methods

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    Alternative Building Materials and Methods The buildup of past construction techniques up to our present point in time has denoted wood as being the first and foremost material used to build houses in the United States. Building codes prescribe wood to build homes, because of both its structural benefits and because it is ingrained in the industry as the material of choice. Because wood has been used for so long, it is the material that builders know best and are the most comfortable with

  • Alternative Methods of Pain Relief

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    "Oww! &%$%!" Pathways of Pain and Alternative Methods of Pain Relief Have you ever wondered why when you stub your toe on the chair in the living room, it helps tremendously to yell out an expletive or two and vigorously rub the area? I may not be able to discuss the basis for such language in this paper, but we will explore the analgesic response to rubbing that toe, in addition to the mechanism of pain and alternative treatments such as acupuncture and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

  • Marketing Research For Augustine Medical

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    this system. Several considerations are required in terms of organizational objectives, demand for the product, customer value perception, buyer price sensitivity, the price of competitive offering, and direct variable costs. The company has two alternatives to price this system, either the skimming pricing strategy or the penetration pricing strategy. The Bair Hugger system, which consist of a heater/blower unit and a separate inflatable plastic/paper blanket, is an air-circulation product and provides

  • How can ICT support the learning of children with special educational

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    can ICT support the learning of children with special educational needs? ICT can support the learning of children with special educational needs [SEN]. It enables children with SEN to overcome barriers to learning by providing alternative or additional methods of communicating within the learning process. Moreover, it also helps teachers to create a supportive framework, which can enable autonomous learning. When used creatively, ICT can enrich and enhance teaching, motivating pupils and

  • Therapeutic Placebo Effect:A Mind/Body Connection

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    self-made natural healing response of the body. No matter the fact that in both instances your doctor is giving you the same medication, her belief and yours in the treatment will most likely result in more positive effects. Many people argue that alternative methods of healing (such as hypnosis, therapeutic touch, homeopathic remedies, etc) are basically a placebo effect taking place. Yet, doesn't this fact prove the power of our minds both in health and in issues of pain management? Most modern scientists

  • Cloning - It’s Time for Organ Farms

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    research in alternative methods of organ transplantation.  Private companies are racing to develop these technologies with an estimated market of six billion dollars.2  Xenotransplantation, or cross-species organ transplantation, appears to be the most likely solution in the near future, and cloned pigs are the main candidates.  Pigs and humans have remarkable similarities in physiology, which along with cloning makes pigs strong possibilities for organ donors.  A controversial alternative method involves

  • Rhetorical Analysis of McKibben’s Article, Power Play Endangers Hawaii's Rain Forest

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    Forest,” appeared in Rolling Stone, a popular culture magazine, on May 31, 1990. He argues that producing power through geothermal drilling harms the Wao Kele o Puna rain forest, the environment, and the people that live nearby. He also presents alternative methods for power, hoping that people will consider these, such as solar-water heating systems and energy efficient gadgets. Unfortunately, his elevated, subjective stance and attempt to convince his audience through emotion distracts the reader from

  • Caribbean History

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    Caribbean History I. A Note on Historical Methodology: The conventional method of studying history consists of a chronological process. For example, the history of the ‘New World,’ or in particular the history of the Caribbean seems to originate in 1492, the year Columbus mistakenly landed upon Hispanola. Not long after the discovery of the New World, the age of European colonialism in the Americas emerges. This condensed version of the first several decades of European influence in the New

  • A Detailed Business Report of One Medium Size or Large Business

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    of how these factors, interrelate in a way that can affect the success of the business. Ø An explanation of how quality assurance and control assurance and control systems help the business to add value to its products. Ø Consideration of alternative methods of quality assurance and control. Ø Consideration of how well the business is meeting its objectives. Ø An explanation of the impact of ICT upon the internal and external communications of the business. E1- The classification of the business

  • Teaching Philosophy Via the Internet

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    Second, philosophical dialogue can be conducted through participation in an electronic forum. Third, close supervision of student writing can be achieved by means of e-mail submission of written assignments. In each case, I argue that the electronic method offers significant advantages to student learning. Many of the colleagues who discover that I have begun offering philosophy courses over the Internet express a similar set of reservations. Although they often grant that this must be an interesting

