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  • Air Bag Safety For The Prevention Of Injury And Death

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    federal law to do so. In addition to seat belts, motor vehicles are equipped with air bags, an automatic form of protection designed to reduce the risk of injury. In the past decade, air bags have saved the lives of close to 3,000 people. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducted a study of real-world motor vehicle crashes and were able to conclude that the combination of seat belts and air bags is 75% effective in preventing serious head injuries and 66% effective in preventing

  • Voice Recognition Technologies

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    is the automotive industry. Cars, trucks, vans, and sport utility vehicles are rapidly becoming more and more computer driven. The most advanced safety features in a car, such as Anti-lock brakes, Traction Control, Active Stability, and even the air bags are control by shock sensors sent to a computer for analysis. If the computer determines that the impact is severe, it’ll deploy the airbag. Another advancing technology appearing in cars is voice and speech recognition. Many new cars feature

  • The 1966 Impala vs. 1996 Impala SS

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    safety equipment on the Impala SS is lap/shoulder seat belts, dual air bags, and crumple zones. The computers on today's new cars control the engine, the fuel injection, the emission systems, the air bags, the transmission, the cooling system, the instrument gauges and all of the warning lights. On the 1996 Impala SS, the options came in packages. If you just wanted air conditioning with the car, you would have to buy the package with air conditioning included. The car companies devised putting options

  • Choosing A Car

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    that should be carefully though about. Your vehicle is your shield to protect you from other bad drivers. You should choose a vehicle that is safe. Thanks to technology automobiles are becoming more and more safe each year, with the emergence of air bags. Safety is just one of the many aspects you should look into when choosing a vehicle. Avilez 2 Perhaps the most important aspect you should look into when choosing a vehicle is the cost. You want a vehicle that will fit your budget, as well as something

  • Airbags

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    Crash! Your car just smashed into the car right in front of you at a speed of 35 mph. The whole front of your car is smashed but luckily your head isn’t, thanks to the airbag deploying. This scenario happened over 2.9 million times through August, 1998. Airbags significantly reduce the risk of being killed in a crash. The risk of being killed, if you have your seatbelt on, is reduced by 26% and 32% if you don’t have a belt on and the airbag goes off. Airbags also reduce the risk of serious head injuries

  • Hindenburg

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    difficulties and setbacks but soon his airships were able to accommodate passengers as well. This lighter-than-air vehicle will later be known as a zeppelin. Blimps and zeppelins were very different. For example, blimps did not have an internal frame; whereas the zeppelin had a "skeleton" which supported the gas bags. During the first World War, German zeppelins were used to bomb London from the air. Thus, they earned the name of "monsters of the purple twilight." Although their bombs damaged English

  • Fight for Freedom in Toni Morrison's The Song of Solomon

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    (1987), by Toni Morrison. Macon one of the main characters, only a child at the time, kills a man whom he thinks is threatening him and his sister's, Pilate, life. After killing the man the two children travel to the man's camp where they discover three bags of gold. Macon also sees, " the dusty boots of his farther" (pg 170). Becoming alarmed, Pilate says, "It is Papa!". To her cry a voice whispers 'sing, sing'. Macon greedily packs up the gold while Pilate searchers frantically for their farther. After

  • A Memorable Cruise Ship

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    I was smacked in the face by a gust of hot, humid Texas air as I found my way off the bus. The once brisk morning was getting hotter by the second. My friend Kristi and I looked towards our left and there she was, the Norwegian Sea. The cruise liner that we would be on for the next week. It was the biggest ship I had ever seen up close. Ten stories high and nearly 1000 feet long. It had an intimidating presence that took one's breath away. Our parents had arranged for a cruise from Houston, Texas

  • Free Narrative Essays - The Mountain Vacation

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    always catch the bigger and more beautiful fish and almost certainly come home with twice as many fish as I had caught. This was it, are summer vacation, finally it was time to get out of the intense heat and bordom of Ridgecrest.  We packed are bags, grabbed are fishing poles, loaded the camper and were on are way.   Our drive lasted for four very long hours before we got to the Postpile campground. We hitched are camp and made ourselves right at home knowing we would be there for a while

  • Facts About Orthoptera

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    an estimated 3,000 cockroach species in the world. About 55 live in the U.S., and only 4 species ar common household pets. German cockroaches or Croton bugs, are common in the U.S. especially in the northern states. They commonly enter the house in bags or boxes from grocery stores. They tend to cluster in warm moist places around hot water pipes. They stay hidden when they are not eating. Eat Crickets will eat holes in paper or in garments especially those soiled with persperation. They also eat

