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  • Alcohol Dependence Essay

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    Alcohol Dependence Alcohol Dependence also known as alcoholism, is a condition where an individual drinks too much, too often and in ways that harm their health, happiness and even relationships. Alcohol abuse refers to a pattern of behavior where a person drinks excessively despite the negative consequences and interference with life’s normal activities. It becomes a problem when the pattern happens on a regular basis. In the United States, nearly 14 million adults, or every one in 13 adults, abuse

  • Differential Diagnosis: Alcohol Dependence

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    that exhibits symptoms of Alcohol Dependence, with Physiological Dependance, minimizing the severity of his alcohol use. This diagnosis is based on the apparent increasing tolerance withdrawal symptoms, continued and increased use of alcohol despite the damage to social relationships and work performance. Also, he has used more alcohol to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. He has a history of alcohol use, resulting in missing work and even an arrest. He minimizes his alcohol use and makes excuses for

  • Baclofen and alcohol-dependence : A curious french case

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    Something important is happening in France at this time in the field of alcohol dependence and maybe we can call it « the Baclofen case ». Over the last three years, the word baclofen has appeared on the cover of many mainstream newspapers and non-specialized French medical journals, which don’t hesitate to call it « the miracle cure for alcoholism ». Originally developed as an antiepileptic drug, Baclofen a selective GABA-B receptor agonist, was initially approved in 1977 by the Food and Drug

  • Nursing Environment Theory: The Nightingale's Nursing Environmental Theory

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    Alcohol abuse Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance among adults worldwide. In the U.S., alcohol is a legal recreational drug and its consumption is widely accepted as long as people take it in moderate amounts. African married men bear unreasonably higher alcohol-related problems than whites as evidenced by higher cases of liver cirrhosis and overall alcohol-related mortality. Alcohol abuse has been linked to chronic ailments like liver and cardiovascular disease. Nightingale’s Nursing Environmental

  • Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism: Annotated Bibliography

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    RENNA, FRANCESCO. "Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism, And Labor Market Outcomes: Looking For The Missing Link."Industrial & Labor Relations Review 62.1 (2008): 92-103. Business Source Premier. Web. 18 Nov. 2013. Francesco Renna, Associate Professor in the department of economics accomplished on the fields of applied econometrics and labor economics. The main idea of this journal was to accomplish the understanding of alcoholism or as knows as alcohol dependence. Francesco stated that alcoholism elucidate

  • Persuasive Essay On Underage Drinking

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    000 youth under 21 visited emergency room for alcohol related hurts, even I accompanied one of my friends to ICU for alcohol poisoning nearly month ago. Annually about 5000 individuals under 21 die from it, not including other mature people directly or indirectly killed by them. Meanwhile, child’s brain and emotional developments are still in process until 20s so that taking alcohol will produce great damage on their body health. For example, alcohol can interfere with children’s capacity to build

  • Dependence to Independence in Hills Like White Elephants

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    Dependence to Independence in Hills Like White Elephants In Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants,” the lives of Jig and the American, the main characters, are put on display for a brief period of time.  Jig and the man have had a romantic relationship for quite some time, and now their future together is in jeopardy.  The impregnation of Jig has caused the American to pressure her into getting an abortion.  We find these two individuals in the Valley of the Ebro.  Traveling from Barcelona

  • Living With Others

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    first meeting awkwardness, me and my suitemates all got pretty close. My role in this living situation would be almost that of a mother. I tend to be the sensible one who picks up after “the boys” and whatnot. But what also comes with that role is a dependence on me for more than just cleanliness. Whenever anything is wrong or the guys in the suite have a question, they come to me, because they know if I don’t have an answer I will do my best to find it out for them. Not only that but I have become the

  • Free College Essays - Analysis of Shakespeare's Sonnet 75

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    young friend who is vital to the poet's emotional well being. However, the poet quickly establishes the negative aspect of his dependence on his beloved, and the complimentary metaphor that the friend is food for his soul decays into ugly imagery of the poet alternating between starving and gorging himself on that food. The poet is disgusted and frightened by his dependence on the young friend. He is consumed by guilt over his passion. Words with implicit sexual meanings permeate the sonnet -- "enjoyer"

  • American Oil Dependence

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    American Oil Dependence Since the oil embargo of 1977, there has been an increased awareness of our nation's energy security. As global population and energy consumption rise, the need for a stable energy supply has become a hot topic and a politically volatile issue. As our negative trade balance grows larger by the day, the United States finds itself in a rather precarious position. We are becoming more and more dependent on Middle East oil. Indeed, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