  • Technology Assisted Reproduction

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    reproduce. However, it is evident that the ability to conceive a child is an important issue for most married couples. Unfortunately, complications occur when couples are infertile. Recent developments in reproductive technology have provided alternative methods of reproduction that can greatly enhance an infertile couple's chances of conceiving. However, there are ethical and legal issues that accompany the use of these reproductive technologies. It is the responsibility of everyone, especially Christians

  • Guns in the home

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    recreation (60 percent) or for protection and crime prevention (40 percent)”. Although 40 percent seems to be on the minority, households with guns are at higher risk of homicide, and there are few beneficial effects of gun ownership; as a result, alternative methods for crime prevention and protection should be adopted. The most startling examples of these risks usually involve children. Children are very curious and will stop at nothing to discover new ideas. When they play, it is normal for them to move

  • Xenotransplantation

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    some sort at any given time and only about 20,000 a year actually receive them. In addition, the demand for transplants is increasing at a rate of 15% a year. It is statistics like this that continue to keep medical professionals striving for alternative methods of transplanting. This limited availability of human organs and tissues, coupled with recent technological advances, has increasingly led to the implantations of living cells from other species when human donors are not available, when a

  • Report on the Business of Marks and Spencer

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    and how well they meet them · The structure of the business · The functional areas and how well the business meet objectives · Management style and culture · How quality assurance and control system contribute to added value · Alternative methods of quality assurance and control · Communication channels within the business MARKS & SPENCER[IMAGE] AN INTERNAL INVESTIGATION OF THE BUSINESS OF MARKS & SPENCER Introduction --------------- 1.0 This is a report on Marks

  • Internet accessibility for people with disabilities

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    will soon become useful to more people than would otherwise be the case. One of the major advances in helping the disabled is the use of adaptive technology. Adaptive technology can be described as any hardware or software used to provide alternative methods of input and output. There are two distinct forms of disabled-friendly input devices on a computer, pointing devices and voice recognition. Pointing devices do the same job as a mouse; move the pointer to a certain location on the screen. This

  • Alternative Methods of Healing: Music Therapy

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    Alternative methods of healing have been utilized by non-western medicine for generations. The use of acupuncture to heal everything from seasickness to muscle soreness is well documented and widely used. Physical therapy is often a precursor to surgery and many times will prevent the need to undergo a more invasive procedure. A lesser-known form of alternative healing but becoming more popular is music therapy. In the late 18th century, scientists began to investigate the effects of music on

  • Electroconvulsive Therapy: Why is it Effective?

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    in the brain, and that the seizure is the primary therapeutic agent of electroconvuslive therapy (ECT). Metrazol and Cardiazol later replaced Camphor because of its rapid onset. The extremely unpleasant sensations led investigators to seek alternative methods and electroconvulsive therapy was born. Electrical stimulation first tested epileptic seizures on dogs and pigs, and its first treatment helped a delusional, hallucinating homeless man diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1938. After chronic administration

  • Rail Termini of London

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    of prosperity for the city of London. Beginning with the acceleration of growth in the 18th century, London found itself to be the largest city in the world by the early 19th century. To accommodate this increase in population and crowding, alternative methods of transportation were in demand. As a result, the emergence of transport by train was developed. Some of London’s most important rail stations were developed at this time creating an extensive network of rails that would stretch in all directions

  • Alternative Grading Methods for Students with Learning Disabilities

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    recent trend towards inclusion has forced educators to develop ways to assess special needs students working in the general education classroom. Brain research tells us that students have different learning styles; therefore, we should have alternative grading methods to meet the needs of students with learning disabilities. The purposes of assessing special education students are to determine their progress in achieving annual goals and short-term objectives. Assessment also provides diagnostic information

  • Home Confinement is the Solution to Prison Overcrowding

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    only solution, while opponents argue that alternative methods could be used to solve the problem of prison overcrowding. The question becomes whether or not the cities and states should spend scarce resources to build more prisons since the inmate population will continue to grow. Opposing viewpoints to this question represent both the pros and cons of building more prisons in order to solve the problem of prison overcrowding. While an alternative approach to the controversy attempts to bring