Airline Safety Essays

  • The Importance of Airline Safety

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    The Importance of Airline Safety Many people travel by airplane all around the world. For some people it is the only way they can get to where they are going. On a daily basis, averages of 28 to 30,000 seats are filled on airplanes (Bear, Stearns Co. URL At each airport, there are hundreds of arrivals and departures worldwide. Even though airline officials say flying is safe, accidents kill many people because airlines neglect to prevent human error or repair faulty equipment

  • United Airlines: Their Safety To Our Customers

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    UNITED AIRLINES INITATIVE TOWARDS SAFER SKYS An Initative Towards Providing Safety To Our Customers Because Their Safety Is Our Number One Priority April 20, 2017 – United Airlines, in partnership with SafeGuard ARMOR, is proud to announce that all domestic flights will now include arm rests pads that will protect the customer if anyone is needed to be re-accomodated again. We, at United, express our sincere gratitude towards all of our customers and hope to provide them with comfort knowing

  • How to Improve Airline Safety and Pilot Training

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    On February 12, 2009, a Colgan Airlines flight operating as Continental Connection Flight 3407 crashed two miles from the runway in Buffalo, New York, killing all fifty people aboard.. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigation that followed stunned the American public and identified the need to closely examine the regulations governing pilot training and pilot rest requirements, with a strong focus on regional airlines (Berard, 2010, 2). Currently, the United States government

  • Ethics in Aerospace

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    integrated part of our society. Safety in the ethics and industry of aerospace technology is of prime importance for preventing tragic malfunctions and crashes. Opposed to automobiles for example, if an airplane breaks down while in mid-flight, it has nowhere to go but down. And sadly it will often go down “hard” and with a high probability of killing people. The Engineering Code of Ethics states first and foremost that, “Engineers shall hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public

  • The Importance Of Aviation Food Safety

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    ABSRACT Aviation food safety is a serious threat to passengers and aircrew alike. Standards exist that can and should be tailored to fit the food service model for each airline. This report covers some of those standards and shows how they apply to aviation food safety. Several events have already taken place in the realm of aviation food safety which have had deadly consequences. This report reviews a selection of those incidents and shows how food safety standards could help to mitigate the

  • Qantas Case Study

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    to achieve for its both airlines Qantas and Jet star to make a safety flight, find proper destination track routes, getting passenger satisfaction, proper Operational services and creating brand Image for both its airlines (Qantas,2010). Safe journey is a logo for the Qantas group, which gives services domestically and around the globe. Qantas aims towards proper information on the route and re-design the planes to be more competitive in

  • Cost Of Airline Cost

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    different. Included, will be why individuals choose to fly, what expenses and costs the air industry has to face, along with how certain costs such as fuel affect ticket prices and the patrons. People are choosing to fly over driving for many reasons but safety is a main reason. According to Kenneth Button, “air transportation has continually improved over the years in terms of both mortalities

  • British Airways PLC British Airways

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    British Airways PLC British Airways British Airway’s PLC is the largest international airline in the world. It is based at Heathrow airport in London, the busiest international airport in the world, and has a global flight net-work through such partners as USAir in the United States, Qantas in Australia, and TAT European airlines in France. Via its own operational and those of its alliance partners, British Airways serves 95 million passengers a year, using 441 airports in 86 countries and

  • Air Canada Continuously Monitor And Why

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    Canada’s largest operating Airline, they have a large responsibility of maintaining a “safe” reputation in the Airline Industry. That said Air Canada must closely monitor environmental factors for domestic and international travel. With snowy Canadian winters of almost five months Air Canada is forced to face more issues, such as severe winds, icy conditions and snowstorms. This not only causes turbulence problems for while the air craft is in flight but also this is a safety concerns for Air Canada’s

  • Chosen Ethics Of Airline Pilot

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    Chosen profession: Airline Pilot I am going to outline the most important points included in the code of ethics of Airline Pilot profession and discuss the ethical dilemma that may be found while performing the job. The pilot has to keep in mind that he/she is taking huge responsibility of all the individuals on the aircraft so should perform his duties with great regard to the safety, comfort and well being of the passengers. The pilot should never force any opinions or jeopardize any crewmembers