  • Fantasy Dependence in David Henry Hwang’s M. Butterfly

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    Fantasy Dependence in David Henry Hwang’s M. Butterfly M. Butterfly, as its title suggests, is the reworking of Puccini’s opera, Madama Butterfly. In Puccini’s opera, Lieutenant Pinkerton, a United Sates Navy officer, purchases the conjugal rights to Cio-Cio-San, a fifteen-yrear-old Japanese Geisha girl, for one hundred yen, and marries her with the convenient provision that each contract can be annulled on a monthly notice. Meanwhile, Pinkerton leaves Cio-Cio-San for the United States to

  • Potential for Evil in Shakespeare's Macbeth

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    crush his better nature. Shakespeare’s depiction of supernatural evil in Macbeth takes shape within Macbeth who himself is the representation of the supernatural world; this is seen as his ambition leads him to a dependence on the Witches as well as their predictions, and it is this dependence which consumes him and allows the evil and supernatural to command his life.  Evil exhists outside the protagonist in the world of black magic, represented most strikingly by the Witches.  The appearance of these

  • Rip’s Dependence on Society for Self-Identity

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    Rip’s Dependence on Society for Self-Identity Rip Van Winkle   After falling asleep in the forest, a man returns to find his house abandoned, his town transformed his friends dead or missing and his own identity in serious doubt. Suddenly he recognizes his exact likeness walking down the street and for a moment he loses his identity. This is not a science fiction piece but rather the well known tale of Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving. In the moment when Van Winkle sees his exact

  • Systems Thinking

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    a great deal of feedback from other sources, internal or external. The character of systems thinking makes it extremely effective on the most difficult types of problems to solve: those involving complex issues, those that depend a great deal dependence on the past or on the actions of others, and those stemming from ineffective coordination among those involved. Examples of areas in which systems thinking has proven its value include: Complex problems that involve helping many actors see the

  • Reviving Psychophysical Supervenience

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    for the concept of supervenience in the philosophy of mind. This is largely due to the fact that, as Jaegwon Kim has shown, familiar versions of supervenience describe relations of mere property covariation without capturing the idea of dependence. Since the dependence of the mental on the physical is a necessary requirement for even the weakest version of physicalism, it would seem that existing forms of supervenience cannot achieve that for which they were designed. My aim is to revive the concept

  • The Character of Ophelia

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    The Character of Ophelia In Shakespeare’s tragedies, the characters all have flaws that eventually lead to their undoing. In the play Hamlet, the character of Ophelia is ultimately killed by her flaw. It is apparent that Ophelia is an obedient person but, upon closer inspection, the audience can see that she is not merely obedient. Ophelia’s thoughts and actions go beyond obedience to show that she is a weak and entirely dependent character. Nothing that she says or does is a representation

  • The Pros and Cons of Technology

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    technology. The types of technology have changed over the years, along with our usage and dependence on it. Technology is a fundamental part of our lifestyle, including both work and play. What is interesting is that we also have many friends who use very little technology in their day-to-day living. This drastic difference makes one wonder how necessary the technology really is, and whether or not our dependence on it is healthy in the long run. It is really easy to just get caught up in using technology

  • Improving The Teaching of Physics

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    a source of motivation for students to stay in physics. Another major problem in physics education is that students do not appear to gain as much knowledge out of their physics courses as desired. The most probable reason for this is the over-dependence of physics instructors on using the “traditional lecture”. Lectures in physics can be an incredibly passive experience for students, particularly dangerous for those who believe that if they can follow the professor, they’ve mastered the material

  • Underage Drinking And Alcoholism Research Paper

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    and it should not be taken lightly because of how many deaths there have been from poor decision making. “Every year in the U.S., roughly 5,000 people under the age of 21 die from an alcohol-related incident including car crashes, homicides, suicides, alcohol poisoning and other related injuries” (11 Facts About Alcohol Abuse). That is 5,000 more teens or young adults that could be saved from this plague in our society (11

  • What are the Causes of Alcholism and How Can We Prevent It?

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    Throughout history alcohol has been a common drink in social and celebration environments. However in today’s society it is easily accessible, very cheap, and advertised on every channel available. Alcohol has taken over our society, from teenagers to seniors, everyone is exposed to the culture of drinking. That is not the issue though, the issue is in today’s society gluttony is a common virtue and many people take drinking beyond social and celebration environments. Many Americans suffer from a