Aggressive Driving Essays

  • Aggressive Driving in Massachusetts

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    Aggressive Driving in Massachusetts Driving in Massachusetts, doesn’t always get you somewhere. There were 141,675 motor vehicle crashes in Massachusetts in 2003. In response to the problem, Massachusetts law enforcement officials are vowing to get aggressive on aggressive driving, a growing danger in the state. “We will catch you and there will be consequences, criminal consequences, loss of licenses and even a jail term,” Col. Thomas Robbins, Massachusetts State Police warned aggressive

  • Aggressive Driving Can Lead To Road Rage

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    wouldn’t let you into the fast lane. In some cases it appears that incidents of road rage are caused by simple misunderstandings between drivers. A driver may make a momentary error of judgment but the perception of another driver is that he or she is driving aggressively. Then suddenly it turns into World War III on the highway. It matters little what causes it; a bad day at the office, a love affair going bad, credit cards maxed to the credit limit. All it takes is a sudden movement of someone else’s

  • Persuasive Essay On Aggressive Driving

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    In today 's world driving plays a huge role in most everyone’s lives. People spend hours of their day in a car, logging tens of thousands of miles every year. Driving is a favored mode of transportation, a rite of passage for teenagers, a necessity for the working class, and above all a privilege. With this privilege comes responsibility, driving is a serious matter and shouldn 't be taken lightly. According to NHTSA 's Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), in 2011 alone, 32,479 were killed

  • Satire Essay On Aggressive Driving

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    Aggressive Driving Picture this, you are on your way to either school or work. You’ve driven on the same road hundreds of times. You might even say that you know every crack and pebble on the road. Cruising the speed limit or maybe even a bit higher than normal speed. You looked at the time and realize you have only five minutes to get to work. Oh no, you’re panicking and looking at traffic to see how you can get to work faster. What are you going to do? You’re most likely going to speed up, but

  • Persuasive Speech: Aggressive Driving Should be Avoided

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    Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience that aggressive driving should be avoided. Introduction I.Attention Getter: Speeding, tailgating, giving the finger and outright violence. Each day Americans grow more and more likely to take out their personal frustrations on other drivers. It is called aggressive driving and it is on the incline. II. Definition: Driving is a curious combination of public and private acts. A car isolates a driver from the world even as it carries him through it

  • An Aggressive or Angry Behavior in People while Driving in a Vehicle

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    Road rage occurs in many drivers. The term road rage is an aggressive or angry behavior in people while driving in a vehicle. Furthermore, rage while driving can be dangerous if the drivers do not know how to control their anger. Such behavior leads to collisions, assaults, and injuries or even deaths among other drivers. Road rage is defined as an incident in which an angry or impatient motorist or passenger intentionally injures or kills another motorist passenger or pedestrian, or attempts or

  • Roadrage is a Problem

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    rage/ aggressive driving. Despite this fact many people still are impatient and become angry on the road. Driving is a curious display of public and private acts. A car isolates the driver from the world. The personal sensation of power over a couple thousand pound car is intoxicating. Road rage/aggressive driving starts from things such as illegal or improper lane changes, failing to yield the right of way, and excessive speeding just to name a few. Everyday we deal with this type of driving. Everyone

  • Road Rage: The Scourge Of Americas Roadways

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    Topic: Road RageGeneral Purpose: To convinceSpecific Purpose: To convince the audience to combat "road rage" by increasing driver awarenessThesis Statement: "Road rage" caused by aggressive driving tendencies is a growing epidemic affecting today's roadways, but there is a solution.Ethos: Include myself in my statements.Pathos: Audience should feel horrified at the consequences of road rage.Logos: Cite statistics and research resources.IntroductionI. How many of you have ever been in a motor vehicle

  • Road Rage

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    who struggles with anger management while driving, or the typical aggressive driver. Also teenagers, adults, and elderly people. Purpose: To inform all drivers of the unsafe and unpredictable behavior present on our roadways. Also to help understand road rage is a problem people have because of their attitude and they bring harm to others. Publication: The Eagle, Naples Daily News, or a free public postmaster on any internet resource. As you’re driving on your way to work one morning you notice

  • The Nature of Aggression (or is it Nurture?)

