Technology System Options in Restaurants

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When opening a new restaurant it is important to consider technology options that will offer competitive advantage, enhance profit, and work efficiently for the establishment. Three systems that are generally purchased for restaurant use are inventory systems, point of sales systems, and reservation management systems. All of these systems should be researched and compared on their functionality so the most suitable technologies can be implemented into the daily activities of the restaurant.
An inventory management system would be a great asset to any restaurant. It is very important to be able to keep track of inventory to make sure items are being used and food costs are staying low. Having an inventory management system will help organize and track inventory status, variance, and valuation. The status of inventory is determined on the count of an item in storage. While this can be tracked physically, having a system is more efficient and lowers the risk of theft and misuse. Inventory can also be combined with a POS system, so when product is purchased it automatically tracks new inventory levels. Keeping track of inventory variance “refers to the differences between a physical count of an item and the balance maintained by the perpetual inventory system” (Kasavana 2011). Discrepancies between theses counts may indicate control problems and allow you to find the source and the fix the problem as soon as possible. An inventory system can also help track valuation of product. Knowing what to use first and when it was purchased is important for keeping waste at a minimum. An inventory system like when-to-manage tracks food costs, manages menu recipes, and helps with ordering and vendor management. When-to-manage “is...

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... you to monitor a variety of operations, and add on interfaces like inventory and reservation management as you go. Starting with the most affordable programs can help with the restaurants efficiency and profit right away, while adding a competitive advantage. As the business grows, the restaurant can purchase more programs to implement into the system they already have.

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