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  • Defining Beauty for Men and Women in Portraiture

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    the social ideals of the time. Hence by comparing and contrasting a range of different portraits of depicting men and women of the Renaissance such as Titian’s La Bella, Bronzino’s Eleonora de Medici, Sofonisba Anguissola’s Self Portrait, Vasari’s Alessandro de Medici, Bronzino’s Cosimo de Medici as Orpheus and Pedro Berruguete’s Portrait of Federico da Mentelfeltro, viewers can gain an understanding of the conceptual differences in definitions of masculine and feminine beauty during this period.

  • The Enlightenment and the Electric Battery

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    The Enlightenment and the Electric Battery This paper is a discussion of the role played by the ideals of the Enlightenment in the invention and assessment of artifacts like the electric battery. The first electric battery was built in 1799 by Alessandro Volta, who was both a natural philosopher and an artisan-like inventor of intriguing machines. I will show that the story of Volta and the battery contains three plots, each characterized by its own pace and logic. One is the story of natural philosophy

  • Exploring the History of Alchemy

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    Natural sciences have always interested mankind, and throughout civilization, we have sought to discover how the world works. This natural curiosity is best fueled by scientific thought and reason. Science is a constantly evolving area of study, and scholars in the previous centuries sometimes took a mystical view on science, one of these areas of study is alchemy. Many significant men contributed to the study of alchemy. Four of the most prominent include: Albertus Magnus, Cornelius Agrippa, Paracelsus

  • Alessandro Volt The Invention Of The Battery

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    Alessandro Volta was an Italian Physicist Chemist, and a pioneer of electricity and power. He was the person who invented the battery. His invention impacted our lives because we wouldn’t be able to do the things we can today using batteries from remote controls to medical equipment. Alessandro Volta was born in Como Italy on February 18, 1745, and he died in Como Italy on March 5, 1827 (Tretkoff, 2006, para.2). His real name was Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta. Until he was 4 years

  • Discovery Of Electricity Essay

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    Humans these days take electricity for granted. We don’t truly understand what life was like without it. Most young adults will tell you their life does not depend on electricity, but they aren’t fooling anyone. They all know that their life depends on electricity; whether it’s television, their phone, Google, or the lights in their house. We need to stop taking those things for granted and give credit where credit is due. That is why I chose to write about the scientists who contributed to the discovery


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    While drafting the constitution in the 1780s, which was such a critical time for the new nation, many new inventions were created to benefit the people. The dangers that occurred by the economic crisis and the disappointment that came with the failure of the revolutionary’s expectations for a desperate need to improve were combined to make this decade a period of dissatisfaction and reconsideration to propose a new direction for the nation. The new plan for the nation was called the federal constitution

  • Alessandro Volta Argumentative Essay

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    scientist ranging from muckers all the way to individual scientists such as Joseph Swan. T/S 1 Despite Edison's success with the revolutionary invention, the Italian inventor, Alessandro Volta, was the first to create a spark towards the idea that flourished which was long before Edison's final product. In 1800 Alessandro Volta was one of the first to strive towards the creation of a source of light however, when he began he took the path of using metals for his invention. He believed that “Each

  • Rabies And Anthrax Vaccines

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    As the late 19th century progressed, technological ideas and inventions began to thrive. The notion that technology would impact life as we know it was an unbelievable idea to comprehend. People had no idea that something so simple such as the light bulb would become so vital to them and for century’s to come. Inventions such as, the typewriter, barbed wire, telephone, Kodak camera, and electric stove were created, however the major inventions created and use tremendously today are, Medicine, Electricity

  • Analysis Of Alessandro Allori's Portrait Of Francesco De Medici

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    Alessandro Allori reproduces the view of a young man in 3/4s view in his portrait of Francesco de Medici (c. 1560). Every element of the portrait, from its dominant red key to the intricate gold embroidery of the sitter’s costume connotes virtue.This rectangular composition presents a young virtuous man deserving of his power and wealth. More importantly, it exposes the attitudes of the painter and patron as towards what virtues qualified a man as deserving privilege and power. The sitter, facing

  • Art Analysis: Adoration of the Magi by Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi

