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  • Challenges to Male Authority in Sophocles’ play, Antigone

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    The denial of burial to Polynices strikes directly at her family loyalty. This enormous sense of loyalty leads to her simultaneous violation and observance to the duty of women of the time. It is precisely this loyalty that makes her an active rather than a static figure. Antigone herself represents the highest ideals of human life -- courage and respect for the gods. She believed that the law of the gods, which dictates that a body be given proper burial rights, was more important

  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Optimism in Poetry

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    “Look not mournfully into the past. It comes not back again. Wisely improve the present. It is thine. Go forth to meet the shadowy future, without fear, and with a manly heart.” This is a saying Longfellow read in Germany where his wife died. The words gave him hope for the future. It inspired him to want to write a series of psalms. The first one, “A Psalm of Life” written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, is an uplifting poem that compels us to feel hope for the future. After reading it the first

  • Who The Hell Is Connie Chung?

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    Who the Hell is Connie Chung? How does one go from being called “America’s sweetheart” to being labeled a “shameless tabloid whore” (Revah 10)? Connie Chung knows. Co-anchoring the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather and hosting her own Eye to Eye, she was once on top of the broadcast journalism world, yet all good things must come to an end. Connie Chung had a glorious rise and a dramatic fall. Connie Chung began her career as an assignment editor and on-the-air-reporter at a

  • Journalist’s Biography

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    Since the beginning of media, some journalists have had the opportunity to pioneer the news and do extraordinary things. Ed Bradley was one of those journalists. He was one of the first African American nationally known TV news broadcasters. During his long almost 40 year career, Bradley was a broadcast journalist for CBS, co-host of 60 minutes, and was the first African American to broadcast the White House. He has won countless awards for his time on television and journalism. Edward Rudolph “Ed”

  • Gender Norms & Racial Bias in the Study of the Modern "News Report"

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    News is the communication of selected information on current events. It is shared in various ways: among individuals and small groups; with wider audiences; or in ways that blend those traits. Before modern technology came to help news to be broadcasted worldwide, even before the printing press started to produce newspapers, it was disseminated by town criers. People would have not known what is happening. One of the thirty minute newscasts is CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley; NBC Nightly News

  • Editorial Review for "Bias"

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    perspective, preventing the audience from receiving an objective, unbiased view of what really goes on in our world. As an “old-fashioned liberal,” as he calls himself, he does not attempt to gain conservative support for accusing liberals of bias. Rather, he would prefer liberal support for acknowledging this problem in hopes of changing the face of news. He bases his book on his personal experience as a former news anchor for CBS. Despite popular belief, he meant no harm in his book (or in his editorials)

  • Art Lykkes Three-Legged Stool: A Case Study

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    Art Lykkes three legged stool is a conceptual model used to identify if there are balance between ends, ways and means. If one leg is longer than the others the stool will be unbalanced and having the risk of tipping over. I will use this model to understand that the strategy President Reagan presented during his Brandenburg Gate speech were unbalanced. The means and ways was not sufficient to reach the ends, the president took a risk. One of the ends that is used in speech is “Peaceful and

  • Listening Styles

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    about listening styles and how those styles contribute to effective communication strategies and planning when human conveyed information verbally. The styles that will be discussed are: emphatic, objective, non-judgmental, critical, surface, depth, active and passive listening. Emphatic listening is also known as reflective listening. It is the act of listening with an intention to understand what the speaker is feeling, understanding the content of the information conveyed by the speaker and also

  • Active Listening Essay

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    a relationship and find meaning in someone else’s words. In order to find this meaning one must follow the characteristics of active listening, face the challenges to listening, and reflect upon one’s own listening skills. Listening is an aspect of communication that vital the building of understanding and of a relationship between individuals. Listening can be an active

  • The Concept of Flipped Learning

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    2012). This promotes a collaborative learning environment in the classroom (Jarvela, Volet and Jarvenoja, 2010, Stahl, 2012). The aim of flipped learning is to develop an active learning environment within the classroom without sacrificing the coverage of content (Strayer, 2007). The impact is to develop in the student active learning, social learning and creative learning skills (Miltbrandt, 2004). Flipped learning shifts learning from the group learning space and into the private learning space

