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  • Aloha Dance Essay

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    The Forbidden and The Aloha Dance It is said that ancient times were simpler than the present day. Life was simply about surviving. But of course, change is inevitable. Humans constantly feel the need to expand grounds or to go where conditions are best suited for them. Eventually, a tribe or race would have met another on their own. But what was life like before the different tribes and races met? In present day research, it is seen that though there was no contact whatsoever, separated ancient

  • Human Factors On Aloha 243

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    After studying the Aloha aircraft accident in 1933, our group is interested in the investigation in Human performances factors in maintenance and inspection. We have divided the investigation into 5 aspects: Investigation: 1. The lack of inattention of the mechanics in practical procedures and policies planning. Aloha Airline operated inter-island flight in Hawaii, therefore, Aloha 243 was operating in salt water environment. During each flight, there was a risk that the air saturated with

  • Aloha Oe by Jack London

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    1876–November 22, 1916) in San Francisco, California. This story was first published in a magazine called The Lady’s Realm in 1908. Set in the lush backdrop of Hawaii, we find ourselves at the end of a story rather than the beginning. The mournful song of Aloha Oe swells as we pan the transport, its decks, and the gangway and wharf looking for whom this song is meant. It turns out not to be for the many natives described or sailors gathered, but for the junket of US Senators, wives and daughters now departing

  • Aloha Airlines Case Analysis

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    1. AIRCRAFT MISHAP TIMELINE On 28 April 1988, Aloha Airlines Flight 243, a Boeing 747 based out of Honolulu International Airport, Hawaii, began operations on what was scheduled for six inter-island flights. The First Officer checked in with Aloha Airlines Flight Operations about 5:00am followed by the Captain shortly after. The aircraft log was signed off and released for flight with no open write-ups. They both completed pre-departure duties and proceeded to the aircraft. All pre-flight preparations

  • Summary of Aloha Oe by Jack London

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    people around the world. He travelled extensively and was an adventurous person. He visited Hawai in 1915 and again 1916 that might have provided him the basis for his writing Aloha Oe. He died on November 22, 1916 at an age of 40 years. (Wissdorf, 1996) The story entitled Aloha Oe is named after a famous Hawaiian song Aloha Oe. The story is based on a farewell given at the wharf of a Hawaiian island where a steamer ship was ready to depart to the USA. Some dignitaries were returning home to the USA

  • Aloha and Mabuhay: A Look Into Filipino Hawai‘i

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    that the Filipinos have overcome. Although there is still more to go, there is a sense of acceptance to being a Filipino in Hawai‘i, and knowing that they belong here because of their contribution to the diversity in Hawai‘i. Hawai‘i is a place of aloha, and welcomes many who choose to respect and appreciate the people and culture. Although there are a mixture of various races and a risk of racism, Hawai‘i has been able to overcome the divide in races in many ways. Kurisu writes, "The plantation town

  • Aloha and Mabuhay: A Look Into Filipino Hawai‘i

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    Filipinos are the second largest ethnicity group in Hawai‘i, right after White or Caucasian. The Filipino race and culture have become a very big part of Hawai‘i’s diverse society. In the 20th century Filipino ancestors took the risk, a gamble taken by many around the world to travel 5,445 miles from the Philippines to Hawai‘i. Hawai‘i’s elite haole were in need of laborers in the rapidly growing sugar industry, because sugar was king. The Filipinos were the last race group to arrive in Hawai‘i

  • Underwater Wireless Communication with Acoustic Waves

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    In two Aloha-based protocols, one called Aloha with carrier sense (Aloha-CS) and the other, Aloha with advance notification (Aloha- AN), are proposed. In Aloha-CS, the sender receiver information extracted from the overheard packet along with the propagation delay of the packet is used to estimate the duration for which the channel would be busy. Based on these calculations, each node decides the time for transmitting its packet to avoid collisions. Aloha-AN is an improved version of Aloha-CS; it

  • Paper Discussion

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    recorded, destroying entire villages and devastating cities across the Philippines before heading toward Vietnam” (Bruton, 2013). It devastated much of the country and displaced nearly 4.1 million people (Oxfam, 2013; US AID, 2014). Under the slogan “Aloha For Philippines” donations and relief effort were organized and coordinated throughout Hawaii. Local banks and the Hawaiian Bankers Association launched a coordinated effort at collecting donations and enabling individual donors to “donate money at

  • Pacific Homesick: Growing Up in Paradise

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    only daydream about. When most people hear of where I grew up all they can picture is paradise. There is so much more to the “Aloha State” than the stale beachside hotels covered in an abundance of hibiscus prints with pineapples around every turn. The people, food, and land are the heart of the Hawaiian Islands. My Hawaiian family is awesome because they have the Aloha Spirit, our way of life. Everyone helps one another because we are “Ohana,” which in Hawaiian means “family.” I have so many multicultural