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    Viewing Reaction: Adoration of the Magi Introduction This altarpiece painting was done in tempera paint on wood by Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi. He became known as Sandro Botticelli. “Botticelli” was a nickname given by his older brother meaning 'small wine cask'. “(Artble, 2014). According to our textbook, this painting is one of four Adorations he painted that have achieved lasting fame. (Wold, 2008) Botticelli was an Italian Renaissance painter whose life spanned from 1440-1510. I was unable

  • The Luiseño Indian Tribe In Helen Hunt Jackson's Ramona

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    tribe after the United States claimed California from Mexico. From early on in the book she characterizes this tribe as “helpless”, which can be observed when Father Salvierderra expresses to Alessandro “We are all alike helpless in their hands, Alessandro,

  • Maria Goretti Character Analysis

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    in charge of her brother and sisters. Assunta soon noticed that Maria’s character had changed. Maria was focused on prayer more than ever and paid no attention to childish play. Maria’s mother was not the only person who had been observing her. Alessandro too had been observing Maria from afar, with a heart full of evil and sin. Maria had taken noticed, but remained silent due to her fear of the Serenelli’s. She feared that if she told her mother it would create more conflict between the two

  • Juliet By Anne Fortier: Critical Essay

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    the reader having to continue reading to discover that the motorcyclist isn't actually Romeo, but is Janice instead. This factor adds complications to the conflict along with Alessandro being the possible intruder at Julie’s hotel room in Verona as expressed on page 235. At this moment in the story, Julie is defending Alessandro, but doesn’t realize that there is a possibility that he is the one who “broke into (Julie’s) hotel room..” ( Fortier

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Cheating In Middle School

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    from from my classroom. My fifth grade teacher was Mrs. Rubenstein and she was in the far back of the school by the bus parking lot. At the time, I had four major friends: Alessandro, Logan, David, and Michael. We all had Mrs. Rubenstein, but we also had another teacher for advanced classes. Her name was Mrs. Hankey. Alessandro, David, and Logan took both advanced English and math, but I only took advanced math and Michael only took advanced English. During our reading class, we went down to our

  • St. Maria Goretti Research Paper

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    Church honors her because she is an exact role model of what it means to be a true follower of Christ. Maria numerously encountered times of pressure and temptation and even though she had the choice of choosing sin and have sexual relations with Alessandro, she didn’t. She chose the right path and always favored God instead of sin. The Church also honors her because she is a martyr. She died rather than allow her relationship with Jesus to be compromised by giving into a sexual temptation. Maria

  • St. Maria Goretti Research Paper

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    confirmed. Her parents were Luigi Goretti and Assunta née Carlini. She was the third of seven children. Her six siblings were named Antonio, Angelo, Mariano, Alessandro, Ersilia, and Teresa. When Maria was just six years old her

  • Julie Jacobs Character Conflicts

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    because the gems found left for her in Italy were safe along with Julie being able to be with her “Romeo” Alessandro. This in total is a satisfying ending because it lets the main character be with the main love interest along with the original mysteries of what was special about Julie’s family and what was in the safety deposit box are solved. This ending is demonstrated when Julie narrates “Alessandro did not say anything… Whether or not we had truly been cursed, and whether or not we had paid our dues

  • Analysis Of Ramona

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    Indian lover, Alessandro, because the Senora Moreno disapproves of their affection for each other. Leaving the only home she has ever

  • What Will A Future Without Secrets Look Like By Acquisti Summary

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    In “What Will a Future Without Secrets Look Like?”, a TED Talk delivered at TED Global 2013 in June, Alessandro Acquisti argues that our privacy is at risk because sensitive information is more accessible than most people think. Acquisti maintains that finding sensitive information on a specific person is very easy with modern technology; he shares the results of experiments conducted to help prove his point. Explaining the negative effects caused by this information being accessible, Acquisti warns

  • Josh Clark Music Therapy

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    After great practice, Josh Clark learned to spell his last name. This may not seem like a grand accomplishment, but for Josh, it is. Josh has down syndrome. He attends weekly music therapy sessions and his parents are seeing great progress. Mother said, “Within a week, he learned how to spell ‘Clark’. Without music therapy, it would have taken several weeks or several months. So how does music help Josh to learn at a faster rate than without music? Josh’s music therapist knew that Josh was accustomed