  • Tourism: The Role Of Tourism And International Tourism

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    place. And nowadays air travel takes over in rail roads and ships. Understanding the fundamentals of the relationship with the airlines, the rules of interaction with them to ensure the safety of passengers and their property, services, use of appropriate discounts and benefits in sales is very important, both for travelers and travel organizations. Currently leading airlines are customers of tour operators and air travel are an integral component of the generator and an increasing number of tours

  • Comfort In The Air

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    be the action of a sane individual. Instead, they would wait patiently, trying to control their bodily excretion. Is that the kind of behavior airliners want to trigger in a client? I believe not. Such difficulties should and could be avoided by airlines willing to please their customers by providing them with a more innovative solution in serving food and beverages. An innovative idea would be, instead of pushing an in-flight service cart across an aisle and stirring up discomfort, installing

  • Strategic Analysis Of Airasia

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    SWOT, Porters five forces and the PESTLE analyses’, that the competitive environment of the airline industry can and ultimately has led to AirAsia’s success. Furthermore, there is evidence provided to show the successful growth of the organization, how this was achieved and how it has been maintained to date. In addition, the international strategies that were implemented display the foresight of the airline (Yashodha, 2012). Included in these studies are the external factors that also attributed

  • Product Strategy of the British Airways

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    Product Strategy of the British Airways 1.1 Introduction to product strategy Product is the most important component in an organization. Without a product there is no place, no price, no promotion, and no business. Product is anything that can be offered to a market to satisfy a want or a need. It is the core ingredient of the marketing mix and is everything favorable and unfavorable, tangible and intangible received in the exchange of an idea, service or good (Kotler 11th edition,

  • General Business Environment Analysis: Qantas Airways Limited

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    6.0 EXTERNAL ANALYSIS The industry for Qantas Airways Limited is a company that guides a long distance in airline, which is in international and domestic location. Qantas Airways Limited is a company that established as a world airline that comes from Australia. 6.1.0 GENERAL ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS General environment was the most environment need to cover up and adapt to doing business, which is the business is stable or not. To determine the general business environment for Qantas Airways Limited

  • China Southern Airlines Case Study

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    Cheng Li, Course Leader. The aim of the report is to evaluate the customer care strategy at China Southern Airlines and to make recommendations for improvement. 2. Procedure 1) Background research was conducted into China Southern Airlines. 2) China Southern Airlines Annual Report for China Southern Airlines. 3. Findings 3.1 Introduction of China Southern Airlines. China Southern Airlines was established on 1988. It have the most customer in the Asia and third in the word. It is the largest passenger

  • The Effect of Changes in Travel and Tourism Industury on Career Opportunities

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    on the travel & tourism industry within the last ten years. It has allowed many companies to offer improved service to customers and help with the start up of many other businesses. Computers have been used for many years especially within the airline industry for tasks such as check in and ATC (Air Traffic Control), but now computers are being used in travel agents and tour operators. This could have affect on jobs, as computerisation will lead to less paper work. Computers are also used to

  • Qantas: Meeting the Needs of Customers Internationally

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    in regards to sociocultural factors playing an important role in a business’ marketing mix is firm’s ability to adapt marketing strategies in regards to demographics. The universal aging population is a clear indicator of marketing strategies for airlines companies to evolve so that it caters to the needs of the population as a whole. In addition, with Qantas operating as a global company and multiculturalism as a universal force, it is crucial to cultivate innovative marketing plans to accommodate

  • The Impact of Globalization on Qantas Airlines Marketing Strategy

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    employment opportunities in the country it has moved to. To understand the impacts, globalisation, marketing (particularly market segmentation), global marketing strategies and general history of Qantas need to be examined. Qantas is the oldest airline in the English speaking world. It was founded by the three aviation pioneers Hudson Fysh, Paul McGinness and Fergus McMaster as the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service in 1920 and has grown from one aircraft which offered air taxi services

  • Fly By Wire: Unraveling the Miracle on the Hudson

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    Fly By Wire: The Geese, the Glide, the Miracle on the Hudson William Langewische , an Airline Transport Pilot certified, an flight instructor and pilot writes a book on the event famously known as “The Miracle on the Hudson”. Langewische has organized the book into 3 parts “The Gear UP”, “Fly By Wire” and “Survival’. Reading a book on aviation from someone with credentials shows authority on the matter of the miracle on the Hudson and the technology fly by wire gives a feel of certainty and