  • Terrorism and Airport Security

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    harms way. In airports across America: planes were taking their passengers to their destinations in record times. People went through airport security as usual, walking through the metal detector and sending their bags through the x-ray machines. Security at the airport was normal. Bags were checked for guns and explosives as they had been doing for many years. This seemingly routine day turned out to be far from normal. A group of people that belonged to Al-Qaeda had different plans for the people

  • Texas City Disaster: a Painful Way to Learn

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    that arrived at Texas City Harbor on April 11, 1947. Upon arrival, the Grandcamp was already loaded with 16 cases of small arms ammunition, 59000 bales of sisal binder twine, 380 bales of cotton, 9334 bags of shelled peanuts and some oil field, refrigeration and farm machinery. Over the next few days, bags of ammonium nitrate fertilizer, shipped from Nebraska via rail by TCT (Texas City Terminal Railway company) were being loaded onto the ship. By the morning of April 16, 1947, No. 2 hold had 1420 tons

  • Education Starts At Home

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    form of maths. Another example of helping young children with their maths is simply planning a birthday party. They have to decide how many people to invite, how many invitations they will need, how much the stamps will cost, how many prizes, lolly bags, cups, plates, and balloons need to be bought, and so on. Children often find that real life experiences help them to do their maths more easily. Another way that parents can help their children with their maths, is to give them pocket money. It does

  • Hispanics in Northwest Arkansas

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    another job. You do not want to move, but at the same time you want to provide food and a decent lifestyle for you and your family. News arrives that an abundance of jobs are available in another part of the country. Hoping for the best, you pack your bags and head for employment. Your kids are saddened about the situation, but they understand the need for relocation. During the travel to the new area, you and your family begin to get excited about living in a different place, even though everyone

  • The Game

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    so clean, so perfect at Timuquana Country Club. David Duval was just nine. He was so short that his bag of clubs almost dragged on the ground. He was slightly chunky, with freckled skin. His bottle-thick glasses sat on his nose. He carried six bags of golf balls to the driving range. If you watched how he carried himself, you wouldn't know that he had really just started playing, or that the bag of clubs was irritating a string of puncture scars on his hips. He poured the balls out and began sending

  • Cows On Parade

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    were on their way. It is difficult to make a clear statement of whether the sponsors were trying to advertise using the cows or just participate selflessly in this magnificent “parade”. Some cows, such as “Give the Lady what She Wants” with shopping bags on its back is obviously nothing other than advertising for the Marshall Field’s & Co., the cow’s sponsor. The same can be said for the “Mooving Eli”, near the Eli’s Cheesecake, which also doesn’t disguise its advertising nature. Some people are disgusted

  • The Evil of the Age

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    26th, 1871, was a humid, busy Saturday at the Hudson River Depot in New York City. Sweat and fatigue had crept in by mid-afternoon, when a porter suddenly smelled the stench of decaying flesh. Along the wooden platform lay hundreds of trunks and bags, piled haphazardly, ready for loading onto a Chicago-bound train. During rough handling in the baggage room, the lid of an ordinary, 2'8" by 18" packing trunk had cracked open, releasing the foul stench. The porter immediately called Robert Vandeward

  • Titanic: Death of a Titan

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    5:30pm of the same day. More passengers boarded the Titanic. At approximately 8:10pm Titanic raised her anchor and sailed towards Queenstown, Ireland. She arrived at Queenstown at around 11:30am of the next morning to pick up more passengers and 1,385 bags of mail as well. Now Titanic once more raised anchor and by 1:30 she was on her way to New York. It was 11:30pm of the night of April 14, of 1912. As Titanic sped through the darkness towards its doom, the majority of the passengers and crew had not

  • The Homeless Man

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    of denim blue jeans that were shredded in the knees and rested three inches above his boney ankles; exposing the charity he depended upon. His eyes, filled with loneliness and despair as if he had realized a lack of purpose in his life, were set in bags of black and purple rings two layers deep. His long, slender nose was set above a full crooked mouth with little lines at the corners giving his face the character of someone who used to smile often, but the firm set of his square jaw revealed a portrait

  • A Drunk Bus Driver And A Bad A

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    he did. In all the commotion we failed to realize that the bus had come to a stop on the side of the road. We finally realized what was happening, and as the bus driver made her way through the aisle, you could see kids shoving paper balls in their bags, and sitting on batteries and rocks, which they were throwing out the window. The bus was unusually silent as the bus driver, Bertha we called her, waded her way through the narrow seats. Kids visibly squished as close as possible to the windows, some