  • James Rachels Death And Dying

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    euthanasia. There is an active euthanasia and a passive euthanasia (Jussim 7-13). This so-called distinction between active and passive was challenged by Rachels in a paper first published in 1975 in the New England Journal of Medicine. In that paper, Rachels challenges both the use and moral significance of that distinction. He argues that active euthanasia is in many cases is more humane than passive euthanasia. Rachels urges doctors to reconsider their views on active euthanasia. He writes: "To

  • Moral and Ethical Issues of Euthanasia

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    follows: passive or negative euthanasia, which involves not doing something to prevent death or allowing someone to die and active or positive euthanasia which involves taking deliberate action to cause a death. I have reasons to believe that passive or negative euthanasia can be a humane way of end suffering, while active or positive euthanasia is not. According Richard Gula, active euthanasia is legally considered homicide (5). Another intervention and approach to euthanasia could be through the use

  • The Meaning of the Phrase, Beating the Market

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    for the Samsonite pension fund's investment ... ... middle of paper ... ...e efficient. But some markets are more efficient than others. And in markets with substantial pockets of predictability, active investors can strive for outperformance. Peter Bernstein concludes that there is hope for active management: 'the efficient market is a state of nature dreamed up by theoreticians. Neat, elegant, even majestic, it has nothing to do with the real world of uncertainty in which you and I must make

  • Poor Listening Skills

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    it” (Mills 1). The characteristics of good listening skills can be best understood by using the acronym MASTER. The “m” refers to mental. Mental is the ability to slow down and strategically control our ability to listen. “A” refers to active. Being active utilizes constructive listening responses and constant practice can keep this sharp. The “s” refers to sustaining attention. Experienced concentration is crucial for sustaining attention. “T” refers to target. There are four types of

  • Active Euthanasia, Free Will and Autonomy

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    Active Euthanasia, Free Will and Autonomy "Medicine in the hands of a fool has always been poison and death." -C. J. Jung Euthanasia, from the Greek, quite literally means "the good death." Advocates of euthanasia, offer it as a solution for the emotional, psychological and physiologic suffering of terminally ill patients. The type of euthanasia, which is presently under debate, is called "active euthanasia" and is defined as an act performed by an individual to bring about the death of

  • Active Learning

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    Active Learning “Hear and Forget, See and Remember, Do and Understand.” ~ Chinese Proverb Simply stated by Dr. D. Robinson, “ Active learning is ‘doing’ and this leads to understanding.” Learning by doing is a theme that many educators have stressed since John Dewey’s convincing argument that “children must be engaged in an active quest for learning and new ideas”. (Hendrikson, 1984) Jean Piaget also stressed the need for concrete operations in early childhood. Some educators incorrectly

  • Importance Of Active Learning Strategies

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    The significance of active learning strategies is widely recognised. Past educational research has exhibited the success of teaching and learning activities that actively and collaboratively engage learners in the learning process irrespective of their age. Use of effective questioning can also improve the learning process and the teacher can assess pupils’ prior knowledge and understanding during the lesson to check whether pupils are progressing or not. In the past, when teaching science only involved

  • The Importance Of Good And Active Listening

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    best way to model Good or Active Listening is to be a Good Listener ourselves. According to a research done in America, statistics show that Adults are 75 percent of the time not efficiently listening due to reasons being they are already preoccupied, distracted and forgetful. Another research also suggests that we adults expect more from students than we can expect from ourselves as well. So first, a way to identify the underlying issue will be to talk to the child rather than to force it on him.

  • Active Listening Strategies within Effective Communication

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    Listening is a skill that requires active, rather than passive, participation to advance shared understanding and minimise misinterpretation. Active listening strategies such as analysing and displaying non-verbal body language, clarifying meaning and accuracy, expressing understanding for the speaker’s feelings through empathy and moments of silence contribute to effective communication. These methods encourage the speaker to convey his or her thoughts and minimises misinterpretation between sender

  • Listening Skills Essay

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    are five concepts of listening that play an important role in the communication process. Sharpening our listening skills can benefit our professional lives and our customer service skills. Various techniques can help us improve our listening skills. Active listening involves sitting forward, making eye contact, nodding to prompt the speaker, asking clarifying questions, and taking notes. Distractions and personal biases can hinder our ability to listen effectively. Furthermore, effective listening