What are the Causes of Alcholism and How Can We Prevent It?

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Throughout history alcohol has been a common drink in social and celebration environments. However in today’s society it is easily accessible, very cheap, and advertised on every channel available. Alcohol has taken over our society, from teenagers to seniors, everyone is exposed to the culture of drinking. That is not the issue though, the issue is in today’s society gluttony is a common virtue and many people take drinking beyond social and celebration environments. Many Americans suffer from a disease known as alcoholism, it is not only the addiction to, but the inability to function without alcohol. Just like many other substances, in excess alcohol can create many issues within the body both mentally and physically, this is the issue behind alcoholism.

Alcoholism, The Cause and Effects

Alcohol has been around since ancient times, the original purpose was to treat water for bacteria. However as time went on people began to find other uses and side effects of alcohol. Human nature is of course is to either make money off of, or enjoy to the heart’s content and available substance. Today’s culture of social media, celebrity heroes, and pressure to fit in has driven many people, young and old, to drink. The effects of alcohol are what drive many over people to drink. Euphoria, forgetfulness, playfulness, social confidence, and courage are all some of the feelings many gain from consumption. Many people, especially new drinkers or teenagers do not understand the danger and adverse effects the alcohol has not only from long term but also short term consumption. Today’s drinkers are highly uneducated and do not understand key issues surrounding alcohol like:

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...as well as the views on it. Like many other sicknesses the first key to change is education. Public education of alcoholism is the initial step needed to help those directly affected by it. The second major step is to change the focus on alcohol in the media from being a great and fun to a serious substance that should not be abused. The final and most important step to help those with alcoholism is to support them in their attempt to change or be there for them when they need you. The best way to help an alcoholic is to push and support them in change.

Alcoholism is a dangerous disease that is not caused by any single variable. The danger behind alcoholism comes from the health and mental issues. Society currently is a major factor in what has caused the amount of drinking in our nation and now needs to change, to help those affected by this horrible sickness.

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