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    encounter violent or aggressive behavior. Driving home from work, people get cut off and cussed at on a daily basis. At school, children fight over who will be the first in the lunch line. On the street, people get pushed out of the way if they are not walking fast enough. The list could go on and on and on. The point is that humans exhibit aggressive behavior on a regular basis. However, does anyone know why people display these behaviors? Why do certain people seem more aggressive? Is there just one

  • anger in communication

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    reprisals. For interpersonal relationship to be successful, there must be mutually positive communication present at all time. My relationship is far the opposite and is continuously plagued with confrontations. The underlying reason stems from the very aggressive behavior of my partner. There seems to be no behavioral flexibility in the ability to adapt to new situations and to relate in new ways when necessary. (Pearson, 2000). These adaptations are an integral part of communication in any interpersonal

  • Drinking and Alcoholism

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    Excessive consumption of alcohol can exert a severe impact on the brain, both on the short-term and long-term basis. The reason why alcoholics exhibit aggressive behavior can be attributed to the effects of alcohol on various parts of the brain. First, alcohol can affect the gamma-aminobutyoric acid receptor (GABA-A) complex in the brain that inhibits aggressive behavior by creating anxiety over socially inappropriate behavior. Second, the effect of alcohol on the dopaminergic system that controls the psychomotor

  • Negative Effects of Media Violence on Children

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    rate of youth violence is the result of the lack of censorship of the media. According to psychologist Craig Anderson, research shows that violent video games, films, television, and music in the media increase the probability of violent and aggressive behavior in long-term and immediate situations within youth (81). In the start of this decade it was estimated that 46 percent of all homes with children have accesses to at least one television set, gaming console, a personal computer or both

  • Road Rage

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    behavior; drivers have learned to drive in an aggressive manner. The second one is situational road rage. It is based on the situation that surrounds the driver, such as the driver receiving bad news or losing a job. Many people have died on the American highways because of stress or maybe they are in a hurry to get home to watch the football game, to be at work on time, get to a rendezvous doctor. It may be also that they are using their cell phone. Since driving is dangerous things a person can do, losing

  • Aggressive Driver Stereotypes

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    As you’re driving along the side road or highway, you see a set of headlights come up on you rather fast. Suddenly, you look in your rearview mirror and see a huge truck right up against your trunk as you’re driving 50 mph. What should you do? Slow down, speed up, and pull over? As you look, you see the driver getting progressively annoyed. Suddenly the driver shoots out beside your car, lays on the horn, and flips you the bird. “Outrageous!!” You think to yourself. How many times have we experienced

  • 3 Types Of Drivers Research Paper

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    today’s roads are the Aggressive, the Cautious, and the Risk taker. Keywords: aggressive, cautious, risk Types of Drivers Everyone has stories about their best and worst experiences when riding with a new person to or from somewhere. Some drivers go by the book and others do as they please. After many personal encounters, I have chosen three types of drivers, the Aggressive, the Cautious, and the Risk taker. The Aggressive The first type of driver is the Aggressive. The Aggressive will dart in and

  • How To Become A Less Aggressive Driver

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    the most of people, driving in traffic is probably high on your list. No matter what you do it remains the same. Looking at most major highways these days, you probably would think you were on a racetrack instead of a roadway. For being that, there are three excellent reasons for becoming a less aggressive driver. First, driving aggressively is not healthy for you. Second, you ended up saving your life and getting the place you want to go safely. Third, when you are aggressive, you put yourself, passenger

  • Why You Shouldn T Drive

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    I’m been driving for over 10 years and every since I took my first cruise around the neighborhood, I’ve been aware of the amount of angry, dangerous and aggressive drivers that are plaguing our streets and city. They make me nervous every time I have to get out and drive and I end up dreading going anywhere. We shouldn’t be worried about getting rear ended or t-boned everytime we leave our driveway. We need to band together and figure out an ultimate solution for this, so people don’t have to be

  • Road Violence Persuasive Speech Outline

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    Who hasn’t experienced road rage? You see this everyday on our roads, people speeding past you on the highway, changing lanes with no signal, weaving dangerously across three and four lanes due to a hand he1ld device their hands, passing or driving closeley on either side of your vechicle; speeding up to block within the lane not allowing you to change lanes or merge on or off the highway in order to exit; drivers racing other drivers; tail gaters, others giving you the bird or honking

  • Road Rage: Causes and Solutions

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    how to avoid an altercation with an aggressive driver who has road rage. Road rage doesn’t always involve two drivers, sometimes it deals with a driver and a pedestrian. We need to learn to deal with the anger, and prevent violence toward others on the road. Road rage affects every driver, whether you're involved directly or indirectly. Instead of getting angry because of things that are beyond the other drivers control, for example, their age, their driving ability, or the lack of general traffic