Road Rage

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Road Rage Road rage is a large problem all over the world, especially in the United States. There are two types of road rage. The first one is habitual road rage. It is a learned behavior; drivers have learned to drive in an aggressive manner. The second one is situational road rage. It is based on the situation that surrounds the driver, such as the driver receiving bad news or losing a job. Many people have died on the American highways because of stress or maybe they are in a hurry to get home to watch the football game, to be at work on time, get to a rendezvous doctor. It may be also that they are using their cell phone. Since driving is dangerous things a person can do, losing focus is an evil something. Road rage causes anger, stress,…show more content…
It is defined as aggressive leadership that arises from losing one’s temper from a traffic incident. It is also considered a cause of road rage the problems on the road primarily related to overcrowding and stress. The Community has exploded to a great extent motorists, people moving to and from work, school, and together with personal problems like divorce, illness, abuse of spirits, and heavy congestion relation that hostility vehicles are recipe for disaster. Road anger and aggressive leadership outweigh, losing control of one’s driving. They are at or near the top today’s traffic safety concerns. People who suffer road anger while the effect of spirits and do not have any though what they are behaving. Hence, people get emotional when they cannot get to their destinations on time and experience episodes of anger that outcomes in road rage. Road rage could happen to anyone. For example, my uncle had an accident and passed away on a highway because he was angry and stressed out due to his divorce, so he did not control himself when he went on the road. According to “ Road Rage’’ by Paige Bierma, aggressive driving by one driver is dangerous to many of other drivers, so if half of the driver is aggressive, the roads become killing…show more content…
It prepares drives and other road users for different results. The first one is, when drivers become truculence of interesting in subversive activities in cars, they overlook about safety and increase accidents like reprimand into other vehicles, running other drives off the way and strike walkers. Street anger also devises physical changes. Quarrelsome and outrage drives can end up fights and even use firearms, shooting another driver to death. The second one is road rage negative impacts the wellness and validity of drivers. Stress triggers glands to make a hormone secreted by stress and increase the heart rate, elevated respiration and increasing high blood pressure. Humans want to learn how to transact with the outrage and prevention of assault towards other on the

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