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  • Star Trek & Gender Sterotypes

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    television to film, from music to advertising, men are often portrayed as strong willed and powerful, while women are often shown as submissive, powerless, and sexually promiscuous. Particularly in American film, however, these gender stereotypes are most evident. In many films, the main characters are heroic men, while the main female lead is primarily the love interest of the male lead. The 2009 film Star Trek did not echo the television show, but echoed the stereotypical tendencies of American film – particularly

  • Digging Into Divergent: Realism & Social Context

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    Divergent, the 2014, action, sci-fi film directed by Neil Burger presents viewers with a futuristic dystopia set in Chicago. After a large war, society has been divided into five groups of people called “factions”. Each faction has their own specialty they are responsible for in order for their society to function properly. Abnegation is the selfless, Dauntless are the brave, Amity are the peacemakers, Candor are honest, and the Erudite are the Intelligent. When a member of society turns sixteen

  • The Importance of Foreign Films

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    foreign films is not a waste of time and energy because they allow the viewer to be exposed to new forms of life, they, more often than American films, grant viewers the opportunity to watch more consistently thought-provoking films and are quite often not made with a primary goal being the largest profit possible, making for more artistic and realistic films. Foreign films expose the viewer to various examples of lives and experiences that cannot be as accurately portrayed if the film were not

  • Provocation Through Comedy

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    write a film concerning women and sports, first of all I think I'd make it a comedy. I think sometimes it is easier to convey serious thoughts through a comedy, because the viewer doesn't feel so tangled up in the emotion of drama, leaving them laughing and in a good frame of mind to consider the points being made by the film after they watch the film. I think this idea is much akin to the idea that it is easier to discuss issues and problems of race and gender through a forum like film because a

  • Lock Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels Film Analysis

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    Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, directed by Guy Ritchie. The film came out in 1998 and first aired in England (U.K). Being such a success, the movie was then broadcasted to America and the rest of Europe and grossed $28,172,686 with a budget of only $1,350,000. The film’s genre is crime as it is mostly centered around gang activity, comedy and violence. The movie mostly focuses on four friends pooling money for a big high-stakes poker match hosted by a gambler and porn star, Hatchet Harry.

  • Challenging Lutgendorf's Ideas within his Article through Hayao Miyazaki's Film, Spirited Away

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    Intro: The discourse of film is a questionable field of study in its own respect. To say whether a film is influence or not by another medium is a problematic area as there are many factors to account for which can influence an artist’s project. In Philip Lutgendorf’s article, Is There An Indian Way of Filmmaking? (2006), he attempts to suggest how texts from the Indian cultural heritage could be used for the discourse of both Indian cinema as well as to the study of cinema itself, which justifies

  • Film Analysis Of Ironclad

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    Ironclad is a 2011 film that is an exciting undertaking with memorable scenes all around the film. It was basically English and Erick Kastel that put the entire story line of the film into writing and it was then Jonathan English who directed the film. Jonathan’s work is well reflected in the entire film where it conveys the story line to the best order. At the beginning of the film we are introduced to a description of the wealthy businessmen of England who then rebelled against King John, Paul

  • Film genre, narration, reality tv

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    Genres (Researched from “Film Art: An Introduction” by D. Bordwell and K. Thompson.) “Types of films are commonly referred to as genres (pronounced “zahn-rahz”). The word genre is originally French and simply means kind or type.” (Bordwell & Thompson, 2004: 108). Genre groups films, which share similar filmic qualities and themes, into various subsections according to the type of film they are associated as. Various film genres are recognisable by the way they are presented and patterned or the

  • Film Studies

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    all films, since early black and white cinema until nowadays-modern movies. The filmmakers use a lot of different editing techniques to manipulate the flow of time and to compress the story of the movie into an acceptable duration. Virtually all films use time compression and it is often used with a purpose to create a dramatic effect. Slow motion was invented by Professor August Musger (1868 - 1929) and is described as an action that is made to appear slower than normal by passing the film through

  • Analysis Of The Film 'Two Pills' Scene In The Matrix

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    Films are created to tell a story, to tell an effective story a broad range of techniques needs to be used in a successful way (Brown, 2012.) The ‘Two Pills’ scene from the film The Matrix (1999) uses these techniques in a way that creates a strong representation of the characters and storyline. The techniques used include cinematography, the soundtrack and the editing. In addition, mise-en-scéne is used to enhance the narrative through dialogue, costume, setting and lighting to create a highly